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Well, we all know that Bangalore is a famous and most important South Indian Metropolitan city in India. Indians know that the entire South Indian clothing culture is generalized for being subjected to just Kanjivaram Silk and Brocade. But there is much more that most of you might not have experienced. Hence, we will be telling you that you have probably not realized how stylish and modern the city is in bringing out grand and beautiful ethnic wears. It doesn’t stop with just being stylish, but this city is definitely sophisticated and ultra modern in terms of Indian ethnic wear like Sarees, Salwar suits, Lehengas and Anarkalis.

Bangalore being India’s one of the biggest shopping place offers everything in malls and designer boutiques. The boutiques make sure that they offer something striking for both bridal wear and regular Indian wear. Since the boutique system got famous in Bangalore, we will be dwelling in a lot of places where you can have a fun shopping. So, check out these best Indian ethnic wear boutiques in Bangalore.

Boutiques for Indian Ethnic Wear

1Kimaya Designer Boutique

Kimaya Designer Boutique

Being the brainchild of a designer couple – Neha and Pradeep Hirani, this boutique is much sought after one by the local population of Bangalore. It was earlier launched In the North India (Mumbai) and slowly spread its branches to other places like Delhi, Lucknow, Gurgaon, Ludhiana, Surat and only South Indian city – Bangalore. This boutique is famous for its splendid collection of designer wears which is not just from India but from throughout the world. This is one of the boutiques in India that believes that black designer Lehenga for a wedding is not all that bad or inauspicious. They have a wonderful collection of Indian ethnic wear and you will be marveled by their collection. Since they have a huge contact base from the overseas, their designs are handpicked and they make sure to cater to all kinds of people,

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2SOCH Studio

SOCH Studio

Soch is yet another famous boutique in Bangalore, which also has branches throughout India. In south India, it has branches in Chennai, Hyderabad and then in Bangalore. Their focus on creating clothes is for the urban population and mainly for women only. They are a fashion boutique that creates a wide range of amazing and exquisite hand-picked fabrics like cotton, silks, voile and chiffon. Soch is very famous for the collection in sarees because they also get from various locations across India. Soch’s main motto is to provide top class urban clothing for office goers. Their ethnic wear comprises of retail sarees, amazing hand-stitched cotton suits, kurtis for women and leggings for both women and children. They also have unstitched clothing material.

3French Curve Studio

French Curve Studio

Who wouldn’t love to enter an ethnic and bridal boutique? This particular boutique was established in the year 2005 by Anjali Sharma, who was an alumni of India’s NIFT. She has single handedly made sure that French Curve is today’s one of the leading niche fashion studio in the country, that offers a wide and of high range of ready to wear western clothes for women. This studio is also famous for producing exclusive bridal and traditional wear along with the western outfits. Anjali Sharma makes sure that the brides should get the best of the best. So, a lot of to-be-brides come to the boutique to select what they find pretty and customize their thoughts into it. She, being the owner and the designer herself also suggests special designs and methods on how they can wear it. Her products are available only in Bangalore store, but she ships it to worldwide for her customers. Having a sense of both western and Indian minds, French curve is a must visit boutique in Bangalore.

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4The Bridal Boutique

The Bridal Boutique

If you have always wanted to get married in a gown and a Christian style, then don’t miss out on visiting this beautiful boutique that is an exclusive a hub for Christian style gowns. You can choose to try it on then and there in Bridal Boutique as they have many sizes and designs available for their customers. The importance and beauty of this boutique is that it specializes in a wide range of pattern, approach, embellishments and material to choose from. They have a very good approach of taking consent from overseas designers and ask for their opinions on the unique taste of each dress.

5CINNAMON Multi Designer

CINNAMON Multi Designer

Cinnamon is a famous and a very beautiful boutique in Bangalore that offers a wide range of super fashionable and wearable clothes. When we say wearable, it means that they have customized sarees that are in the form of salwar suits and easily wearable ones that are not worn in the traditional way. A lot of designers from across the country stock their designs in Cinnamon fashions. The sarees are specially handpicked and done by weavers from West Bengal, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh (AP) and Odisha to keep up the spirit of Indian ethnic wear. The boutique is beautifully decked up for bridal occasions as well.

6Collage boutique

Collage boutique

Collage boutique is a super cool and a stylish boutique that works for producing avant-garde-funky and elegant clothing. They are known for upgrading their collections according to the trend change and fashion world. They believe in what is called the wearable art which means, they have an artist touch to everything you can wear in their boutique. Their dresses and salwar suits have craft of the centuries and they make sure in creating sensuous fabrics with an artistic technique. They have a lot of new ideas incorporated into their clothing and are spread across India.

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