9 Tips To Make Curls Lasts Longer- Curls Are Yours For Longer Time


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You find it hard to make your hair look gorgeous in any special occasion. You go through the long processes but to make it look effortlessly gorgeous. And what if your hairstyle doesn’t stay up even after the struggle and process. One of the toughest styles of hair is curls. You take hours to make the curls but it lasts for a few minutes or hours.

You expect the curls to lasts longer at least for half a day. You need to know that some of the tips can last your curls longer all day. It is not just using a straightener to curl or give some heat to curl your hair. The tips are interesting and a part of your hair care. When you do all right, the results would be all right.

You need not worry or overdo it to make the curls last longer with some brilliant tips. Now, go through the tips to make your curls last longer.

How to Makes Curls Last Longer?

1. Use Mild Shampoo for Hair Wash

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You need to choose mild shampoo to make your curls last longer. The heavy texture of shampoo can your curls go away soon. Firstly, the heavier shampoos will not let your hair roll into fine curls. Mild shampoos are easy to wash off and makes your hair enough dry to become curly.

2. Skip Conditioner

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You use conditioner for shine and to moisturize your hair. Your moisturized hair cannot be formed into curls that easily. So, it is enough to wash your hair with a mild shampoo on the day you want to curl your hair.

3. Wash Your Hair in Advance

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You need to wash your hair much before you are making curls. If you wash your hair just before styling your hair, the curls may not form finely. Making wet hair into curls is a bad idea. And you are not going to try when you about to make a special appearance. Even if your hair becomes curly, remember that it is not going to last longer. You must do the hair wash at least 3-4 hours prior to curling your hair.

4. Let it Dry Properly

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Wet hair and curls cannot go well as you want. As you need dry hair for curls, you are asked to wash your hair in advance. So that, your takes time to dry completely. Once you have your hair wash, do not get ready to make curls. The damp or wet hair cannot cooperate to turn into curls. You mold the dry hair into perfect and long lasting curls easily. So, no hurry to get the curls with wet or damp hair.

5. Fix the Rollers

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You can fix the rollers to make your hair into curls. You may also use a hair straightener to make curls. Rollers can give you fine curls which lasts longer than any other way. Rollers are the best option to make the curls lasts longer. You get fine curls with less process. You can select the rollers which curl your hair to make your hair into curls. You have rollers to curl your hair in waves, retro style and various other styles.

6. Give Some Heat to Your Tresses

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Let your tresses heat take some heat which makes easy to turn into curls. Heat can roll the curls perfectly and make them lasts longer than normal. You can use straightener or a hair dryer to give heat and simultaneously curl your hair. You can give enough amount of heat with blow dry method. Also make sure not to give too much of heat to your tresses which spoil or damage your hair. Too much of heat can make your hair rough.

7. Let your Hair Cool Down

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Making your hair into curls soon after giving heat to hair is a blunder mistake. You need to let your hair cool down. The best way is to hold your curls in your hands to let them cool down. The further process can only go after you tresses are completely out of the given heat. This makes your curls lasts longer without rolling back soon.

8. Use a Dry Shampoo

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Over the curls apply the dry shampoo which can help your curls to stay longer. As you need dry hair and cooperative texture to roll into fine curls, we suggest you to apply dry shampoo. You can apply the dry shampoo on your hair with your fingers. Dry shampoo can add the volume to your hair and not make your hair stick. So, you can apply dry shampoo even for your bangs.

9. Use Hairspray at Last

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Use hairspray on the made curls to make them stay longer. Hairspray is stubborn enough to make your hair stiff. So, keep the bottle a bit away and spray your curls. Using hairspray at last is the best way to make the curls lasts longer. Hairspray lets your hair stay in place and you can use it make every small and tiny curl lasts longer. You can also use hairspray to keep your hairstyle in without messing.

Every tip help you in making the curls lasts longer. You can use the tricks to make curls at home without any experts help. Be the your own expert in making curls lasts longer. Let your hair go through the right process to roll into curls and then you will see the lovely curls even the next day.

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