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There are so many ways in which you can turn a date. You don’t really have to make it always a dinner date or a date where you guys drink and party. Well, that’s always there. After a hard day at work, your partner and you could use some relaxing and some cuddling, right? How do you make a date out of just relaxing and cuddling. Of course, you can make it fun and interesting using the movie date ideas we are going to list down in this article. You don’t have to make it grand, special or something big. It can be a simple concept movie date with just some of the things you would like to do together. A cozy night, a couple of beers, some ordered food and a movie is more than enough to make your movie night fun and romantic. If you are romantic kinds and like to take some extra effort, then you could switch off the lights and light a few candles here are there. Turn on the AC and relax! Wait your partner and let him get surprised by the set up.

If you still want to how to make it more interesting and exciting for the both of you, we have some sexy movie date ideas. It is handy, easy, and all it requires is for you to just love your partner too much. When you do something with love, it doesn’t feel pressurised or difficult. So, here are some ways to make your movie date exciting and fun.

Top Ideas to Create Romantic Movie Date

1Pack up and go to the terrace

Pack up and go to the terrace

If you can figure out a way to set up a screen on your roof top or terrace, then nothing like it. You can turn your normal night into a date night if you have a terrace that you can use in full privacy. If you live in an independent house, then even better. Take your mattress, a few flowers and a cozy blanket with you.

Pick a good movie that both of you would like and haven’t watched. Carry a picnic basket with you and some drink to keep you company. If you wish, you could even take two or three pillows! That could make it even more exiting. What more can you ask for? A romantic night under the sky, with the man of your dreams!

2Movie marathon double date

Movie marathon

If you think that you can get up late the next day or if you know that you can handle two movies in a row, then go for this kind of a date. If your partner has been asking you to watch a movie forever and if you have also pestered him to do the same, this is the time you can fulfil both your wishes.

Pick two movies, one that you haven’t watched and another that he hasn’t watched. Spread the mattress on the floor, switch on the TV, order some pizzas and enjoy!

3Movie on the go

Movie on the go

Why don’t you do something different and non cliché. Instead of sitting at home, maybe you can think of an adventure movie night. Yes, pack whatever food you have at home, pick up some wine bottles and get inside your car. Take either your laptop or your iPad with you and pick a movie of your choice. Park your car near the lakeside or near a cliff or mountain. Get out and hop onto your car and watch the movie of your choice. Now, wouldn’t that be something different and totally out of the blue movie night?

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4A blind movie night

A blind movie night

Blind movie night is a simple one. All you need to do is pick the best movies that you can watch as a couple and put it in a box. Now, ask your partner to pick one chit out of the box. Whichever movie name appears, watch that! It’s simple and you will agree with your boyfriend in a whim if you try this. Try to make it fun by including all kinds of genre movies.

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5Double movie date

Double movie date

Call some couple friends of yours and make a night out of it. You could probably invite someone you both know. This could be a healthy way of mingling with others. You wouldn’t feel bored doing the movie night with just the two of you and you will have good company too.

Remember to call a friend who your partner is comfortable with too because that way, things will roll out smoothly. Order or cook food together, drink lots and watch a good romantic movie. It’s almost like a double date, but just that you wouldn’t be going outside. You would be watching a good, classic movie! Sounds like fun!

Basically, all you need to know is movie night can be really cozy, private and customized. You can do whatever you want and try to keep it simple. Your partner will definitely love it! If you have more ideas that you wish to share, please comment and write to us about your movie night experiences.

-Pavithra Ravi

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