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big eyes

The first and the most effective feature of your face is your eyes. It doesn’t matter if you are short, dark, tall or stout, if you have a beautiful big eyes, you almost have everyone’s attention. Who doesn’t wish to have big and beautiful eyes? Why is big eyes always a synonym to the adjective beautiful? Well, maybe because girls with big eyes do have a lot of advantages attached to their feature. A lot of women don’t have big, beautiful and bold eyes, but those who do, have a specialty that can attract people around them. Now, let me quickly give you a rundown on the various upsides of having big eyes. This article is definitely dedicated to all those wonderful big eyed girls.

Top upsides of having big eyes



Let’s not forget that big eyed girls are very expressive and especially when they start to roll their eyes. Isn’t it just cute looking at them being expressive with their big eyes? Well, one of girl’s best feature is definitely her eyes. There can’t be even one person who can miss those cute eye expressions. This is definitely an advantage to them as they can express anything with just their eyes. If you have a big eyes, you can also eye talk.

Yes, there is something called eye talk where you get to talk to your partner or your friends with just your eyes. Think about it, in so many situations, you will not have to open your mouth. Your eyes can do all the job you want it to do. Fun, isn’t it?



People generally believe that girls with bigger eyes have a dominant advantage in things they do. Yes, if you have big eyes, you can actually use them to get your work done. If you get angry, automatically your eyes are going to bulge out and you are going to look fierce as a tigress. Trust me, I have big eyes and I have noticed this happen before.

People in fact, start to respect you if you start staring at them with your big eyes. The big advantage is that you can get your stuff done easily by just looking at them. It is wicked, but that is a wicked advantage of having a big eyes.

3Eye makeup

Eye makeup

You will have room to get a beautiful eye makeup done. In fact it is sad that small eyed girls cant get a lot of eye make up done, because one, they don’t have too much space on top of their eyes and two is that, since their eyes are smaller, you cant explore and create much. But, when a big eyed girl wants to do eye makeup, it will not only look beautiful, but also the makeup can be creative.

Smokey eyes, eye shadows and eye liner can do everything to make you look pretty. Since your eyes are already big, the liner and the kajal will only make it look bigger and damn pretty.

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4No make, no problem

No make, no problem

On the contrary to the popular belief, that big eyes need makeup, even if you have no eye makeup on, your eyes will look amazing. Whereas, with small eyes, the problem can occur where people may think that they are either sad or crying because of no makeup. But, that will not happen with you.

You can easily just go out on the road without any eye make up and still be called beautiful for your natural big eyes. So, embrace your eyes if you have a big one.



The best thing about a big eyes is that even if you are wearing a thick glass, it would not come in the way of your eye at all. Since you have big eyes, even a specs can be an easy wear. The specs will never make your eyes smaller. Plus, the bigger eye lids will cover up for the specs. So, you don’t have to worry about wearing a specs at all.

6eyes shine

eyes shine

No matter what you do, whether you are laughing, crying, smiling, blushing, or even if you are angry, the edge is that your eyes will shine. This is the mere truth and no one can deny that. There will be a sparkle all the time in your eyes and you will totally blow people’s mind with that amazing look of yours. Keep that shine all the time!

7You attract people

You attract people

This is a very obvious advantage , yet let me run your down about it. Yes, you will easily attract men and even women for that matter. You have no idea how many women have told me that I have sparkling and beautiful eyes. So striking a pose or talking to a guy will never be a problem for you because you have your eyes to do all the work for you. It keeps the magic on and going!

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-Pavithra Ravi

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