5 Reasons Why Coconut Oil Makes For The Best Travel Product


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Coconut Oil Makes For The Best Travel Product

If there is only one thing, that puts a major dent in the glory of travel, exploration and adventure, it is the fact that you have to pack your entire life your beauty regime and your closet all into one suitcase. It also becomes one of the main reason, why we sometimes avoid travelling to adventurous place. So here, are 5 reasons why coconut oil makes for the best travel product, and why we all must pack this gorgeous thing with us everywhere.

1The multi-purpose travel product

The multi-purpose travel product

My point is, as a women we try to carry everything with us, but our kitchen sink, when we are travelling out of fear, that our health and beauty regime would suffer, when we are out on vacation. But, what we have for you today is the one product that replaces almost everything from your toiletries to your skin care products.

So as you know that the product is coconut oil, so let’s move on to the many uses of this magic potion.

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So, the first use of coconut oil, is the fact that it can be used as a lovely moisturizer. Coconut oilis used to lighten the spots, even it is used to treat sunburn or just as a sunscreen. In a vision to that, it also has anti-aging properties. It absorbs very easily into the skin and makes it extremely soft and supple. It can be used everywhere, from your hands to your face to even in your body. But, always be careful with the amount you use on your face, because you are just trying to get your skin moisturizer,and not to look like a greasy human french fries.

3Leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioner

One bottle of this stuff acts as a complete toiletries take over. So, first you can use it as a leave-in conditioner. Just apply a few drops of this to damp, freshly washed hair, but be sure to only apply a few drops because if you overdo it, your freshly washed hair will cease to be freshly washed.

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4Body scrub

Body scrub

Mixing a few drops of this to sugar, make it one hell of a body scrub. Not only is that is, a space saver, but also cost effective.In addition to this, rubbing a little bit onto a cotton swab makes a great makeup removal, because it ensures that your makeup comes out extremely smoothly, without any additional rubbing or scrubbing. So, if you have flown off to a frosty climate for your holiday, usually the deepen temperature almost always causes the sniffers. The greatest thing that you have got your liquid love with you though, because one teaspoon of that into a hot beverage like in either tea or coffee can completely defeat your sore throat.

5Mosquito bites

Mosquito bites

Mosquito bites are always synonymous with travel. Most obviously if you are venturing out on the outdoors, then stomping straight into their refuge. Coconut oil, however, when rubbed onto a mosquito bite flattens it and remove the itch within minutes.

6Massage oil

Massage oil

While travelling, there are many days of hectic roaming, and with all the tiredness you have from all the adventure, can be easily removed by a soothing massage with coconut oil. It can leave you with amazing smell, totally moisturized and even you may feel amazing.

I hope this makes your life a whole lot easier, and if you are looking for the perfect travel buddy, then, you have found him. Coconut oil, has all that you have to do is to remember to take it along with you and allow him to do his job.

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