Cute and adorable hairstyles for kids

Kids Hairstyles

Cute Hairstyles!! Kids always look very cute and beautiful with their attitude, talks and dressing style. Parents want their children to look so perfect and sweet, isn’t it? Try out these different hairstyles for kids that parents should know.

1Hairstyles for long faces

Hairstyles for long faces

Does your child have a long jaw, sharp nose, elongated forehead, strong cheekbones? Ah, well then you have a long face by nature. You need a hairstyle that would make your face look fuller so you have to get cuts and styles that round your face with hair on both the sides. Finding the right hairstyle for a long face isn’t difficult at all. A lot of celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Brie Larson, Taylor Swift, Kelly Reilly have long faces and they do perfectly compliment their look with the right kind of hair dressing and make up. If you can catch the idea of texture and length, you will be able to figure out easily what hairstyle suits the best for your face shape.

Hairstyles like shoulder braids, ballerina bun, long layered waves, bun ponytail, wavy tousled look, high buns, crown braids or crown hairstyles, bouffant up-do, retro look, side curls, any hairstyle with bangs, pixie cuts, face framing layers, a low pony are great for long faces. The whole idea of this is to give your face the much needed volume. The only thing you should remember is – even the highlights you get can shape the way you look. So, choose carefully and look wonderful!

Here are some tips to do your child’s hair in a hurry.

2Short bob haircuts

Short bob haircuts

A short bob is definitely a timeless and a beautiful hair cut that needs to be worn with class and style. If you are bored from your daughter’s ordinary, mundane hairstyle, then short bobs are your best shot at getting something interesting and amazing. The only thing that you should worry about when you get a short bob haircut is the fact that it may look different for different face shapes. So, getting your research made prior to the appointment with the parlor is very important. Ask around or take opinion from your hairstylist about the different short bob haircuts that are available now and what kind would suit your child’s face. That way you will have an idea of what you are getting into.

Haircuts like sleek chic short bob, wavy bottom short bob, asymmetrical short bob, bold bangs short bob, bangs with straight hair cuts, long pixie short bob, short at the behind and long in the front style, layered short bob are very famous and very useful for short hair. If you have a short bob haircut, the level of maintenance is definitely low and you can get ready quickly. Now, isn’t that interesting?

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3Plate hairstyles for kids

Plate hairstyles for kids

Kids are always in a hurry to leave for school. They either forget their lunch boxes or in a hurry, you don’t do their hair well. But, if you take extra efforts and get your kid ready in time, then these hairstyles are a great way to make your kid look presentable, neat and definitely tidy. Schools are very particular in the kids presenting themselves and trust us, your child doesn’t have to feel left behind because of her hair. So, whether she is going to school or to play or she is the flower girl in a marriage, there are appropriate braid hairstyles that look beautiful and neat on your kids. The only thing you should know is the texture and how long or short you want her hairstyle to be.

Braid styles are plenty and you can make your child’s hairstyle look interesting and exciting. Not only are you excited, even she will be excited to look different every single day. Styles like three crossed braids, multi cute colored braids, loose braids, centre braid-loose hair, heart crown braid, the Celtic knot braid, zig zag braid, knotted braids are few hairstyles that look attractive. Make your child look special every day from now on!

4Fishtail braid hairstyles for kids

Fishtail braid hairstyles for kids

Fishtail braid is one of the easiest yet complicated hairstyle that has come a long way in the fashion world. Yes, models and fashionistas have been carrying the fishtail braid from occasional occasions to even professional ones now. These fishtail braids are not only beautiful on days of parties, but also come in very handy when you have to go in for a meeting to meet your sub-ordinates. It is a great break from normal open hair hairstyle or up-dos. It gives your hair a break from the routine and makes it look gorgeous and neat. So, if you are thinking of what kind of hairstyle would suit your face, have no further doubts because fishtail braid suits every face shape and face kind.

Whether you prefer to bring two hairstyles in place or just plate your hair, fishtail braid is a great way of styling your hair. Hairstyles like bangs and messy fishtail, half up half down fish tail, braided side fishtail, thick fishtail pony, head gear fishtail style, messy fishtail braid are famous amongst most working women who get to style their hair for after office hour parties as well. It looks chic, professional and definitely elegant.

5Braided hairstyle for kids

Braided hairstyle for kids

When you are planning to braid your girl’s hair, there are a number of things you have to concentrate about. Yes, volume, length, faces shape, braid designs and how complicated or simply you want it to be. These are the foremost important things you need to keep in mind when you start braiding your girl’s hair. For example, French braids and cornrow styling has been proven very popular among kids these days. Tie backs are extremely popular too and gives a special texture to the girl’s hair.

Many braids that are simple and get you excited about dressing your little girl to school or for her extra-curricular classes. Braids like micro braids, fishtail braids, bohemian braids, katniss Everdeen braids, double laced braid. Sided braid, braided headband, twisted braid pony, halo twist braid and so many others are very simple and can be creatively done for your girl. The whole point of braiding your girl’s hair is because braids are very easy, fun and they let your hair be compact and grow faster in the long run. So, all you have got to do is to pick and choose one braid for each day and make it wonderfully imaginative for your girls!

-Pavithra Ravi

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