Signs that show that your Guy friend likes you


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Signs that show that your Guy friend likes you

A lot of people think that being romantically involved while being friends is the only way to get closer to the person. There are a lot of others who say that a guy and a girl can never stay friends forever. Well, it isn’t very easy to take your relationship with your guy friend to the next level unless you know it clearly and get the clarity which is a much needed one. Moving from just the girl friend to ‘the girl friend’ can be easy for the guys, but do you exactly know when the transition happens? Well, there are a few indicators that tell you that your guy friend likes you, but you have to pay heed to it very carefully. The term ‘girl who is a friend’ and ‘girl friend’ can be really blurry for you and can take more than possible outcomes to find out about what you and your guy friend are looking at.

Well, to help you get through the confusion and to clear the air, we have come with a list of signs that show that your guy friend likes you. So, try to check for these signs and check if he really likes you more than just a friend or not.

Signs That Show That You Are Liked More Than A Friend By Your Guy Friend

1Changes in behavior


Well, of course you know how he speaks, behaves and talks, right? So, if you two have been having a friendly relationship for long, then look for signs if his behavior has changed over a period of time! If you think that he is treating you specially or differently, then it is sure that he has more than friendly feelings towards you. You could find this out easily when you are in a gang or a group of many people. See  if he is giving you special attention or special care, that is one sure sign of his liking you more than just a friend.

It is very normal that a man can develop more than just friendly feelings towards a woman in such relationship. He is just trying to impress you or trying to attract you so that he makes you feel the way he feels about you. That could be one reason why he is behaving differently. There are also signs where he may pretend to like everything you like, take you wherever you want, speak to you whatever you would like to listen. If you feel any of this, then he is coming on to you!

2Change in his looks


There are a lot of differences in the looks of a guy who likes you and the looks of a guy friend. The eye contact is different, there is definitely a lot more depth in the way he will look at you. He will check you out, he will just stare at you for no apparent reason and maybe he will just look at you and smile every time. This means that he is developing feelings towards you. You will feel it when it happens to you because the look is very enticing and the look is very piercing and not just a normal look. It is indirectly saying that ‘Hey, you, I like you’, just that it isn’t coming out of his mouth.

3If he stops discussing girl topics


There are a few things guys would immediately stop doing the moment they know they like a girl. Firstly, they would stop talking about the experience they had with other girls. That is because they know that if they speak like that, you will still consider him as your friend and nothing more than that. So, he will stop talking to you about the girls he saw, the girls he flirted with the girls and he checked out. He will make sure that he is available and single and doesn’t let you think that he is trying his shot at every girl he sees. Playing the jealousy ticket with you will not work with the guy who is your friend because he knows it won’t tick you off that easily. He will want to make you feel special, so he will cut off all the other unnecessary connections he has and turn himself to be single and available just for you.

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4Concerned about your life


A guy friend becomes more than just a guy friend when he starts questioning you and gets concerned with your life and your way of dealing with hit. If he starts asking you questions about what you are going to do about your career, your passion, pursuing your hobby or what you are going to take up for the next semester or maybe even your work life, then he is into you for sure. No guy would bother about a friend’s life unless he cares and likes you more than just a friend. He wants to know what your plans are so that he can be sure about his plans and plan according to your.

5Hanging out with you


If he considers hanging out with you as one of his priorities, then yes, he is more into you. This is something that you cannot understand at first, but the scale goes like this. First, he would want to hang out with all the friends, then with your friends and then just with you. The motive for him is for you to see that he is there everywhere and he cares for you. So, he will ultimately try to hang out with you and he will do that whenever he gets a chance. That way he knows that he is close enough to you and you can someday feel the same way he is feeling about you

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