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No matter how much you prepare for your wedding day, things don’t always flow in a proper direction. There are always issues concerning one thing or the other. Your decorators are stuck in traffic or your party poppers have not arrived. Someone lost the guest list and someone sure complains about the crowd. Some unexpected weather conditions may stress your brains out. It is either too cold or too sweaty, it is either raining or there is a storm that broke out. Too many things happening at once and you don’t know if everything will fall in the right place. It is quite difficult when you are forced to put your gut and believe someone else for your wedding. So, to have a stress free wedding, we have come up with a few tips that can help the to-be-brides from blind siding potential problems.

Tips To Have A Stress-Free Wedding

1Always have a planned budget

planned budget

There are a lot of expenses that arise when it comes to budget during a wedding. The main issue will start when you have more than one expense at a time. You are expected to pay the caterer, florist, arrange guests and do a lot more. You need to have a budget in mind for all this.

If by chance, there are more guests than expected, then you should have to come up with a way to carry out your budget. Arranging extra tables for them and ask for extra food facilities would add in the list. So, have a backup – plan B. It is easier to expect more than what you planned. So, if the budget goes beyond your expectation, you needn’t have to be worried or tensed. Simply plan everything ahead!

2Prepare your itinerary ahead of time

itinerary ahead of time

Prepare an itinerary that is realistic and one that has room for errors. Take help from your maid of honor and bridesmaids and get this done on an immediate basis. You might want to consider preparing the itinerary way ahead of time to avoid last minute confusions. Have a list prepared and circulate it to the people around you. Give it to the groom’s side during the rehearsal dinner, so all of you can be on the same page when it comes to doing what you are expected to do.

3Pick out your wedding dress

wedding dress

Make sure that you have picked out your wedding dress way before your wedding day. There have been times when brides have grown fat or thin before the wedding. So, try to always have a trial day , 2 days ahead to get the alterations done if needed. You should consider keeping the dress out of the wedding bag, so the dress can breath and settle.

4Break in your wedding shoes

wedding shoes

Most brides would not be able to withstand the pointed heels for a long time. You should consider freezing the soul of the shoes over night, so it doesn’t hurt your feet. Or you could also try and wear a thick sock on your feet so it stays intact and doesn’t hurt much. It is better off if you can actually carry another pair of shoes with you for the outer shoots. Remove them and change to normal ones after your first dance.

5Delegate your work wisely


Delegate Delegate Delegate! This is an essential part of your wedding. You need to make sure that your work is delegated properly amongst the people. You wouldn’t be able to do everything by yourself. So, always seek help from reliable people at most immediate situations. You may want to consider having someone by your side when you are getting dressed, so that they help you get a second opinion on your makeup and other things. Also, delegate a person who you can believe in with traveling from the wedding hall to pick up guests from the airport. Delegating is a huge work by itself, so do it perfectly, so you can sit back and relax in your bridal gown.

6Direct everyone to one person

Direct everyone

This could mostly be your maid of honor or your sister. She will be the go-to-person for everything around you. She should be aware of the wedding as much as you are and should be responsible in conducting the required wants immediately. She can help your photographer identify missing family members and take pictures of people who are important in the wedding. Hand over your cell phone to her. If you get any calls regarding your wedding, she can handle it for you and direct the others accordingly. You need to establish this to others way ahead of time. Tell them that she will be your representative and take care of everything that is asked for. This can remove the burden off you. Remember, if you do not establish this in person to everyone, you will become the help desk on the day and confuse yourself with everything.

7Take good care of yourself

Take good care

Try to not eat anything outside a week prior to your wedding. You do not want to come up with fever or allergy. So always, take good care of your health and make sure you stay fresh. Eat lots of good food and keep your stomach free from problems. Get away from the hustle and bustle of preparations. Go for a run, take a yoga class, read a book or some other interesting activity. Taking good care comes as your priority

8Make your payments before they are due

payments before

Remember, you do not want to be burdened by looking for your checkbook on the day of your wedding. So, always try and pay off your dues before you get bombarded by your vendors. Take initiatives to put a separate envelope for each vendor with a little tip and a thank you note and delegate it to someone. You might be extremely busy with greeting people. So as long as you are giving the responsibility to a trusted person, you can relax about paying the vendors. But make sure they are tipped. If not for them, your marriage wouldn’t have been as wonderful as it turned out to.

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-Pavithra Ravi

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