Guidance To Hire A Makeup Artist For Wedding


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For a wedding, jewelry and shopping were the high focused tasks. Now, it is not the same and simple. The modern brides need to be more wise with their wedding outfits, makeup and jewelry. When your family is looking after the wedding arrangements, you must at least manage to fix your things like makeup and outfits.

Is hiring a makeup artist a work to be careful about? Yes! You need to be careful and mindful when hiring a bridal makeup artist. Your last minute discussion and decisions can mess up. It is not about messing your makeup but it can ruin your time, mood and enthusiasm.

After knowing the importance of bridal makeup, you must follow some things and steps to hire a makeup artist. Here you go with the entire guidance of hiring a makeup artist.

Hiring wedding makeup artist

You can do self makeup but you need perfection. For flawless wedding and bridal makeup, you need a skilled person. A makeup artist sets you that flawless which every bride would love to see herself on her big day.

Makeup artist charge around 10000 and above for bridal makeup. You can hire the wedding makeup artist who is enough skilled and can fit in your budget. You can be wise at hiring the makeup artist for wedding following the guidance.

How to hire a makeup artist For Your Wedding?

Visit the stores for a filter search

Visit-the-stores-for-a-filter-searchDon’t get confused when you are asked to visit a store. Visit a store will be easy for you to find the best makeup artist. You can make a list of your favourite brands and then start heading to them.

Notice who is the friendly and skilled makeup artist in the visited store. Ask if the artist can do wedding makeup. If you feel the artist is good at doing makeover for wedding, then proceed with further steps and discussions.

Do a search online


You can also hire the makeup artist online. The difference is you can ask the questions and get the clarity over the phone or social networks. You can find a skilled makeup artist via online as well.

If you are choosing a makeup artist via online, you can see the reviews of previous clients. This makes easy for you to know about the makeup artist works. You can even compare the makeup artists with for budget and other perks. It is a good idea to find a wedding makeup artist online.

Go for trial makeup

Go-for-trial-makeupLet the artist be highly skilled with makeup tricks, but you need to go for a trial. You never know until you see and experience. On the spot, ask the makeup artist for a makeover trial. Check if she is really skilled and able give you the desired bridal look.

You will know this with clear observations. If you are not observing and taking a decision on how skilled the makeup artist, your visit will be wasted. You can also be specific about your skin, products and likes. So, that the makeup artist can work as you want.

Be clear to avoid confusions

Be-clear-to-avoid-confusionsOnce you decide, you found a good makeup artist, make yourself clear about rest things. You need to ask all the questions and get the answers from the makeup artist. You need to make the deal clear including everything about your makeup.

Understood that being clear with makeup artist needs more guidance. Check out the questions to be asked before hiring a makeup artist.

Fix an appointment On The Spot


Don’t leave the conversation with your makeup artist until you fix the appointment. Makeup artists are the most busiest persons during wedding season. So, you need lock them on the wedding day and time.

Sometimes, you only fix the appointment for the day and forget to decide on time. So, make sure you also fix the time you want makeup artist.

Sign a written contract


We have already asked you to be wise. So, be it by asking for written contract. This is a way to be professional. Even if you have not selected a professional makeup artists, you have made a deal. Asking for written contract is sensible and acceptable. So, make sure you sign a written contract without just relying on verbal deal.

Take and share the contact details


You have discussed everything but it is still incomplete without sharing the contact details. You may have to discuss anything else over phone. To guide with the venue and for various other things, it is better to share the contact details.

Questions to as before hiring a makeup artist

1. What about your travel and stay charges?

Yes! This is an important question on which you cannot discuss at last moment. Ask the makeup artist, if she/he spends for her travel and stay. You can discuss and go with the convenient ways.

2. Do you have portfolio and can I have a look at it?

If the makeup artist you hire also maintains website, then you will have the reviews to check. Reviews are enough to give an idea about the makeup artist work. If the makeup artist doesn’t have a website, then ask for his/her portfolio.

It is professional for a client to ask for the portfolio to know about the services. And no professional makeup artist would deny showing the portfolio.

3. Is this makeup good for wedding photography?

We advised you to ask for trial makeup. Once the trial makeup is finished, you must ask this question. The makeup may suit you in real but what about the pictures. You also would want to look good in your wedding pictures. So, don’t skip asking this question.

4. Can you do guest makeup if needed and whats the cost?

You may hire the makeup artist only for bridal makeup, but what if you also need guest makeup on the wedding day? It is always better to check with this point. You also cant let your family members and guests compromise on their makeup look.

5. Do I need to pay the whole amount after wedding or anything to pay at the time of booking?

You need to ask this question as it differs with the payment policy from person to person. Some of the makeup artist demand the partial payment at the time of booking. Be clear with this point to have any inconvenience for you and the makeup artist on wedding day.

6. Where do you do the makeup? At my place or another place?

Most of the makeup artists visit the clients place. But it is not the same with all makeup artists. Some of the makeup artist have different policies. So, you need to confirm on this point keeping your assumptions aside. Otherwise, it can be a big trouble at last minute.

7. Who does the makeup when you cannot make on the day?

Wedding event is more about backup. So, ask if there is a backup for the appointed makeup artist. If he/she cannot attend on the appointed day, then who would do the makeup. Until you get the answer and get convinced with the answer, you are not done with hiring. This question is that important before hiring a makeup artist.

8. Do you need get the makeup products and brushes?

It is expected the makeup artist to get the makeup products and brushes. Again it is not the same with all. So, don’t miss this questions. Just imagine, if you don’t have the bridal makeup products and your makeup artist expecting you to have. Then, what next? It is scary to imagine all this. So, simply ask this questions and fix on it.

9. Within how much time you can do the makeup?

A makeup artist need not be skilled and hurry up with the makeover. But still you need to ask this question to know. If the artist is taking the ideal time to finish the makeup, then it is all fine. But what if he/she is taking too much time? This will create a problem on your wedding day.

10. What all includes in the bridal makeup package?

When you are hiring a makeup artist, let he/her be multi talented. So, that you need not hire multiple people. If the makeup artist also can drape the saree, hairstyle and mehndi, then you will be done with the whole makeup in one shot.

You also save your time by not searching for another skilled artist. The whole long process can be cut off if you can find a multi talented artists. Don’t worry! You have such super talented artists and you will get one.

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