Top 15 amazing Benefits of Vajrasana


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Top 15 amazing Benefits of Vajrasana

Vajrasana is a kind of Yoga which involves kneeling. Vajrasana comes from two words vajra which means diamond or thunderbolt and asana means seat. It is also known as diamond pose, pelvic pose, kneeling pose, adamantine pose, thunderbolt pose. It is a pose which forms the base of many other asanas. Check yoga and pranayama for glowing skin

What is vajrasana:

Vajrasana is a meditative, steady and challenging pose for beginners. Vajrasana stimulates the vajra nadi which facilitates digestion. It helps in getting relief fro sciatica, nerve issues and indigestion. When you sit in vajrasana you obstruct blood flow to the lower part of your body, thighs and legs. This in turn increases blood flow to your pelvic area and stomach. It aids liver, digestion and bowel functions as well

Preparing for vajrasana:

Vajrasana is the only asana which can be done on full tummy. It must be done soon after meals. Do not proceed in case of knee injury or fracture. Try to get a clean space or open space for doing this asana. It is ideal to practice long meditation. Vajrasana benefits can be doubled with above preparation

How to do Vajrasana:

How to do VajrasanaVajrasana is simple to get into but challenging to stay put. To sustain the vajrasana pose for long require a lot of practice and flexibility. Vajrasana is the only pose which can be done on an empty stomach. How to proceed in vajrasana; follow the steps below:

  1. Sit on your knees
  2. Maintain a straight posture
  3. Keep the feet resting flat on the ground with soles turned upwards supporting glutes
  4. Place your hand on your knees and focus on breathing
  5. Hold the pose for 30 seconds
  6. You may keep on increasing the time you can hold the pose, even until 20 minutes

Vajrasana for the sleeping position or supta vajrasana

sleeping position or supta vajrasana– Place left and right elbow on the floor
– Bend back side of your body and slowly place it on the floor along with your head
– Make the knee joints nearer to each other
– Fold the hands and put them under the shoulder
– Make the hand keep the head in position
– Breath deeper

Few Points need to be aware before doing vajrasana:

  1. Do not panic as pain and stretch is common for beginners
  2. Massage the area of pain and it will get better soon
  3. Time for this asana is 5-20 minutes but do not stretch to 20 minutes at first.
  4. It is recommended twice a day post meal or even before meals
  5. Don’t proceed under injury or pain
  6. Take expert guidance when proceeding first

Benefits of vajrasana:

Benefits of vajrasanaThere are ample vajrasana benefits .And the amazing ones from this long duration meditation pose are ample. It is great for liver, uterus, stomach and other internal organs. It improves digestion and helps prevent constipation. It strengthens lower back and gives quadriceps a nice stretch. Some important benefits of vajrasana include:

1- Vajrasana improves the spine:

Vajrasana strengthens the spine and acts as a vaccine against any problems that may occur. The spine is arched backwards in this pose it thus removes hunch and makes the spine become flexible and elastic with regular exercise of this asana

2- Vajrasana reduces flatulence:

It is one of the most beneficial pose for gas problems in belly. If performed immediately after meals it helps the best. It also aids digestion because this is stimulating and a beneficial influence on the kanda which is an important point in our body. Proper functioning of kanda is essential for digestion and bowel movement.

3- Vajrasana also enhances sexual performance:

Vajrasana improves both sexual appetite and sexual performance. It also helps curing erectile dysfunctions in men. It strengthens the sexual organs of the body. It stimulated thighs, hips and calf muscles which are important for intercourse. Check Brazilian butt lift workout here

4- Vajrasana relaxes mind and body:

Vajrasana induces a meditative state as it involves deep, slow and rhythmic breathing. It calms, rejuvenates and refreshes the body. The only stretch is around leg joints thus the person is more relaxed and calm

5- Vajrasana helps in digestion and bowel activity:

Vajrasana can be done soon after meals thus it makes sure the process of digestion goes well. In vajrasana the muscles in both our thighs will hare weight thus blood circulation the legs gets reduced. This results in greater proportion of blood to reach stomach and digestive tract. This aids digestion. Check belly fat burning exercises here

6- Vajrasana prevents a lot of diseases related to digestion:

Since vajrasana promotes digestion it prevents acidity, gas, diarrhea, gas and constipation problems. It also prevents stomach flu and other infections in the belly and intestinal tract

7- Vajrasana relieves from lower back problems and arthritis:

Vajrasana is great for people with sciatica, lower back pain and arthritis. The position it pits our body into makes it ideal to prevent and cure these painful conditions

8- Vajrasana improves blood flow:

Vajrasana brings a smoother and well distributed blood flow which heals the body organs. This will also benefit the muscles and nerves present in the body. This improves the total body functioning

9- Vajrasana helps in weight loss:

Vajrasana helps in body toning and weight loss, specially belly flattening. Amazing count of calories is burnt when performing this asana for full 15 minutes each twice a day. It also helps in obesity problems of vericose veins and joint pains.

Vajrasana helps in weight loss10- Vajrasana helps in healing a number of diseases:

Diseases like arthritis, vericose veins, joint pains, sciatica, inflammatory bowel disease, gout, diabetes, slip disc. It also strengthens and improves functioning of immune system.

11- Vajrasana enhances effectiveness of breathing exercises:

Meditation and breathing during vajrasana helps in gaining more control. Everyone meditating uses this pose for enhanced breathing effectiveness.

12- Vajrasana reduces nervousness and mental instability. It also calms our mind.

13- Vajrasana helps in purifying blood effectively

14- Vajrasana helps in treating fibromyalgia of legs, toes and knees

15- Vajrasana strengthens muscles and nerves of our body

benefits of vajrasanaThe above compilation on Top 15 amazing benefits of vajrasana is just to help you gain awareness about the wonderful pose. These are just suggestive and do not have any medicinal linkages. Before proceeding you must consult your healthcare provider. Also do not over stretch and be sure to take proper guidance as a beginner.

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