Make Sure You Know These Things Before You Marry An NRI


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Are you planning to get married soon? Have you been getting NRI proposals? Well, with the large Indian Diaspora abroad this shouldn’t be shocking. The idea of getting married and going into a new family is already so nerve wracking, and above that if you are marrying an NRI and are planning to settle abroad it can be all the more scary. And the Hindi movies from 90s have only only made matters worse for us. With so many worries and apprehensions how do you go about considering a marriage proposal from an NRI? Are you aware of the things need to know before getting married to an NRI? If you don’t, then go through this list of things you should definitely check before you marry an NRI partner.

1. Background Check

Background CheckNot just for marrying an NRI guy, but this should be carried out before you decide on marrying any guy and not just an NRI. But while for boys with local addresses it is much more easier. You can have common friends or acquaintances to ask about the guy. When the Boy is an NRI, you feel really helpless in this regard. You may not have much knowledge in the regard to his job, family or house other than what he is portraying, and he can very well lie. In such scenarios do not shy away from hiring a detective agency working in his city or residence. While this may seem too intrusive and also a security breach but it is important to clarify your mind of all the doubts. After all you have to spend the entire life with this person. The detective agencies work discreetly and do not reveal your identity. You can ask them to check his character, house ownership, liabilities and Visa or work status. You can also have a legal background check on him. This is definitely one of the most important things to know before choosing an NRI partner.

2. Visa Status

Visa StatusYou should ask and very well know the visa status before marrying an NRI. Is he on a work visa? Is he a permanent citizen of that country? Does he have working permit or is he planning to relocate anywhere? All these questions nee to be answered before deciding to get married to a NRI.

Other than his visa status, if you have already made up your mind to marry him or or considering marrying NRI guy, make sure you visit the embassy of that country and know how much time will it take for your visa? Can you settle down with him there? What are the working regulations for you? Can you get a work a work visa too? And in what time frame? You may or may not have plans to work now but for future preparedness you should always have theses doubt cleared. The grooms family may know a lot about it already but it is always safe to inquire yourself and be 100% sure.

3. Career Options For You

Career Options For YouIf you want to get married to a NRI. Make sure you have your career goals set clearly and you have plans made to go about it. Do check before hand what job options does your trade hold in that country. Will you be allowed to work with your qualification? A lot of countries may or may not approve your degrees and involve for you to clear exams or courses before you can get a job or be hired for service. Make sure you know everything about these certifications and are prepared before hand. If you have to take up tests or join college or internship, check the academic calendar before hand and start applying.

If you are not permitted to work, consider freelance work or work from home opportunities that can help you stay independent. For these opportunities start applying before hand in our own country and before leaving appear for interviews if need be.

4. Lifestyle

LifestyleLifestyle is a very big term. It loosely covers all aspects of your life and no we do not suggest you go digging into all facets of his life even before you marry. Some people may consider it intrusive and offensive. But by checking his lifestyle we mean the kind of life he likes to life. Fast paced or slow, Lavish or generous, traveling like a hippie or willing to settle down soon. The idea is to check if he is also on the same page of life as you. In NRI men, they can be influenced by the culture they have been living for a while and their priorities may be different. Ask him about his friends, what he likes to eat, wear or do in his free time. These things can say a lot about a person and eventually help you in understanding his lifestyle.

5. Family

FamilyIn an Indian society when a girl marries a man she also inherits a big family with this marriage. A new set of parents, cousins and even friends. In such cases it is implicit that you know very well about his family too. If you marry an NRI guy, know if his family is willing to stay with you post marriage or not. Find out about the way of life the family needs. While you can go ahead with minor adjustments with every house and family, if there is a stark change of ethos and value system between both the families it can be really tough for the girl to settle down post marriage. Make sure before choosing an NRI partner you know what life to expect and if your parents will help and support you in times of need.

6. About the country of his residence

About the country of his residence
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If you are unsure about this NRI you can read about the country and see if it works for you. And also if you reach a point where you are actually considering marrying NRI guy, then one of the first things need to know before getting married to a NRI is about the country of his residence. Find out what the place is like. Search on the internet, read about it, the culture the food, its climate and history. Whatever fancies you. Try to make a connection so that when you go there you don’t feel completely lost and you have an idea of what to expect. If you plan to work fin out about the job opportunities and the scenario. Start making connections, if your friends are there try contacting them. You should prepare yourself before hand.

Consider This Before Marrying an NRI.

Before Marrying an NRITime difference- You will have to stay up late or wake up early to talk to friends and family, if time difference is too much between your home and his country. Also, If you plan to work from home for Indian companies it means you will have a tough time figuring the correct way to work. If you are going to make a decision, then figure this out before hand.

Friends and Family- If you are a family person who just cannot live without seeing mom and dad for even a week, this can be really difficult to work out. Try and make up you mind strong, since you will lose friends and your social circle here since you will have to relocate and you may not keep as much in touch. Although you may make new friends too. But for people who are little socially nervous this can be really important to think about.

Career- If you have a successful career here, marrying NRI guy who wants you to relocate can be a tough call. Make peace if you want to leave your job. You should not regret your decision later. If you plan to work there try finding if your skills are recognized in that country and possible job prospects too.

Pros and cons- This is a very personal aspect. What can be a pro for one person will be a con for the other. Make sure you evaluate your own list of pros and cons before taking the plunge. It all depends on what you value and what can be a deal breaker.

An while it is a common stigma attached to NRI guys that they will only exploit you and your family and be a bad choice, but the truth is that only some case actually turn out to be bad and exploitative, rest guys are very decent and family oriented like normal Indian men. If you want to marry a NRI guy, you should carry out all the checks and then decide what you think. Not what people would tell you. We hope you have a great life ahead.

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