Things to know before nose piercing


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before getting a nose piercing

It is today’s trend to get a nose piercing. Nose piercings are a great way to show individuality. It can be very trendy and fashionable with any kind of apparel. Piercing is not itself enough. You have to properly take care of it. It has health related concept, which you have to take care of it till it is properly healed. There are many things you should know before getting a nose piercing and be sure to ask your piercer, any question if you have any doubt in it. Here are few things that you should know before getting a nose piercing done.

Tips to Know Before Nose Piercing

1Less hurting

Less hurting

Well, it hurts, but less. Nose piercing seems painful, but it can be very less or no pain at all sometimes. You might feel like a twinge and pinch, but also can’t be that very bad. It is right in front of your face so a you might not want to look in it. Sometimes, it can even pain after the piercing is done.

2Choose your ring

Choose your ring

There are many types and kinds of rings available in the market. Know about which metal suits you the most and use a ring made in that. It may help you in causing less infection.

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3Problems during cold

Problems during cold

You might face a lot of problems when you pierce for the first time and you catch cold. You can catch cold from time to time. Try to keep every area clean from the mucus and crust. It can also cause infection and bacteria, if not cleaned properly. Try avoid using nasal spray.

4Removing the ring without closing

Removing the ring without closing

You must leave your ring in the nose when you pierce. It will heal in itself. Otherwise, it will close the piercing in less than 24 hours. After one year, you can leave your ring, but not for too long otherwise it can close immediately.



When you will pierce you nose for the first time – remember to clean it every day. Ask your piercer on how to manage the nose piercing or how to keep it away from bacteria and infection.

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6Infections and problems

Infections and problems

When you will do the nose piercing for the first time, there are many chances of catching infection, which can lead to pain, tenderness and swelling. It can cause from minor irritation due to improper aftercare or inappropriate metal rings. If anything serious happens like if you get a fever or fluids comes out from the piercing try to immediately see a physician. Do not try to remove your ring or stud otherwise the infection can get trapped.

7Research piercer

Research piercer

Before piercing try to research about nose piercing within your colleague or friends and know more about taking care of it. After you are satisfied with the result, search for a quality piercer and make sure he follow the proper piercing method. Make sure the shop is clean and sanitized.

8Care for three months

Care for three months

Yes, after the piercing is taken care of it for at least three months or more. When your nose is pierced it becomes very fragile and you have to properly take care of it. Otherwise, it can cause problems for you. Like washing it twice a day with saline solution, etc. Not playing with it continuously, no scratching or itching, etc. You have to wash your hands before touching it.

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