Challenges And Compatibility in Dating A Scorpio Man


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Dating a Scorpio Man

Zodiac Signs say a lot of things about a man like how much sexy, feisty and mysterious he is. But sometimes it can be very hard in figuring out how much secretive or mysterious they are. It is very hard to find someone who is very understanding and right for you. Specially to those people who are born between October 23 to November 21. Stars play a lot of games in compatibility between couples or relationship.

There are many facts you should know about a Scorpio man before dating, or if you are already dating this sign man then you should consider some facts about your man. Learning about a sign can make you understand some facts about his particular behaviour or mood. While dating a scorpion can be a swinging ride for you including full of challenges, appreciation and adventure. Here are few things you must know before dating a Scorpio man.

Facts To Know About A Scorpio Man

1Trust Issues

Trust Issues

Scorpio men have a lot of trust issues. They never trust anyone easily, until the person have proved their trustworthiness. They do not like to be vulnerable and are protected by nature. So, if your man is a Scorpio, then try to gain his confidence on you and earn the spot in his circle of trust.

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With a lot of trust issues, they are very determined persons. Scorpions do not give up easily on anything. They love challenges. They try to achieve their goals, no matter whatever happens. The Scorpio man have a tendency to bounce back from any obstacle stronger and mightier than before.



Scorpio men do not like to be controlled. In fact they love to be in charge of everything. So, if you are in a relationship with a Scorpio man do not get disappointed if he leads every time. If you think that you have a strong personality and want to be in control of a relationship then stay clear of this sign.

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4Truth Lovers

Truth Lovers

Scorpions in general, be it man or woman, values the truth. They love and respect the person who always tell the truth. They hate liers, and very bad in forgiving liers. We already read about how much issues they have in trusting anybody. Once they trust you, and you lie it can ruin the relationship in between both of you forever.

5Intense Love

Intense Love

This can be counted as a plus point in dating a Scorpion. Most of the time Scorpions are great and intense lovers because they love to control, they like to experiment in pleasure. This zodiac sign scores the highest for a strong sex drive and higher sexual chemistry.

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One of the negative points in the Scorpio men is that they can be very possessive in a relationship. Their leadership or controlling quality drive them in this type of possessive behaviour in relationships. So you should think with whom you speak, like an ex-boyfriend or male colleague or even a previous love interest. This can create a lot of problems in your relationship. The good thing in this is they are not only possessive, they are also protective of you and will take care of you.



Scorpio men are overly passionate, driven and strong willed person. They are very loyal in whatever they do. Scorpions will devote themselves to you from the time they are committed to you.

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8Less Sentimental

Less Sentimental

Scorpio men are not sentimental in relationships. They are good at showing love and expressing themselves, but not into love notes, flowers, pet names or gifts.

9Secret Keeper

Secret Keeper

Scorpio men can be very secretive and guarded. They will not reveal everything about themselves. It is a kind of self-preservation and try to maintain some independence and mystery, so that they would not become too vulnerable with others.

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10Attention Seeker

Attention Seeker

Scorpions being a leader, in charge and less sentimental they are attention seekers. They will work tirelessly and thrive to success to achieve whatever they want or goals and when they are successful in achieving they seek admiration and praise from you. Even compliments on small achievements can be a boon in a relationship.

11Frank And Honest Women

Frank And Honest Women

Scorpio men love women who are honest and frank in nature. They hate those who play hide and seek in everything. They seek for a partner who is honest and open, never keeps a secret from them. They even hate sugar coated feelings and try to demonstrate your loyalty.

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