7 Ways to Save Money While Traveling In Japan


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Save Money While Traveling In Japan

If you are a traveler and haven’t been there yet, then just leave everything and immediately visit this wonderful place. But, wait before you go to Japan, let me tell you that Japan is quite a bit more costly. No matter, if you have enough money in the bank or your card, it is easy if you travel through some of these mentioned process, which can really help you in not only enjoying the country’s scenic beauty but also have some money left in your pocket. No matter where ever you go New Year and summer vacations are always the busiest. So, there are many Japanese tactics, which you can employ to get the most out from your Yen. Here, are 7 ways to Save Money While Traveling in Japan, so that you can travel without much money tension.

Ways To Save Money While Traveling In Japan

1Japan rail pass

Japan rail pass

Money Saving Tip-1: If you are planning to travel to multiple cities, then Japan Rail Pass is quite a very good deal. It can make your money spent worthwhile. Also, if you are only planning to travel to only one city,then there is no use in getting a rail pass. Japan railways offer quite a variety of discounted tickets and passes, which they often referred as “Toku Kippu”. It is a very cheap way to travel by local trains in Japan. You can also buy this pass before you visit Japan. So, plan ahead. There are also many regional passes for limited regions. “Seishun 18 pass” is one of such pass.

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2Travelling local trains and buses

Travelling local trains and buses

Money Saving Tip-2:Sure, when you visit Japan the real excitement is to get on a bullet train. But, there is no hurry because there are many other travel options, which also includes local trains and buses. In fact, buses are considerably cheaper, where you can meet number of Japanese as well as budget travelers. Also try to consider overnight buses, which can save a night on a lodging and give a different view on Japan and save on accommodations.

3Traveling off-season

Traveling off-season

Money Saving Tip-3: Yes, traveling in the off-season is a really good way to save more money. Also, remember to avoid the golden week; that is,in late April to the first week of May. Instead try to go for winter season. During this time, the tourist hordes of the popular sites are very less or sometimes even non-existent. If you are thinking of going to the mountains or Hokkaido, then it is nothing less than winter in Germany or even Minnesota.

You can even try traveling during the rainy season in Japan; that is during the month of June and July. In Japan rainy season doesn’t always mean constant downpour, and while in the humid climate, there is pretty much nothing than a post-downpour Japanese garden.

4Eat where the Japanese eat

Eat where the Japanese eat

Money Saving Tip-4: Normally Japanese people eat out most of the time. So, they mostly do that in many budget eateries, that are located everywhere in Japan. The most common things they eat are soba, ramen, or gyudon (Beef Bowls) at very low prices. Many food courts in the department store buildings are also pretty good deals, with lots of varieties to choose from and also can meet many locals. You can even go to convenience stores or “Kon Bini”, famous for inexpensive not so junk food dishes, bento, and salads.

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5Buy prepared foods

Buy prepared foods

Money Saving Tip-5: Most of the prepared foods in Japan supermarkets and farmers markets are fresh and delicious, as well as quick. Japanese people,love to do picnics, and also there are many wonderful and beautiful spots where you can eat, especially in smaller cities like Kyoto. Just like this, vending machines surprisingly offer good food at much reasonable prices.

6Dine earlier

Dine earlier

Money Saving Tip-6: Dinners are priced much higher than the lunches in Japan. A pretty big lunch and much lighter dinner also make sense for your body, because the food is more needed for walking around than sleeping. The prices in the lunch are always considerably lower, but the same thing in the dining is quite expensive.

7Stay in guest houses

Stay in guest houses

Money Saving Tip-7: Some people do not like to share sleeping space. So, Japanese people have raised this notion of the dormitory to an art. Other places might seem to be cramped as well as institutional, but many hostelries are quite comfortable and beautiful. They have mostly renovated old houses or even monasteries.

Well, these are some of the few tips on saving money while traveling in Japan. So, pack your bags and go get a lifetime experience on serenity.

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