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Lose Menopause Weight

Woman suffer with some natural and common health issues. They keep taking pain and blood loss during menstruation which is called natural. The scientific and biological reasons behind menstruation make the pain simple for the world.

Having periods is a pain and again it’s pause is also a pain. The menopause phase is more suffering. Women’s health and body changes after menopause. There will be many other changes which make it feel better having periods. The major impact of menopause is weight, hormonal changes and sleeping habits. After menopause, women gain weight as body retain fat easily.

You must keep your healthy diet on, not skip the physical activities to lose weight after menopause. Listening to this, you lose patience, then what about the practice? But you feel better doing this when you see the overall improvement. Isn’t it better to have healthy life with some real efforts?

How to Lose Menopause Weight?

1. Play with your grandchildren


You need a break after struggling in life for this long. And is there any better way than playing with your grandchildren. If you have toddler grandchildren, you can utilize the chance. Have some play time and do some babysitting for few hours. This is the best way to go active physically which results in weight loss. Your grandchildren give you tough time which is a sweet to bear and helps to reduce menopause weight.

2. Have a good sleep time


Poor health is an effect of menopause. Nut try to have good sleep time. Lack of sleep during menopause is an observed cause of weight gain. Disturbance in sleep is an interruption for your metabolism. Hope, you have realized the importance of good sleep with the biological reasons.

Lack sleep can also cause appetite hormones and low energy.

3. Find a way to relieve your stress


You need to find a way to relieve your stress to avoid weight gain during menopause. Stress can cause abdominal fat hormonal fluctuations. Stress also increases the risks of heart diseases at the age.

You can practice yoga and meditation to relieve your stress. Yoga keeps you stable and calm. You can also control anxiety and have a tension free mind with yoga practice. If you have some other interests like music, painting and craftwork, you can get engaged and stay away from stress.

4. Change your lifestyle

Change-your-lifestyleYou need change your lifestyle which benefits you mentally and physically. A healthy lifestyle is needed to control or reduce your weight after menopause. You need to follow an organized routine. Prefer homemade food and you can also cook for yourself.

Diet for Menopause Weight Loss

1. Start following Mediterranean Diet


Mediterranean diet is a proven method to stay away from heart diseases. It is helpful for overall health. But the one of the study proved the diet to have positive results for menopause weight loss.

There are some of the points you need to remember while following Mediterranean diet. Add good amount of veggies to your diet which keeps it healthy and effective. Always have your breakfast for better results. Have sea food 2-3 times a week to focus on protein intake. Eat fresh fruits which are best replacement of desserts. Include good fats into your diet like olive oil, nuts and seeds.

2. Go vegan


If you want to maintain a healthy weight, you must opt vegan diet. Nothing to worry about nutritional diet when you go vegan. You can include diary and eggs into your vegan diet.

Have vegetables, tofu, milk into your daily diet. But make sure that you follow the diet for long term which can give the desired results of weight loss. Vegan diet after menopause also shows other health benefits according to a study.

3. Soluble fiber oriented food


Soluble fiber makes you feel fuller for long time. The fiber oriented food make sure that you have healthy appetite as well. In simple words, soluble fiber is a hunger suppressant. Soluble fiber also promotes digestion.

You have some of the good foods which contains soluble fiber. You can start chewing some flax seeds, sprouts, oatmeal, beans, carrots and apples.

4. Intake limited protein


You definitely need protein for healthy living. But see that you have limited protein. When you are asked to something good, it need not be unlimited which make it unhealthy for you. So, be mindful while you are taking protein oriented food. Beyond your limits of taking protein may change into fat again which results weight gain.

It is better if you can balance you diet with alternate protein intake. This keeps your diet protein oriented and also maintain healthy weight.

5. Calcium Sourced foods


The diet you take must be healthy. Women over 50 must be conscious of choosing their diet. Calcium can prevent you from regaining weight after losing it. That means you can maintain healthy weight and fitness by taking calcium sourced foods.

Moreover, as you are aging, you need calcium to avoid bone risks. Calcium pay a great role for bone health.

6. Make green tea part of your everyday


Green tea is a huge source of antioxidants which prevents weight gain. The caffeine and EGCG in green tea boosts the metabolism rates. It helps in reducing fat that is common during menopause. It also decreases the risk of bone fractures in menopausal women.

7. Control Your Sugar Intakes


We generally restrict elderly people not to have too much sugar. Sugar effects in different ways and it is different for women when related to menopausal symptoms.

Irregular sugar levels can effect in weight gain which is observed in a study. Women over 40, mostly go into menopause phase and they to take care of sugar intake. You must stop reducing desserts and sugar filled foods. Instead have fruits and nuts for during snacks time.

Exercises During Menopause


As you have hormonal changes which lead to weight gain can be reduced with physical activities. Exercises and workout sessions can help you maintain healthy weight. There are simple ways to reduce weight which caused due to menopause.

Prefer sitting instead of standing whenever you can. You can burn calories while you are standing. Try some new activities which are equal to exercising.

You know causes and symptoms and you were waiting for is solutions. Now, you must delay the practice of weight loss due to menopause. These are ways that you keep trying to do and kept delaying since years. Now it is high time where you cannot drop your health after your menopause. Menopause is a natural and do not develop the fear as it is a diagnosis. The above ways make it simple for you to lose menopause weight. Go healthy with easy ways!