How to Start a Womens Clothing Boutique


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Womens Clothing Boutique

Nowadays every woman has become independent. It can be either in personal life or professional. We get to hear stories of many successful women who have reached the milestone of their life by creating a new vision. Not only men but nowadays even women have become entrepreneurs. In this fast developing and growing world, even womens fashion changes from time to time. When starting a womens clothing boutique, you need to think of a concept of what you want to do. You need to spend a lot of time thinking about the vision what you want to evoke in your potential customers. You have to question yourself how qualified you are to open up a retail boutique. Opening a boutique needs a huge investment. So, here is a proper guide on how you can start a womens clothing boutique.

Start Womens Clothing Boutique

1Business Plan

Business Plan

Now, once you have done all your research you have to prepare a business plan. A business plan is basically a written document where you note down in detail what business you want to do, what all you need to start your boutique. You also have to note down your budget. You have to make sure you know the ins and outs what is going to take to start your business. What equipment you need, the merchandise, your inventory, etc. You need to have a plan and a target to hit. You have to also think whether starting a business is profitable or not.

2Business Structure

Business Structure

You have to decide on how you want to start your business. It can be either as a sole proprietorship or by the partnership. A sole proprietorship is recommended because it is the easiest and least expensive business structure. Other common business structures are corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) which have certain built-in liability security.



Always select a location where there is a crowd. Select a location that has shops and restaurants because it will attract multiple people. You can choose a location where there are clothing boutiques already. You can also start you boutique inside a mall if you have the good amount of budget.



Once you have decided on what you want to sell, decide a unique name for your boutique. Remember, the name should be easy to pronounce. You can select a name that reflects the level of service or a style of women’s clothing you offer.



Now, when starting a women’s clothing boutique you have to make sure you have proper thought of what you want to sell. It can be either branded clothes or children’s clothes or designer wear, etc. If you are a fashion designer and you want to sell your designer clothes you can do that. You have to remember that all the products are only for woman. Apart from clothing if you want to sell some accessories like bags, jewellery you can sell that.



Before you start selling, you have to get all necessary documents. For that, you have to register your boutique and get a license. To get the license you should have PAN number and TAN number. You also have to do a VAT registration, shop lease registration, Trademark registration and service tax.

7Bank Account

Bank Account

After you have got all necessary documents, submit them to the bank. Get an application for a merchant account. Credit cards help to increase your sales.



If you want to sell either branded clothes or normal daily wear you have to find a proper supplier who will give you a wholesale discount. You can tie up with wholesalers, fashion warehouses, local designers for your products. You also have to look into the cost as yours is a start-up and you have fixed budget.



Before you start selling, you have to search in your city for other boutiques for the ladies. Talk to them and find out their pricing. What are they selling and at what price? You have to make sure to offer something different from your competitors, it can be either in price, selection, accessories or service.

10Boutique Furnishing

Boutique Furnishing

For displaying your products and start your boutique you need things like fixtures, tables, chairs, counters, in-store signage, hangers, mannequins to complete your store. By using all these you can sell your products in your boutique.

11Hire Staff

Hire Staff

Now you cannot all alone sell your product. You cannot manage two customers at one time. You need sales people to help you sell your product. So, you can advertise in the newspaper for hiring staff. Hire people who have sales experience and are good in convincing customers.



After your boutique is ready, you want the public to know about your boutique. So, you have to do marketing in social media, posters, advertisements, so that people get to know about your women’s clothing boutique. You can also create a website, a mobile app or facebook page for attracting more customers.

These steps will surely help you to kick start your womens clothing business.