22 Breathtaking Pattu Blouse Designs – Fashionable Ethnicity


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Pattu Blouse Designs

The designs and patterns vary from fabric to fabric. If you want to make the traditions also take the fashionable turn, then you must go with the latest styles. The styles that make you look good will be your favourite. But to make your look fashionable, you must experiment with the latest designs.

Pattu is the most traditional and olden fabric of India. Pattu sarees and lehengas are worn for weddings, festivals and other special occasions. A few years back pattu sarees were paired with simple pattu blouses. The updated fashion dint miss to modernize the traditional pattu blouses.

The fashion that you are adding to the traditional attire makes you look traditional and fashionable. A set of latest pattu blouse designs are impressive and enhances the beauty of your graceful saree.

Latest Pattu Saree Blouse Designs

1. Corset Blouse


Corset blouses are trending with most of the Indian traditional fabrics. The corset design makes your blouse look decent. Let the blouse have long sleeves which are a high-class design wholly. The corset design of the blouse makes your blouse look modish. Corset blouse is the finest design that you must try with pattu blouse.

2. Cold Shoulder Blouse


Cold shoulder blouses are the latest version of traditional blouses. Cold shoulder blouse design is fashionable and still keeps your look traditional. To enhance the ethinicity of the blouse, you can attach chains and hangings at the sleeves. If you want a simple and minimal designed blouse, then just go for a plain pattu cold shoulder blouse. You can pair the blouse with sarees and lehengas.

3. Blouse with Elbow Length Sleeves


Elbow length sleeves is an old design and it is recreated with the latest variations. Elbow length sleeves are perfect for any traditional blouse. And it is the most suitable design for pattu blouses. The stiffness in pattu fabric and the ethnicity adds the beauty to this ever trending blouse design.

4. Collar Neck Blouse


Collar neck design gives dignity to the blouse and raises the fashion standards. The out and out traditional blouses look stunning with collar neck blouse designs. Many of the celebrities choose to wear collar neck blouses as it is chic and do not drop the ethnicity of the saree or lehenga.

5. High Neck Blouse


You can choose high neck design for your pattu blouse and consider it as a fashionable blouse idea. It is also suitable for brides as you also have traditional works and embellishments. High neck blouses are the most simple but elegant looking.

6. Blouse with Puff Sleeves


An ethnic blouse with puff sleeves makes your look prettiest. You have various designs for puff sleeves blouses. A blouse with minimal works and puff sleeves makes it beautiful. This is one of the timeless designs for pattu blouses and preferred brides.

7. Blouse with Dori


Dori style ruling the traditional blouses from long and still, it is a lovely one. The design that stays and keeps on taking the variations. The variations in designs make the dori style blouses fashionable and it is never a boring style.

8. Sleeveless Pattu Blouse


An ethnic sleeveless blouse makes your saree look simply beautiful. This simplest design is enough to trend you up in the saree of the day. Let your blouse not get any additional attachments like sequins and embellishments. Keep it plain and it makes you look elegant.

9. Embroidered Pattu Blouse


Embroidery is in the first place to make any outfit look traditional and beautiful. The tiny floral designs are the most lovely. The blouse looks ethereal with the embroidery designs. If you want the minimal decoration for your blouse, you can choose a simple design. Embroidery looks classy when you choose colours like peach, pink, silver.

10. Pattu Blouse with Sequins


Pattu blouse with sequins is a routine style but it never ending fashion. The colourful and shiny sequins make the blouse grand looking. Brides go for sequined pattu blouses which looks pretty when paired with traditional sarees.

11. Pattu blouse with Mini Sleeves


Mini sleeves are the most comfortable and decent looking designs for pattu blouses. Every young lady loves to wear a blouse with mini sleeves. A pattu blouse with mini sleeves is suitable for all casual and special occasions. You can also attach the border patch to your sleeves which looks pretty on you.

12. Long Bordered Sleeves


Blouses with long bordered sleeves look like the contemporary and vintage mixed design. This is a style that lifts your fashion standards with a classy look and fashionable designs. As it is a long bordered sleeve, it is suggested to leave plain without any works and embellishments. Let the border elevate and do the styling for your blouse.

13. Blouse with Golden Work


This is an idea for the most super looking ethnic blouse. The blouse with golden work is stunning and extremely traditional. You can go with minimal accessories when you wear a blouse with golden work. The golden work of the blouse makes attractive. Even your simple saree looks charismatic with the blouse of golden work.

14. Blouse with Pleated Sleeves


Blouse with pleated sleeves looks unique and it is one of the latest designs for pattu blouses. The pleats make the blouse look beautiful. The pleats make your blouse fancy and also keep it ethnic enough. You can stay out of the cliche designs when you choose such latest designs like pleated sleeves.

15. Jacket Blouse


Jacket blouse is a modish version of a pattu blouse. The contemporary style is clearly seen in the pattu jacket blouses. Be it any colour of the blouse, it looks attractive and perfect for your traditional saree. You can also pair a trendy pattu jacket blouse with a fancy saree which is superfusion. Jacket blouses can also come with variations which make it chic.

16. Netted Blouse Design


The simple netted pattu blouse is a chic style and makes you saree look modish. The blouse becomes delicate with the sheer fabric. You can let the blouse be simple with the sheer fabric which is elegant. If you want a grand looking blouse for your beautiful saree then go sequined work.

17. Motifs on the Back Blouse


The very perfect idea to make a pattu blouse look breathtaking is attaching motifs. The Indian motifs make the pattu blouse look fashionable. You can make the blouse look super fashionable with floral and fauna motifs. Peacock, elephant and deer motifs are the trendy motifs for pattu blouses. You also have floral motifs which make your pattu blouse a trendy one. Motif patching for saree blouses is a never ending fashion. So, you can wear it on.

18. Overlapping Sleeves


Overlapping mini sleeves for your pattu saree is a super cool idea. The routine sleeves designs make the blouse look old fashioned. So, you can give your blouse overlapping mini sleeves.

19. Blouse with Frilled Sleeves


The fashionable and designer blouses are preferred to highlight the sleeves. Let your sleeves do the styling for your traditional pattu blouse. The frills make the blouse look modern. When you choose such designs for your blouse, you also can feel the fashion. Your pattu blouse looks graceful when it gets bell sleeves.

20. Blouse with Mirror Work


The designs that keep your fashion sense on and let you carry the fashion are the perfect. The timeless designs for traditional blouses is mirror work. You can let your blouse get attached with wonderful mirror works.

21. Blouse with Bell Sleeves


The bell sleeves make your blouses look lovely. Modern women love to wear blouses with long sleeves. So, you can go for bell sleeves which cover your hands beautifully. Your pattu blouse with bell sleeves is super fancy and attractive. When you are choosing this lovely design for your pattu saree, you will carry the uniqueness.

22. Blouse with a Back Keyhole


Keyholes make you blouse look pretty. You have various shapes of keyholes that are suitable for pattu blouses. This back design makes you blouses as attractive as it is shown in the above image.

The heavy and grand looking pattu blouses can look ethereal with the latest designs. The designs keep your appearance fashionable in your ethnic wear. You can choose these designs for your special lehengas and sarees. The wonderful designs can well fit your pattu blouses. Looking fashionable is easy but carrying the elegance with ethnicity is everything.