15 Mesmerizing Ethnic Footwear For India Women


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We think only jewelry and accessories can make us look adorned. So, are you sure that footwear don’t contribute for your adorned look? Pause and think for a while. We say, footwear can make you look adorned but when it is ethnic.

Ethnic footwear are suitable for heavy and causal ethnic wear. The ethnic flats during festive times and embellished juttis for wedding- you have many such occasions where you will need ethnic footwear. So, you must know the various styles of ethnic footwear. You will also get to know when and how to style the ethnic footwear.

The ethnic footwear are super attractive. When we saying so much about ethnic footwear, your excitement raises to see what it is in real. So, drag it down and glance all the styles.

Ethnic Footwear For Women For Various Occasions

The Indian ethnic footwear are mostly handmade. The colours of the footwear with the embellishments make it look ethnic and Indian. All the women who dint forget the Indian ethnic styles will love watching out for this ethnic footwear collection.

1. Embellished ethnic juttis


The embellished juttis are pretty with tiny beads. The colour and combination that come together on ethnic juttis is brilliant.

When you get the new footwear, you will just wait for the right occasion. But the footwear must be that beautiful. The embellished juttis make you highly desperate to wear and flaunt with them. You will just wait for the right occasion to come to slip your feet into to the juttis. It is all fine to fashion greedy!

2. Embellished ethnic heels


The glossy classy high heels did enough styling with your western outfits. But your ethnic wear must go with embellished ethnic heels. Your foot looks brighter and stylish with these fashion embellished ethnic heels.

Ethnic heels are befitting to be paired with bridal lehengas and sarees. Ethnic version of heels will become women’s favourite footwear from now.

All these days you felt stylish with the western footwear. But you these heels will make you feel adorned with footwear.

3. Silver wedges


Are you in search for bridal footwear? Then, you can stop your search as you a best style of bridal footwear- it is silver wedges. Wedges are the trending women footwear. The western footwear getting the ethnic style is all pretty. Wedges are for ultra modern women who pair them with western outfits. What makes the wedges look ethic is silver coating.

This can be the grand footwear for bridal look. The foot looks adorned with these footwear filled with ethnicity. You can pair the silver wedges with your bridal gown and lehengas.

Be sure you are comfortable with the wedges before choosing them.

4. Beaded ethnic flats


Beaded ethnic flats are for classy middle age women. Fashion is irrespective of age!

The middle age women who want to go for classy footwear can go for the beaded ethnic flats. The heavy bead work make the flats look extraordinary. These are not for casual wear but suitable for special occasions and events. You can pair the beaded ethnic flats with beautiful sarees and party wear kurtis.

5. Sequined ethnic juttis

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Sequined ethnic juttis are absolutely made for special appearances of the women. The women who wants to look charming can get a pair of sequined ethnic juttis.

You can pair a pretty pair of sequined ethnic juttis with multiple outfits. The golden sequins also make the juttis look bright and charming. You can pair these lovely juttis for night events and functions. You can dazzle on with your outfits and ethnic juttis.

6. Golden thread ethnic bellies


Golden thread ethnic bellies beautifully crafted with the traditional thread- zari. The zari work is blended with the motis as shown in the above images. The motis and golden thread combination are lovely combination for ethnic bellies.

7. Embroidered ethnic bellies


The beautiful embroidery work add the brimful ethnicity to footwear. The colourful floral embroidery looks bright on the bellies. The colours and combinations of embroidery threads makes the footwear look fashionable.

As embroidery is ruling the fashion and trends, you can choose the embroidered bellies for your ethnic outfits. The heavy embroidery on the bellies are perfect for Indian brides.

8. Ethnic bellies with mirror work


You have mirror work on blouses, sarees and other ethnic wear. But mirror work on footwear is all new. You will be awestruck they way mirror work looks on footwear. The mirror ethnic bellies are perfect for the ethnic casual outfits like kurtis.

The shining mirror on the vibrant coloured bellies is lovely combination. The mirrors are secured with the thread work which is also an attractive element for the footwear.

Again mirror work is not with just round shaped mirror. You will also find the various geometrical shaped mirrors. Your feet looks pretty with the bright mirror and colours of the footwear.

9. Ethnic checks bellies


Checks is the never ending fashion of western styles. Now a days, checks pattern is also trending in ethnic outfits and footwear. It must sound fashionable when we say checks design for ethnic footwear. Better you have a look at it and you will want them for every casual ethnic outfits.

The ethnic checks bellies are fashionable with the western pattern and ethnic model. You can call it the simple kind of footwear.The ethnic checks bellies can also be worn as daily wear.

10. Kolhapuri footwear


Kolhapuri footwear is highly famous for ethnic wear in India. This is a vintage style of footwear which is also in trend now. The unique women prefer wearing the kolhapuri chappals and shoes for classy look.

Kolhapuri footwear is an ultimate ethnic footwear that is suitable for Indian ethnic outfits. You can just pair the kolhapuri footwear with kurtis and slawars. And that will be a classy pairing.

Some women are loving to this style of chappals with jeans and other western dress. Then it is much like a trendy Indo-western outfit idea.

11. Kalamkari ethnic footwear


Kalamkari fabric is ruling ethnic outfits for women. Kalamkari fashion is exploring all over. The impact of kalamkari fashion is also brought on to footwear. The kalamkari footwear looks is full of ethnicity with the prints and designs. The colours of kalamakari add the traditional look to the footwear.

Kalamkari footwear are beautiful when paired with the casual ethnic outfits. You will find various styles of kalamkari footwear. The sandals, shoes and bellies are made with kalamakari prints and designs.

12. Ikat ethnic footwear


Ikat is another traditional fabric of India that got popular in women outfits. Ikat footwear is something unique and picked for casual wear. The lovely colours with simple designs make the Ikat style look fashionable.

Ikat footwear is broken into many styles like shoes, sandals, flats and bellies. Ikat footwear can go with Indian ethic outfit or western outfits. Ikat footwear is also great for comfortable wear.

13. Multi colour ethnic footwear


Multi colour footwear is the best of all for few women. Asking why it is so? Because it goes with multiple outfits. The multi colour footwear also make you look well styled.

You look at the image and you pick it as a must have footwear for women. The multi colour ethnic footwear is mostly preferred by the young women and teenage girls. If you want keep your footwear with minimal style, then this is not of your kind.

14. White moti juttis


White moti juttis are exquisite! Don’t you think so?

A little white does all the styling sometimes. Then, what about all white for ethnic look. The white footwear may sound too plain for you. But look at the white moti juttis which are too pretty. Though it is not of real pearls still the footwear is special for it’s look.

You can also choose it bridal wear to pair with your fancy outfits like ethnic gowns, lehengas.

15. Ethnic flats with tassels and pom poms


Ethnic flats with the tassels and pom poms match the boho chic style. Most of the ethnic footwear with the poms poms and tassels are pretty come with lace up style.

The most pretty footwear with lovely colours and stylish attachments. The girls who want to look funky in ethnic wear can choose this style of ethnic footwear.

The ethnic footwear that are trending India are brought together into a list for you. Now, it’s your just pending with the selection of ethnic footwear. Let your fashion wear get some ethnicity with the ethnic footwear.

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