4 types of Denim clothing you should own


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Denim Clothing

From the time denim was invented, people have been going gaga about the entire thing. It is now you turn to feel good in denims because they are comfortable, amazingly easy to wear and very flexible too. The best thing about a denim wear is that it not only makes you look classy, but also makes you feel classy and elegant. All you need to do is to know the right kind of clothes and you are set. Denim is a go-to dress which means that you can wear it anytime and anywhere and all you have to do is to just pick the right kind of clothes.

Denim is definitely a classic choice and it would be the best during this season. So, we are going to list down 4 types of denim clothing that you could choose, pick and wear this new year. Though denim clothing could get hard to be paired with, you can definitely try to pair it with the right kind of accessories. So, here are some types of denim clothing styles we picked up just for you, this season!

Different Types of Denim Clothing You Can Wear on Different Occasions

1Denim Jeans

Denim Jeans

There isn’t one woman who is fashionably conscious who doesn’t own a denim jean, right? It is very important that you have at least one pair of these gorgeous creation made by man because, lets face it, it is super damn comfortable and you feel good in them. It is just important that you find the right fit, the right size and the right design for you. If that is done, then the rest is pretty easy! You can apir your rugged denim jeans with a cute top and accessories that match. Go for a stylish look! It is better if you can match a pearl set and look elegant. A studded black top, matching ear ring, head band and perfectly fitted shoes will do the magic. You can also look super casual by wearing a off shoulder white loose top and a hoopla shoes that will make you feel comfortable and normal. Nothing completes the look without a perfect fitting jean, right?

2Denim shorts

Denim shorts

What is more comfortable on a summery evening to the beach than a perfect denim shorts? Denim shorts come in different designs and looks. So, just catch hold of the cool printed ones and wear a stylish t shirt to pair up your look. You can either go for plain shorts and printed tops or do the opposite to create a perfect cool look. Just wear the shorts and slip on some flats or shoes that are casual enough, and you will make the perfect feel and look for the beach. You will not only look comfortable, but will carry out stylish attire too.

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3Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket

Denim Jackets are the ‘it’ thing in the market now. Not many women like to wear it because of its rugged look and its weird styling, but think of a perfect place to wear it for. Denim jackets of course cant be worn for a ethnic party or a date, but you can wear them when you are heading to a party or when you are planning on meeting your friends. The weird look is what makes denim jacket look more precious and super. Make a casual appearance with a white top, a denim jacket, a simple shoulder/sling bag and a flat sandal and rock the floor lady. Denim jackets are also super comfortable and help you from freezing in the winter season. That is another added advantage of denim jackets. So, if you are looking for a stylish evening, then denim jackets are your calling!

4Denim dress

Denim dress

Well, not many call pull this off super well. But, if you are in for some experiment and you want to just go with the flow, then go ahead and experiment before it gets late! A denim dress needs you to be perfectly accessorized because as you all know it is a monochrome colored dress. So, you cannot wear weird colored sandals and accessories to go with it. You have to be extremely careful on what you want to wear with the dress. Of course a beautiful and simple silver stilettos, a silver head band and a silver chain-ear ring duo will go really well because it will make a simple statement. If you want to make it very casual, then go for boot shoes and a belt to add to the clothing. That way you won’t look very dull. If I wear you, I would avoid a denim dress for a date, but otherwise, anywhere else is a good choice!

Denim clothing is really picky and choosy and selective, but once you get the hang of it, you will love dressing yourself in denim clothes because they make you look stylish and chic, all at once!

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-Pavithra Ravi

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