Why are orgasms considered healthy for a woman


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All the women around the world know that orgasms are little surprise and amazing packages that come our way. We feel excited, happy and most of all, we feel like we are on cloud 9 when we have one. Well, we all know how it feels to get one done. But, have you actually wondered why it is so amazing? There is a definite scientific reasoning behind everything and so is there one or more reasoning behind orgasms too.

Of course, even thinking about an orgasm makes a woman smile. It doesn’t matter if you are getting the orgasm from your partner or giving it to yourself, you have got to know some of the most important reasons why orgasms are good for a woman’s body. So here you go ladies! Learn something great about your body today and know why orgasm are considered healthy.

Top Amazing Reasons Why Orgasms are Considered Healthy

1Scientific proof 1 : Orgasms relieve stress

Orgasms relieve stress

As a matter of fact you just should know that one of the main reasons why you should have an orgasm, is to relieve mental stress. If you have stress from your surroundings, or no matter what kind of problem you have and what kind of stress you have in your mind, just one orgasm can make you feel stress free and amazing.

Is your love life not going as you wished? Is your job not doing fine or is your boss loading you with work? Then pack up everything, throw it behind your head and get right into action. Also, not just sexually, but and orgasm is all about feeling sexy as well. When you open yourself up to one person or when you open up to yourself, it makes you feel happy and relaxed. It is very important for you and your body to feel healthy and strong about yourself. So it is pretty much self-explanatory that an orgasm again definitely change the way a woman’s day turns out to be. If you have regular stressful days, or if your job is beating you up, don’t worry at all – Just go ahead and get one.

2Scientific proof 2 : orgasms make to younger

orgasms make to younger

Did you know that getting an orgasm makes you feel seven years younger to your actual age! Ha-ha! That’s is funny, isn’t it? While most of the times you might feel like taking a nap after a very tiring day or just hitting the bed without cuddling, you should choose the third secret option. The third option is where you ask you partner to eat you up entirely with passion and love. Well, if you have an orgasm after a tired day, you are bound to actually feel a lot younger by age and cuter by looks! So, ladies! Feel younger and beautiful soon.

3Scientific proof – relationships get stronger

relationships get stronger

No I’m definitely not making this up. If you and your boyfriend have been having problems in your relationship, then find out what has gone wrong. If you think that the answer for that is sex, then just go do it. Sex in fact is more than physical attention. It actually brings emotional attachment to one another and when you enjoy an orgasm, that is when your boyfriend will feel complete and like a man.

It really boosts your boyfriend’s confidence and it will make him feel nice that you are totally enjoying what he is doing to you. This is a win-win situation where you are satisfied with orgasm and he is satisfied by petting his ego. Just let loose and give him so that he can enjoy the sex too.

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4Scientific proof 4 – better knowledge of body

better knowledge of body

Many people are in in fact not aware of their own body. If you are flying solo and you don’t have a boyfriend, it is still fine. Actually speaking solo special or giving an orgasm to yourself is actually the most healthiest part of the process. It does not have any infectious diseases nor is there a chance of pregnancy. By rubbing yourself, there is no kind of diseases that can be transported into your vagina, because orgasms are basically done with the help of your fingers only.

Masturbation or having an orgasm in general will let you know your body better and will make you find out what are your favorite things in sex. This in fact, makes it easier for you to know better and you could even teach your guy in the future, if need be.

5Scientific proof 5 – Orgasms make you lose calori...

Orgasms lose calories

If you don’t run, if you don’t plan to burn out on calories by exercising, then don’t worry at all. You have a much easier way to do that. You don’t have to hike, swim, jog, run or be aerobically fit. All you need to do is to get an orgasm. Well, if you are wondering how! Here’s your answer. You can keep you thighs, abdominal muscles, toes, ankles, arms etc., healthy and fit if by having an orgasm now and then. This is equivalent to a cardio exercise. Orgasms isn’t just a part where you do it while having sex. We are just trying to tell you that orgasm is a lot more than just sex. It is something that you can have to increase your health quotient. So, in future just remember that it if you feel like you are putting on too much weight, you can very much depend on orgasms to lose the extra something pounds. That is why orgasms healthy.

-Pavithra Ravi