Natural Castor Oil For Eyebrows Maintenance


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Castor Oil For Eyebrows

Nowadays, thick eyebrows are considered trendier than ever. By looking at any of the celebrities, you can see that most of them are having dark and deep eyebrows set. Growing a thicker eyebrows can also sometimes be trickier, especially for the people who do suffer from all the rapid brow loss. It can be hard and also need tremendous amount of patience to achieve that successful growth of the eyebrows.

One of the problem that is associated with the women is its difficulty in regrowing the eyebrow after they have waxed or shaved off. One of the most effective solution to regrow eyebrows is by applying a natural oil like the Castor oil. They are believed to have the ability to thicken up the eyebrows as well as provide a nice well groomed appearance.

Castor Oil For Eyebrows

Most women, love to have perfectly shaped eyebrows. But often some of you may have small or even sparse shaped eyebrows. Well, then worry not, as Castor oil is very rich in ricinoleic acid and vitamin e, that is considered as one of the most effective fatty acids which can work and help to promote the hair growth. The acid mostly works to nourish the hair follicles and stimulate the eyebrow growth. Since it is very thick, it do not spread around after the application or even use.

This oil has an unique ability to completely penetrate deep into the skin and reaches inside the hair follicles. Castor oil can also work as an amazing nourishment for the hair root as well as pores which are responsible for the regrowth of eyebrows.

What Is Castor Oil?

What Is Castor OilCastor oil is basically a vegetable oil, which is obtained by pressing of the seeds of castor oil plant. The name “castor oil”, most probably comes from the use as a replacement for a castoreum, a perfume base that is made from dried perineal glands of beaver. Castor oil is basically a colorless, to a very pale yellow liquid which have a distinct taste as well as odor, once it is ingested for the first time. It is also known as triglyceride to which approximately 90 percent nutrients are fatty acid chains called as ricinoleates. Other significant components are oleate and linoleates.

Castor oil is used in the manufacturing of lubricants, soaps, hydraulic as well as brake fluids, dyes, paints, coatings, cold resistant plastics, inks, waxes and polishes, pharmaceuticals, nylon and perfumes.

Why Castor Oil Is Used For Eyebrows?

Castor oil is believed to have many number of benefits that is especially for the hair as well as skin. The presence of abundant fatty acid content can make it a perfect material that is capable on triggering hair growth. One of the best thing about the castor oil, is that it have a very high penetrative power that can help it to act deep from skin and facilitate the hair growth. Moreover, they are also cheap and an amazing natural alternative for preserving the hair.

Mostly Castor oil work in two ways:

a. By preventing eyebrow hair loss.
b. By aiding growth of more hair in the eyebrows.

Undoubtedly, Castor oil is considered as one of the best natural treatment that is available for both the eyelashes as well as eyebrows. Anyone can achieve beautiful eye lashes as well as deep set of eyebrows very easily by using this product. They are also assumed to have great amount of uses in both medicinally as well as therapeutically, when used topically or even internally.

There is two main variants of castor oil:

a. Regular or Cold pressed Castor oil
b. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Jamaican black castor oil is a very dark colored oil that is manufactured by first roasting the beans. Dark castor oil also obtains the color from its ash of castor beans that is being roasted. This ash can create impurities from inside the oil, thus creating a mix of ash as well as oil. Just like the regular castor oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil is very rich in phytochemicals and have fatty acids that make them much more effective in treating both of the hair as well as skin related issues.

The differencebetween a Jamaican Black Castor Oil and a regular castor oil is that of the processing and color. In all the other respects they have same properties. If you are looking for purity, then you might opt for an organic or colorless castor oil.

Regular or Cold pressed Castor oil

Cold pressed castor oil is extracted from the castor bean seeds. Castor beans are nutrient-rich oil, that make up 50 to 60 percent of the weight. When proper pressure is being applied on the beans, they release the oil and all of its nutrients, minerals as well as essential fatty acids. Not much heat is being required to extract its oil. By just simply pressing the beans can provide a wonderfully luxurious oil, that is packed and is full of nutrients.

If you are interested in using castor oil in the dietary supplement, then cold pressed castor oil is among the number one choice. This type is considered to be one of the ‘food grade’ quality, and you might be assured of a 100 percent pure products.

How to apply Castor oil For thick eyebrows ?

Here are some ways to apply castor oil for thick eyebrows overnight, and get one of the most beautiful eyebrows:

1. Castor Oil

Castor OilIngredients:

a. Castor oil


a. First properly wash the face and clean off all the dirt as well as dead skin off the face and eyebrows.
b. Then take the brush and dab it clean until the eyebrows are completely dry.
c. Now take some oil on the finger tips, gently apply them in the direction of the eyebrow’s hair growth. If you do not want to use the fingers to apply the castor oil, then you can use the ear buds instead.
d. Try to gently massage them until you are feeling that the castor oil is properly applied and is being absorbed
e. Leave the oil overnight.

2. DIY Powerful Eyebrow Growth Serum

DIY Powerful Eyebrow Growth SerumIngredients:

a. Liquid coconut oil
b. Castor oil or Jamaican Black castor oil
c. Cedarwood essential oil
d. Rosemary essential oil
e. Lavender essential oil
f. Two empty mascara bottles


a. Get the mascara bottles and fill them in half with castor oil.
b. After this, add at least one drop of rosemary oil, lavender oil as well as cedarwood oil.
c. Now fill up all the tube up with the liquid coconut oil, leaving spaces at the top.
d. Then close the bottles and gently shake them to mix up everything.
e. Gently brush the eyebrows with mascara wand. Just one coat is enough otherwise the serum seep into the eyes.

3. castor oil and glycerin

castor oil and glycerinIngredients :

a. Castor oil
b. Cotton swab or Clean eyeliner brush
c. Towel
d. Glycerin


a. Clean your face by washing it with warm water properly. Be sure that you even wash your eyebrows too. Then gently drying it using towel.
b. Now take a cotton swab or the eyeliner brush and then dip it in the castor oil.
c. Be sure to let go off any kind of excess back in the sink. In case if you do not have the cotton swab, you can also use thick cotton cloth.
d. Then apply it directly on the eyebrows.
e. With the dry end of Cotton swab, get rid of any kind of excess oil that may be present around your eyebrows.
f. You can also use glycerin on each of the eyebrows to improve effectiveness of the castor oil.
g. Leave it overnight.
h. Then next morning, wash the face with some warm water.
i. Try to repeat this process everyday for better results.

Can Castor Oil Help In Eyebrow Regrowth?

Can Castor Oil Help In Eyebrow RegrowthEyebrow regrowth is mostly required when you have lost all your brow hair because of some hair loss problems. Many people like to have the lost eyebrows back. Castor oil can be used to stimulate the hair to grow back quicker, thicker as well as fuller.

While using the castor oil for the eyebrow regrowth, you might need to try the other methods like stimulating the hair follicles on that part of your face.

Let us see some of the brow hair regrowth tips that you can try:

a. Remember to eat foods that can naturally help to trigger the hair growth. Be sure that these food items have proteins, vitamins as well as fatty acids. Avocados and salmon are also very highly recommended foods.
b. Use of the brow enhancing serums – There are many commercial products that can help to stimulate the hair growth. If you get items with the castor oil as an active ingredient, then it can be the best choice. In addition to the castor oil, almond oil or even jojoba oil there are other ingredients which are perfect for the hair conditioning as well as growth.

Is Castor Oil Helps In Faster Eyebrow Growth?

It is assumed that by having a good diet plan, can help in a long way in growing the hair long in quick time. But with the sedentary life, it is very hard for the people to stick on a particular diet plan, hence many turns towards the natural oils like the castor oil, which is one among the best hair growth serum to make the brow hair grow more thick as well as fast.

So who should use castor oil?

a. Those who want to fill out the eyebrows with hair.
b. Those whose want volume in the eyebrow hair.
c. Those who are suffering from an extreme brow hair loss.
d. Those who have over plucked their brow hair.
e. Those who have undergone chemotherapy treatments.

Castor Oil Eyebrows Side effects

Castor Oil Eyebrows Side effectsHere are some of the castor oil effects or side effects that you must know:

a. Be sure to test as well as confirm, that you are not being allergic to the castor oil before using it or even applying it on the eyebrows. Allergies or allergic reactions can sometimes be fatal, so make sure that you do an allergen test.
b. Castor oil is thick, so you might need to add a little bit of glycerin on it to ease off the application. Glycerin is also known to be an effective hair growth stimulant.
c. Getting results needs time, and the same also holds true for the application of the castor oil for the eyebrow growth as well. Depending on the natural hair growth, give the castor oil a time of about two to four weeks to see better results.
d. Need to apply castor oil everyday to make sure that it work for you. Try to apply castor oil on daily basis on your eyebrows, by gently massaging them.
e. Some people can recommend for its use for the eyelash growth. If you want to apply it to the roots of the eyelashes, try to be very careful with its application. Try not to rub the eyes too hard and do not even let the oil enter the eyes.

Conclusions by using of castor oil for eyebrows

Different people have many different experiences on using castor oil, but in general it has proved to be an effective as well as efficient in using the application. Many people use it in the place of mascara so that to add volume to the eyebrows, which is not only the proof for the oil’s effectiveness and many other uses.

However, your body might react differently on the use of castor oil. So, if you are feeling any changes after starting to use castor oil, then stop immediately if you are noticing any of the adverse effects.

If you are having any medical condition or even have undergone any type of medical treatment or even surgery, then make sure that you consult with the doctor before using the castor oil.

On the whole, by the usage of castor oil for the eyebrows regrowth can do many wonders for the eyebrows and eyelashes by helping to get desired growth through the regular use as well as proper application.