13 Trendy Hairstyles For Indian Women To Look Prettiest


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Trendy Hairstyles For Indian Women

Women never get tired of trying the trends and styles. Some women are highly passionate that the routine styles don’t make her happy. If you want to grow in fashion and want a trendy look, you find ideas all around you.

Every time you feel your hair it feels smooth and the look is shiny. When you feel that you have beautiful hair, you can’t stop yourself from trying some trendy hairstyles. So, you don’t limit your love for hair and hairstyles as we have some more trendy hairstyles for Indian women.

Casual appearance can also be chic looking with a trendy hairstyle. A trendy hairstyle can also make the special appearance really special. So, see those trendy hairstyles which got to try for you lovely hair-

Trendy Hairstyles That Modern Must Try

1. Waterfall braid


We straighten our hair with great excitement. Then, keep trying on and on for some flawless hairstyles. So, just try this super trendy hairstyle. Just clutching your hair with hair pins is again routine.

The pretty curls look pretty with the waterfall braid.This can go with the western and ethnic outfits for modern women. It is also a lovely hairstyle for teenage girls.

2. Bow hairstyle

Bow hairstyle

Girls love fantasies! Even the fashion and styles can be a fantasy. Bow hairstyles are the most fantasized which are the pretty barbie girls in real life too. If you want to look pretty with the simple hairstyle, then make a bow knotting with your hair.

You can also make bow ribbon hairstyle which is lovely. Let your hands run into your hair to knot your hair with the ribbon and that will be the prettiest hairstyle.

You can go with this hairstyle for those crazy night outs and romantic dates.The fancy outfits which are elegant maker you try this hairstyle to enhance your beauty.

3. Flower bun with wavy curls

Flower bun with wavy curls

When you want to look stunning, you will not leave your hair just with wavy curls. You want to add the style that is head turning. So, just part your hair for some wavy bouncy hair and the rest of it will be the beautiful flower.

The silkiest flower that you can tuck in your hair is with your hair itself. The curls and bun are the most lovely pairing to make a trendy hairstyle.

4. Classy updo hairstyle

Classy updo hairstyle

Updo hairstyles are the best! All the women knot and clutch up hair like pros for casual look. You will this hairstyle not being that casual with some more beautiful twists. The way you twist and roll up your hair for an updo make it a classy hairstyle.

You will love every bit of your appearance when the hairstyle is fitting you. The updo hairstyle will make you a narcissist. You will stick to the mirror admiring your hairstyle and it no sin. So, just for this classy hairstyle which is super trendy for Indian women.

5. Bun with a side braid


You braid your hair and leave it behind. Let the braid do the side styling which is all trendy. To make it a trendy hairstyle, make a bun with a side braid. The side braid and bun hairstyle will do the perfect styling for the modern women.

When you want to rock your style with trendy hairstyle, you can bun and braid you hair. The fondness for hairstyles can go little more far with some hair accessories. This is one of the trendy hairstyles that you will love to wear without a second thought.

6. Pony with braid

Pony with braid

The high ponytail fashion is not to end so soon. The easy hairstyle that young women and teenage girls go with. The high ponytail everyday gives you a name Ariana Grande. To look like yourself, you must give it a touch with braid. This is a trendy hairstyle that college girls can go for.

You can also divide your hair into multiple sections and make tiny braid to blend it with the ponytail. Make it a little messy and it will be the trendy hairstyle.

7. Messy crown with ponytail

Messy crown with ponytail

Are you looking for hairstyles for your short hair? Just have a look at this hairstyle which is designed for short hair. Wrapping your hair with band and tucking the hair accessories cannot change the fashion game.

You can check the hairstyle with steps and play with your hair to make this hairstyle. This is an easy and trendy hairstyle that you can do instantly and for every special occasion.

8. Headband hairstyle

Headband hairstyle

The colourful headbands are every girl’s favourite. Fitting the headband into hair and looking pretty is the coolest idea for western outfits. If you find headband is the fashionable accessory, then you must try this headband hairstyle.

The hairstyle is versatile as you can wear it for ethnic outfits and western outfits too. You can also style your loose hair. The wavy or fine curls look pretty with a headband. You can walk like a princess with hairstyle and suiting outfit.

9. Half updo with braid

Half updo with braid

Do you believe that hairstyle can make you look graceful? You must get convinced with this statement. The half updo hairstyles make you feel walk and feel graceful. You can will love the elegance that you get with half updo.

The half updo hairstyle is pretty with the combination of hair tie up and the flowing loose hair. Instead of simply clutching your hair and making it half updo, follow the above shown style. You will look unique with this trendy hairstyle which is perfect for Indian chic women.

10. Crown braid hairstyle


The hair accessories are not in fashion these days. The hair itself is an accessory. It is a lovely idea to turn your hair into crowns. The crown braid hairstyle makes you look like a pretty queen. This is an unusual hairstyle that must go with momentous events and occasions.

Every girl who is fond of trying the different hairstyles, will love to find this hairstyle. All the queens get this crown hairstyle. And this is suitable hairstyle for most of the face shapes.

11. Side twisted braid

Side twisted braid

Shuffling the hair makes a braid and we kept doing it for multiple hairstyles. What so trendy in just shuffling. You must also try to twist your hair to make a braid. The creative ideas give you the trends. And this is one of the trendy hairstyles for Indian women.

The braid hairstyle makes you look classy and highly decent. But the twisted braid hairstyle makes you look unique. You will find the side twisted braid with multiple outfits and appearances.

12. Half top knot

Half top knot

Some of the hairstyles look complicated and don’t get tired looking at it before even trying. This is one such hairstyle which will tempt you to try as it is easy to do. You will even look to go casual with your appearance with this trendy hairstyle.

If you are bored with the top knot hairstyles, then just do the half knot. Don’t forget to curls your hair. The baby curls and wavy curls make this hairstyle look prettier and totally in fashion. The half top knot makes you look like a little fashion lady. Just stay cool and try this trendy hairstyle.

13. Upside down French braid with bun


French braid is ever favourite and trendy hairstyle for Indian women. Most of the women and young girls have learned the tricks to make the French braid. Now, it is a playful hairstyle for girls. We would say play it well with some stylish modification. How about the French braid getting upside down with a bun?

You will want to stay up with hairstyle as it makes you look unique and outstanding. This is a classy hairstyle which is a trendy for Indian women. You can go with the hairstyle when you want to make a guest appearance for an event.This can also be a bridal hairstyle for reception.

When you want to look fashionable, you must focus on the hairstyle. The trendy hairstyle make you feel modish and well styled. All these trendy hairstyles are head turning and much suitable for Indian women. Go trendy and still look Indian with these hairstyles.

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