5 Ways To Become A Fashion Photographer


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Fashion Photographer

If you are dreaming of becoming a fashion photographer, it is not completely an impossible dream. A well established fashion photographer, lives a very glamorous life, have high pay-checks, huge audience, and international lifestyle.

Fashion photographers are one of the most sought after profession in the world. But, for every fashion photographer who can make it through the door of top magazines, many thousands other photographers find their niche in art photography, fashion advertising, celebrity portrait or even be a paparazzi to make living. So, here are 5 ways to become a fashion photographer, as it can be tough but not impossible.

Tips On Becoming A Fashion Photographer

1Study Photography

Study Photography

Photographers are not required to have educational qualification, instead, vision and imagination and of course a good knowledge of cameras. But, if you are so interested, you can study photography at a college or an university.

Many schools offer bachelor’s as well as master’s degree in photography. It can allow you to study history of photography, digital photography, lighting, and fine arts. Colleges can give you a base, as well as can help you in getting into more depth with the subject and select it as your career.

When in college, be sure to focus on the editing skills. Editing is one of the most important part in fashion photography. Editing helps in meeting the needs of your client as well as for personal benefit it can give you, the way you want your photograph to look. Generally photographers use Adobe Photoshop and many other computer software to crop photos, alter the image, and correct the flaws in the picture.

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2Setting a portfolio

Setting a portfolio

A fashion photographer’s most important and effective tool is on setting an attractive portfolio. Getting on the door of a top magazine is very difficult, in this way by creating a portfolio, can open that door. Most of the time, you may think that keeping your work on websites can be the best way. But, still some people do like to see photographs on the book before they hire you. Fashion photographers must show their best work on a portfolio, a collection of the photographer’s best work. Clients choose their photographers based on the skills and the style that are being exhibited in their portfolios. Remember to keep your photographs up-to-date, and be sure that the abilities are well represented in the work.

3Booking photo shoots

Booking photo shoots

Portfolios, can open the magazine’sdoor or attract clients. It is a time to start planning photo shoots. Booking photography shoots can include reserving space, arranging travel, or even working with the publishers. Professionals must be flexible and also is able to work in quite a variety of climates. If you are new in this photography business, then you can try for some easy on many photo shoots, like shooting outdoors, or asking your friend to be the model, etc. Outdoors shoots can also be as interesting as indoors and it can also reflect upon your work.

4Finding a photo agent

Finding a photo agent

There are many photo agencies, which exist to liaise with the clients and sell the work on their behalf. They benefit from everyone like from start-out photographers, who may not have much contacts from the photography industry to seasoned professionals, who are too busy to deal with the business.

Agencies can give photographers a best way to develop their career. As they will not only will help in publishing the work, but also help you to concentrate on the work. Agencies can also sell your work in various different markets, act as a mini publicist and provide career advice.

5Get a gallery

Get a gallery

Photography isone of the hottest growth areas in the international market of fine art. In art photography it is very unlikely to pay you a living wage for many years. So, you can try to sell your work online, which is the trend now-a-days, or else even try to get into contacts with local dealers and can sell them in the surrounding art galleries, who are interested in representing new art works of upcoming talents.

This can really add some weight on your resume, and can also give you some other perspective of the photography business.

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