Effective Ways To Detox Your Liver


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Effective Ways To Detox Your Liver

Liver is arguably one of the most important organs in your body. It has over 400 functions, but pretty much it is most well known for being to act a filtration station, that is, it processes everything that comes into your body, it uses up all the good stuff, and it starts to rid of all the bad stuff. In another word, it absorbs all the nutrients, and uses them as an energy, and eliminates all the toxins, and purify the blood. Your liver also produces bile, which is responsible for breaking down the fats in the foods and also stores glucose, to use as energy. So, when you have a bad liver or an unhealthy liver you sometimes experience symptoms like, sluggish, tiredness, lack of energy, skin discolouration, acne breakout, excess weight gain, odd digestions, even headaches, and some sort of pain on the right side of the body. So, many of you think that you might not have time to take care of the liver, but remember that health is always the wealth, and who knows maybe in future you will thank me. It is because
when you take care of the liver, not only all these symptoms go away, but also help in giving you a healthy lifestyle, that allows you to feel good about yourself, from the inside out.

You might think that you are now young as well as alive and there is nothing to worry about, and you are just going to bounce back like that, but remember that when you hit a certain age, you might just look back and think that there are certain things you wish that you hadn’t done or wished you had done or regret that you could have taken better care of yourself to prevent from certain mismanagement. So, here are some effective ways to detox your liver

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How to Take Care of Your Liver

1Things to avoid

Things to avoid
  • Remember that smoking, or any kind of drug intake can drastically damage your liver. So, this is the very first and foremost thing is to avoid any contact with these things. Smoking or drugs cannot only, effect your physical health in terms of appearance. But also, mucks up internally, and sometimes these can cause irreversible damage, a huge amount of problems for you in the future.
  • avoiding alcoholThis point is about avoiding alcohol. It doesn’t matter if they promote antioxidant in red wine, or any form of other more sophisticated alcohol that promote vegan alcohol or anything like that. It is because at the end of the day, alcohol is a toxin, and it can cause your liver to do extra work to purify, the blood and help get rid of the toxin for you. Even if you are just taking once in a while, it’s still going to cause excess stress for your liver. Alcohol can also have an impact on acne.
  • avoid animal fatNumber three is to avoid animal fat and vegetable oils, especially corn and soy. Basically, these things can clog up your arteries, and causes inflammation and a lot of the time your liver have to work over-time and sometimes doesn’t break down the fat well enough. Therefore, it causes your liver to go overboard and go over exertions. This is definitely something that you must, keep in mind. Instead you can opt for, salmon, avocado, olive oil, raw nuts and many more.
  • supplement intakeLastly, it is the mindful supplement intake. A lot of the time, there are some herbal supplement that actually is a foreign substance in your body, where your liver thinks that it needs to break down or eliminate substance. Therefore, your liver trying to get rid of those toxins or chemicals. Basically, any type of foreign chemicals in your body is going to be a somewhat damage to your liver.

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So, especially when you are cleaning, be more mindful to wear gloves. So, that you are not in direct contact, with any chemicals, to your body as well as try to eliminate your hair dye, hair bleaching, or spray tanning, things like that because a lot of these things might not seem so much a big deal. But, your body does absorbs a small amounts of it and then, your liver you have to work a little bit harder to get rid of all the toxins, eliminate everything that’s not wanted and purify the blood.

2Things to do for a healthy liver

eating organic foods

So besides avoiding things can could damage your liver there are also some things that you can do to help protect and nurture your liver.

  • So, the number one is eating organic foods. So, it can be a little bit difficult for everyone to eat organic all the time,and obviously it does get quite expensive. But, when you can, and if you can go organic then do opt for leafy green vegetable like; brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, and many more. All of these vegetables, contains a component that helps to protect the liver. But, also same time fuels the liver to eliminate toxins and excess hormones. When you actually have organic foods, you are avoiding pesticides, and many things like that, which are foreign chemicals in the body and at the same time they also do have a high value in nutritions. So, there is a tone of vitamin A, C and sulphur, which all a great food for the body and the liver to function at its peak.
  • WaterThe next most important thing, is probably one of the most obvious thing is to a lot of water. So, water not only flush out all the toxins, but it actually contains natural minerals. You can add a little bit of lemon to the water, that actually increases the alkaline level, which also helps to eliminate the toxins in the liver and helps it better to do its job.
  • Last but not least, is something that you might have heard so many times, is to sleep early. So, according to the Chinese meridian clock, approximately from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m., is when your liver is at the highest of the peak activity time. So, in order to allow your liver to do its detoxification or rejuvenation during those times, you allow your body to rest, and when the body is resting, it has enough energy to do what it is supposed to do.

3Pressure points for the liver

Pressure points for the liver

As you might or might not know, that all the body’s pressure point is on the feet. So, the first one to locate it is on the big toe and the second toe on your left foot. The little gap in between the toes is where the pressure point is. You don’t have to use a tone a force and usually if it’s actually painful to push down, that’s exactly the indication of your liver health. You can just press down a massage for three to five minutes. You can feel some slight soreness, but that is just the way to help detox the liver. So, you can use your finger or even your thumb

The second pressure point, according to Chinese medicine, is the lowest point in your body that is on the opposite side of the first pressure point, that is on the back on your feet, on the right side. You just need to massage that point for three to five minutes.

The advice is not to massage two pressure points at the same time. But, can do one after the other. Not only these pressure points help to detoxify the liver, it also helps to purify the kidneys.

Random fact: Did you know that by drinking coffee, you can reduce the chances of liver cancer?

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