Unforeseen facts about dating Sagittarius men


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dating Sagittarius men

Zodiac sign says a lot about a person and his life. Well, it actually also tells you a lot about the person that he is and the person he will be with you for the rest of your life. Stars have a lot of games when you play the compatibility games with each other. If you are dating Sagittarius men, there are some unforeseen facts that you should know about them. They are flattering and they are too challenging. Learning about the zodiac sign may break or make the relationship. So, remember that we are putting out these facts in the best interest of you and your partner and not to pop any bubble.

Well, dating a Sagittarius man can be a roller coaster ride for you. If you are up for challenges, fun, spontaneous trips and crazy adventure, then you are in for a super treat. Not all men will be of the same kind, of course. But the traits and characteristics of the zodiac sign will definitely remain the same. So, here we are going to discuss about the facts of dating a Sagittarius man. Fasten your seat belt girls, because this is going to be a hell of a ride!

Top facts that summarize what it is to date a Sagittarius man

1Get ready for spontaneity


Well, when you start dating a man, you will get to know the kind of person that he would turn out to be. From the way he talks, acts and is, most women can find out at least the outline of the person. If you are a person who is calm and composed and do not like to explore in short notice, you might have to think before you get into anything with these men. The good thing and the bad thing about Sagittarius men is that, they love adventures and they don’t give you breathing space to think further. They will keep you on your toes with road trips, trekking, hiking, camping and so many things that you won’t know until you are on the road. Their plans keep changing and they are very very spontaneous when it comes to holidays or vacation. If you are the soft one in the lot, don’t prefer to date a Sagi man since it is not fair for the both of you!

2Being silly

Being silly

These men are the king of jokes and being silly. Yes, silly doesn’t mean the boring silly. Silly is the wittiness and the smart silly that they make in front of you. They love to make jokes and make people laugh and giggle. Sagittarius men are very active, so are their jokes and actions. If you are fond of jokes and being easy going, then they are the perfect match for you. Being silly and funny is their trait. So, don’t try to change that or snatch that from them. That is something which defines them as a person.

3Creative of the lot

Reckless in nature

Sagittarius men are very creative in nature. Not just with the work they do, but the thinking is also very creative. Since they are creative, they are fast and they like things that are more edgy and risk filled. They love to make gifts instead of buying. They like to appreciate the creativeness in them, so they reward others with their creative gift. Since they are the creative bunch, Sagittarius men wouldn’t like to work in a 9 am-5pm job profile. They like to explore and have fun, so they’re thinking about a job is also different. More people will be in the art or media sector.

4Reckless in nature


This could be something that can bring misunderstanding between the two of you. But, most Sagittarius men are irresponsible for their actions and are reckless in nature. They don’t really feel sorry for anything that has already happened. They like to play the creativity and spontaneity card whenever possible and end up being reckless. They are men who like to live what life offers them and are not the ones who try to set life according to them. This could be one reason for fights, but they have the most interesting life stories to tell kids and other friends.

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5Friendliness at its heights


If you are having a bad day with a friend or if there is an awkward silence, this man can turn things around. Sagittarius men are extremely friendly with people and can turn things to normal within minutes. They have a charm that is difficult to find in anyone else. They are extremely nagging at times, but that is because they want you to be back to normal and smiling. They like to make others happy, so that becomes their main motive, whether or not you like it.

6Unstable relationship

Unstable relationship

This is very true when it comes to Sagittarius men. No offense, but they don’t know how to save a relationship from drowning. They have a sense of right and wrong, but they genuinely don’t take the efforts to save a relationship. This is because, they don’t can’t accept that they are wrong. Arguing with them can be very uncomfortable since they don’t really listen to you. They have assumptions which turn out to be right, but they don’t let you explain further.

7Inquisitive in nature

Inquisitive in nature

If your Sagittarius man is asking you a lot of questions, it doesn’t mean he doubts you. It simply means that he wants to know and that is it! They ask a lot of questions because they are very inquisitive nature and like to learn. They are just being educated and not nosy. If they keep nagging you with questions like ‘Why’, ‘How’ and ‘What’, it means that they are genuinely trying to learn more about you.

-Pavithra Ravi