Things you should bid adieu in your twenties

bid adieu in twenties

Your twenties could be the most amazing and most irritating time of your life. You are probably frustrated with the decisions you are making and there are so many things you haven’t decided yet. To have a healthy twenty something life, you need to bid adieu to a lot of things. As a teenager, everyone wants to grow up and be called an adult. But, when you turn twenty something, you realize that becoming twenty something has only added responsibility and nothing to do with having fun. You have decisions, challenges and beliefs to make and let go off. You are forced to meet new people and interact with random friends because you need people and most of all, you might have to do something that you don’t completely believe about.

Well, from my personal experience, this is my successful 5th year in the twenties and I have been great at it. Want to know how? Well, it is completely true that I have consciously made decisions about letting go of certain things and have made an effort to not look back ever since. Letting go of a certain something will only make you a better person. So, here are some things you should bid adieu in your twenties.

Top things to say goodbye to in your twenties

1Don’t explain your decisions to others

Dont explain your decisions

Unless you think that the person is important in your life, you don’t really have to explain each and every decision that you have made. You needn’t have to feel bad that people don’t approve your decisions or your choices. You are old enough to face your own consequences and your decisions should be based on the learning experiences. You are definitely responsible for your own actions.

So, don’t let someone else pull you down and stick their ideas in your head. You can definitely conquer the world of your choice, with or even without their approval. Don’t wait for someone to say good things about your decision. Your decision is yours, so make it worth it.

2Keep the destructive relationships away

destructive relationships

This is the time when you decide what you actually want to do in life. This is the time you realize your passion, your dream and your willingness towards something. That being said, it is a key value for you to be surrounded by people who support and most of all encourage you in your decisions.

The social network you are with should be able to consider your opinions for your life and should push you to achieve it. So, say good bye to those people or relationships that bring the negative energy out of you. Instead, be surrounded by good and encouraging people. A relationship that brings out the negative energy in you is definitely not worth sticking on to, even if you love that person.

3Put an end to all the drama

end to the drama

High school is all about drama, either you are creating it or you are the drama in it. By the time you grow up, you know how life changes. There is no more room or space for the drama queen in you. Don’t fight, don’t bicker or don’t add up crap to your relationships from your side. Whether it is with your friends or your boyfriend, tone down the drama you and tone up the real you. You are a grown up, remember? So, act like one!

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4You don’t have to people please anymore

people please

Remember those days when you used to please people just to be in good pages of theirs? Ah, well, those days are long gone. Whether they are your friends or your colleagues, you don’t have please them at all. Just be yourself and be around people who accept the person that you are. I agree that not everyone would like the way you are. So, be with someone who likes you just for you and not for the extra sweet things you say about them. Their opinions do not matter in the long run, ladies. So, dump them if you think they aren’t worth it.

5Career doesn’t determine you


Most people would disagree with me when I say that their career doesn’t determine the person that they are. People would immediately pour in their opinions on how a career is everything and how it is important to be in a renowned position.

According to me, if you are in a job that makes you happy, even if it doesn’t pay you enough, it is worth it. Not everyone is going to become the Prime Minister of India, right? What should matter most to you is the fact that you are currently pursuing something that you adore, rather than working for the money. Be contended with your job, love it and try to contribute whatever you can to the community.

6Respect your body

Respect your body

This is something I learnt very recently too. I have not treated my body the way it has to be treated and now I feel bad that 5 years down the lane, I’m still trying to set right certain body issues. This is the time for you to eat, drink and do whatever you want – accepted! But, treating your body in a special and particular way brings out the best in you. Try to exercise, make healthy eating choices and treat your body with respect. In fact, once you respect your body, you will feel like a different person.

7You don’t have to be committed to be happy

committed to be happy

A lot of women and men think that being committed in a relationship is the end of the road of happiness. Well, for all those people who think that – you are wrong! Your answer to happiness doesn’t come from obsessing over being in a relationship. It comes when you decide to be contented and happy in spite of the relationship.

When you are happy with your life, the person who comes along later would also find your life interesting. Don’t depend on a relationship for your happiness. Who cares if your friends are committed and have boyfriends? You never know, even a 15 year relationship can go into a drain in just 15 minutes. So, it is important to base your happiness on your life rather than basing it on a relationship.

Twenties are the time when realizations strike, you might lose yourself, your friends and maybe even your boyfriend. But trust me when I say this that life is all about learning from experiences. It is a bliss to stay truthful to yourself and live your life for just you. When you can happily say goodbye to the above things, you will realize that the satisfaction you conquer is irresplacable.

So, be you and kick the twenties in its ass!

-Pavithra Ravi

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