5 Gossip girl inspired outfits for women


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Gossip girl

Gossip girl has been the it shows for so many years now and finally come to an end. Though the show had a few storyline issues and predictable turnings, it was one of the most popular series that covered the fun, gala and problems of the upper east side. Well, not to forget the fact that every character in the series had their own fashion statement that hit the perfect cord in the fashion arena. We are going to talk about some of the costumes from gossip girl and outfits worn by the lead characters in the series, mainly women only.

All of them had their own style, their way of carrying it and one of the best chick flicks of all times. Well, it can be said that gossip girl had out rated even sex and the city when it came to fashion and fashionable sense of style. It was one of the most influential TV series and made a big hit in the 2000s. Well, so we are going to see the fashion style of Serena, Blair, Lily, jenny and of course even Vennesa since they were the fashion icons and eye of the entire series. Here are some of gossip girl’s inspired outfits for every woman.

Inspired Clothes by Gossip Girl Team for Every Woman

1Blaire Waldorf – The Queen B

Blaire Waldorf – The Queen B

The show had the character called ‘Blair Waldorf’ who portrayed the character as one of the upper east side’s most fashionable, respected girls and a stubborn adamant girl who wants what she wants only. Her fashion sense in the series was totally impeccable as she was always dressed in what is called her success.  She has a very signature look like wearing a headband and elegant dresses. She likes to take control and charge of the situation and acts like the queen. Plus, she was quite literally the princess/queen of the show.  She likes to wear dresses mostly that are a mix of peplum in dark red and a bad that had python prints on it. She always believes in wearing elegant jewelry too, so most of her jewelry was limited and never over done!

2Serene Vandar Woodson – The ‘it’ girl

Serene Vandar Woodson – The ‘it’ girl

Serena is the main character in the series and she was the it girl in the city. She loves the city and likes to paint the town red with her perky dressing sense. She tries to mellow down sometimes with gentle colors with fedora that gives her a French touch to her style. She is one of the very few actors who proved that wearing loose pants and crazy junky tops can still look chic and amazingly fashionable on a Tv show. Serena’s character was a very cool and nice natured girl who loves herself and her fashion sense. So, there has not been one time that she doesn’t look good. She is a lover of the color pink and black, so her clothes were more towards those shades.

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3Lily Humphree – The mother of fashion

Lily Humphree – The mother of fashion

She is one of the best dressed women in the entire series. Although she wasn’t given the best of the mother’s role, she was the best in her dressing sense and fashion. This character is all about success and royalty and so was her dressing. She carries herself in very rare colors and likes to wear mostly grey and neutrals. Big jewelry and elegant clothing is her style and she carries that off really well. She is famous for her oversized jewelry and elegant style of clothes.

4Jenny Humphree – The Little J

Jenny Humphree – The Little J

When the character Little J was formed she was portrayed as the goodie good girl who doesn’t know anything much about the upper east side except for the fact that there is abundance fashion on its way. But, once she joined the queen B club, she learnt all the tricks and turns of the upper east side and started becoming the punk of the gang who was basically from the Brooklyn side. However, Jenny has been always in fashionable clothes with the limited clothing and appearance she made in the entire series. She was more like a fashion rebel who works as an intern in one of the fashion stores and becomes the talk of town for her fashion collection. Little J is mostly seen wearing long overcoats and legging pants. While most girls followed a set of dress code, Little J who was not so little later, taught us that breaking the rules once in a while is totally acceptable, that too when it comes to fashion and styling.

5Vanessa Abrams – The casual friend

Vanessa Abrams

Vanessa was one character that most people could relate to considering the fact that she was very normal, casually dressed and never cared what came her way. She was dressed in not so elite dresses that were colorful and geometric prints. She was more like a yolo person amongst the other ladies. She never gelled into the upper east side though she dated Nate in the series. So, her clothing was never strictly elegant. It was more fun, flowery, colorful and showed her artistic side to fashion. She made sure that she wore stuff like boyfriend shorts, apartment pants, neon heels, summer tops, big and long earrings and everyday bag. That is what made Vanessa stand out from the crowd that was full of elegant fashion when she was more a street fashion artist.

Gossip girl has taught all of us to learn more about the way each character wears and dresses up. The best part though was always about how they carried themselves in an elite and beautiful manner. Every woman should at least once in life try all these kinds of fashionable clothes from Gossip girl to make herself proud and happy.

-Pavithra Ravi