12 months and their prediction about you


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12 months

Each month has its own prediction about a person and their existence. The month you were born is the time that predicts what kind of a person you would turn out to be. Certain studies show that the prediction is perfectly right unless and until there is any drastic behavioral change in a person. Are you born in January and you are funny and witty, well that’s what the horoscope predicts you to be like. So, considering that there are 12 months in a year, we are going to list down the traits and character of the month you were born in. Therefore, here are the 12 months and their prediction about you.

Prediction of the 12 Months in a Year

1January Baby

January Baby

You are one of the funniest and wittiest people in a group and you love to seek adventure in whatever you do. You are also very responsible when it comes to work and are the best kisser your partner can get. You dislike people who are dumb but you respect their private lives. You are a party animal and you like to be socially active with the close group you have. You are born leaders, so you like to take the leadership quality quite seriously when it comes to offering you a role. You are not one of those who will sit and watch TV when bored. Instead, you will do anything fun, experimental and totally out of the box. This could sometimes lead you to trouble, but you will overcome that with ease.

Verdict – A cool responsible person who is also quite and secretive in nature

2February Baby

February Baby

You like to be original about everything and so you strive to achieve that. Since you are original and frank in nature, you would like offer constructive criticism about the things people ask. You can e extremely mysterious in nature and love day dreaming leading to high level creative abilities. You like to be perfect in whatever you do and so you are also perseverant by birth. Finding ideas and solutions for problems about you or others is one of your favorite pastimes and you dig for more and more even when you asleep. Though you are one of those who are extremely philanthropic, you believe in serving oneself first before helping others.

Verdict – A frank day dreamer who likes to help others when they are in need.

3March Baby

March Baby

Love is something that you thrive on and you cant let go of even the smallest things you love. The main characters of you are that you are a heart throbbing person and you love observing what people do. A big and kind hearted person who likes to show sympathy to almost everyone around you! You are a music, travel lover and you basically can’t get enough of love from anyone because you give away a lot of love to people. You live and breath on love from and to others.

Verdict – A lovely person who believes that anything can be changed using love and compassion.

4April Baby

April Baby

You like to follow you heart no matter how big or small you decision is, but you like to think through it properly because you are sensible enough to oversee the issues in it. You like to make friends and you love to make new friends and explore new things with them. You are probably the most versatile person among all others and you are diverse in nature. You are a born beauty and you know how to enhance it perfectly. You like to be romantic with you partner and thrive to show the best out of you.

Verdict – A romantic explorer who makes sure he/she is on the right path at all times.

5May Baby

May Baby

You don’t like to sit idle because you have a will power of a hundred people that marches you towards success. The advantage with you is that you attract people without your knowledge. They are attracted for you intelligence, looks and your attitude that comes from within for you. You are a day dreamer and a stubborn person, both of which gives you good outcomes in life. You love to travel and explore the world without any company. You are a person who likes you own space when needed.

Verdict – A person who loves to travel, be on his own and is attractive in nature.

6June Baby

June Baby

You love to make friends and are very friendly in nature, but the problem with you is you get easily influenced if you like the person. You are choosy sometimes but you make the most out of it when you pick the final one. You are an active person who loves to joke around and keep everyone happy and laughing. You think about future prospects and what all you can get the most from.

Verdict – A person who is friendly, funny yet picky when it comes to matters of seriousness.

7July Baby

July Baby

You are a smiley person who loves to enjoy life without clipping yourself to one thing. You love to travel, so you are expensively adventurous which may become the problem sometimes. You love to party and steal the show wherever you go. But, contrary to that, you are extremely spiritual as well when it comes to matters of what you believe. A dedicated person that you are, you like to ponder on the subject of intelligence.

Verdict – An intelligent party lover who likes to steal the show in the most amazing way.

8August Baby

August Baby

You are one of the most amazing person anybody can ever get because you are just that adorable. You believe in yourself and follow passion and rules according to how you want it to be. You are very stylish by heart and nature and you like to work hard in achieving the passion you follow. You have a great personality that pulls people towards you and you are naturally gifted that keeps you the impressive one among the lot. Your personality is addictive and people around you get that from you with ease.

Verdict – A fun loving person who loves to follow passion and has a wonderful personality

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9September Baby

September Baby

You are an appreciative person who likes to give proper credit to people when they deserve it. You extremely understand, caring and you like to help the underprivileged. You do not think more than once to help people who mean the world to you which can be a good and bad point in you. Once you choose to be with someone, you don’t bother to look out for other people at all. You love to stick to one person for rest of your life. You like to make other people’s problem, yours and you nail it perfectly.

Verdict – A helpful nature and a person who is committed to only one person for life.

10October Baby

October Baby

You can be extremely calm and composed in situations that do not let you be like that. Though you might be laid back sometimes, when it comes to serious work, you know where your priorities stand. You are a hard worker and you don’t like to give up easily. You try and try until you get what you desire for. You are born winner and a charmer who likes to see people happy and contended, but doesn’t bother much about your own happiness. You are a different thinker and very versatile in your approach which will go long way, career wise.

Verdict – A responsible, calm and dedicated person who likes to make others happy.

11November Baby

November Baby

You are a happy person and you like to make others smile. Your smile and laugh is contagious and you like to set your own goals for yourself. You likes to make certain things as person what you want to do. You use emotions and expressions as your way of communication to people and you like to make that your positive approach. You have your own strengths and weakness and you know how to play with it. You are quite a rebel who generally likes to cross a line when need be, but knows where to stop. You believe in yourself too much which is good and bad quality

Verdict – A self motivated person who likes to set high goals for himself.

12December Baby

December Baby

You are one of the most sweet and cute beings of the lot. You are plain, simple and generous in nature and you make sure people are genuinely happy for what they do to you and vice versa. You don’t force anyone into doing something because you don’t believe in getting work done that way. You follow your heart and like to do whatever your mind and heart says. You are very spiritual yet practical about life. You don’t share a lot with people but are a great listener if someone comes to you with problems. You are very very generous and very submissive about it. You love to chat and be good friends with people you love.

Verdict – A comfortable person who is amazing, simple and trouble free.

Find out what month belongs to you and the traits of the particular month. The 12 months indicates the amazing qualities and the characteristics of you. Hope you enjoy and read it finding out more about you. If you have something that you would like to add to that, you can very much comment on the box below. Have a happy read!

-Pavithra Ravi