How to Cool the Body with Ayurvedic and Natural Tips


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How to cool the body

Our body and mind need balance to stay healthy and fit for long. And most often our improper lifestyle choices, random eating patterns and ignorance of alarming situations can cause imbalance to our body equilibrium. Specially the body heat it accrues and causes a lot of damage internally as well as externally too. Let us here, learn about how to cool the body with Ayurvedic tips. Also reducing body heat with home remedies can help in keeping diseases at bay

Causes of Body Heat:

Body heat can be caused by a number of factors, some of which may even be beyond our control.

Some factors that add up to body heat are:

  1. Diseases which require antibiotics and other drugs that increase body heat
  2. Neurological disorders
  3. Abnormal thyroid, which triggers metabolism thus body heat increases
  4. Excess of sunlight
  5. Hot and humid weather
  6. Too much heavy foods which are heat causing for our body
  7. Body dehydration and loss of water from body
  8. Eating too many spices or iced foods

factors that add up to bodySymptoms of body heat:

  1. Burning hands and feet
  2. Heartburn and bloating
  3. Stomach ulcers
  4. Increase in heartbeat
  5. Heat cramps
  6. Burning in eyes
  7. Rashes and boils on skin
  8. Acidity
  9. Excess sweating

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Cooling body with some natural tips:

Cooling body with some natural tipsIt is very important to keep our body in functional equilibrium to assist all the life functions. If any small disturbance also occurs, it deviates the body from its balance. Some natural ways to cool our body include:

1. Avoid foods that increases body heat:

As a first important rule, do not gorge of foods which increase body heat. Avoid salsa, hot chilli, red chilli, pepper and other spices which increases body heat. Specially in summers, garam masala and sabji masala must be reduced to bare minimum once in a while. Cheese, cream, ghee and butter also add up to the body heat, specially in summers. Salty foods also dehydrate the body thus increasing body heat. Also spinach, tomato, onion and garlic are known to induce body heat so avoid them when you feel heated. Say no to caffeine and alcohol as they trigger body temperature

2. Avoid chilled and icy drinks:

Say no to cold ice creams, ice chips and ice cold drinks, as it affects the digestive system. Digestive functioning flame our body internally to derive energy from the foods we consume. So consuming iced foods or beverages kills that flame thus affects digestion. Aldo cold items take time to assimilate in our body, so use room temperature products for quicker digestion and energy.

3. Eat foods which lower body heat:

Sweet, citrus, bitter and watery foods are the ones which will help in cooling down and regulating body heat. Use milk, fat free butter and some ghee, to cool the body internally. Fruits are great pick which not just cool your body but also provide instant energy. Coriander, mint, lemon, avocado, strawberry, cherry, oranges and apples are good for reducing body heat. Also green leafy vegetables and salads are amazing too

4. Follow a schedule for eating and workout:

There must be a set time for all your meals and stick with it. Eating good breakfast and light dinner can help in aiding digestion and keeping its flame alive and beneficial. Do not miss the most important meals of the day which are breakfast and lunch. As it triggers body heat if we delay or miss any of the two

5. Have a good nights sleep and some power naps too:

Sleeping full 8 hours and sleeping on time not just maintains the biological clock but also keeps one stress free and refreshed. A few power naps are very important in a day as they recharge you well. Never delay or miss your nights sleep, it would not just increase body heat but also cause more severe mental health issues like stress, anxiety and depression

6. Get some me time:

Amid the daily grind it is very important to find your mental peace and free time. This will be your relaxing and soothing time and just involve in some constructive and interesting activities like reading, listening to music, calm walk in nature or meditation. This is very important as it keeps down the tension causing hormones in our body and also regulates the body heat too

7. Take one or two meals off during the week:

This fasting is just for 1 or 2 meals spread over the week. And for those fasts, drink as much fluids and water possible. This will help in keeping your system clean and detoxified too. Never skip your breakfast, just try and fast one meal from late evening or night and drink shakes or smoothies to finish your dinner. Do not eat solids but many fluids, this will reduce body heat and maintain it for long

8. Drink plenty of water:

Drinking plenty of water must be your daily routine, as water not just regulates body temperature but also its the only medium where life functions in our body are performed. Drinking water balances body heat and also enriches circulation. It helps in cleansing and detoxifying the body too. Which is very important for all life functions

9. Follow a workout regime:

Do not indulge in rigorous workouts daily, rather consult a trainer as you don’t want to add up to body heat. Workouts must be balanced in a way that it improves and enriches your health and not trigger body heat

10. At the end keep your surroundings cool and calm:

Maintain a cool temperature in our living or work space. Too much hot or cold can cause body heat and disturbs the equilibrium. It is important to stay anywhere between 60-75F at night.

11. Go for splashing fun like at beach or pool:

During summers take a dip and enjoy splashing fun, this will also help in keeping the body heat low. Be sure to wear your sun screen and sun gear to protect yourself from harmful UV rays from sun

The above compilation on How to cool the body with Ayurvedic and natural tips, is to help you all in maintaining the body equilibrium for health and fitness. Be sure to check with your doctor for any warning signs on health

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