How to Reduce Body Heat With These 25 Home Remedies


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how to reduce body heat

Body heat may be caused by ample triggers and it is important to contain and pacify it before it causes severe impacts. Exposure to high temperatures and forgetting about fluid intake is the major cause which amounts to dizziness, fever, headache, nausea, sweating, and uneasiness. Body heat is commonly referred to as heat stress.

Some women even see fatigue and pain in addition to the above symptoms under heat stress. Body heat is generated in our body as a result of metabolic activities. This thermal energy keeps our body temperature stable and viable to stay alive in extreme temperatures around. Normal body temperature of a human being is 36.9’C and anything over and above it is triggered by some internal or external variables.

Causes of Body Heat:

Causes of body heatBody heat or heat stress maybe caused by a series of factors. These are either within or body or even triggered from extraneous factors. This makes the body hot internally and disrupts the normal functioning of our system. These causes include:

  • Too much exposure to sunlight. Harsh suns rays can trigger a lot of heat in our body and even raise temperature drastically. Specially in hot weather, we must keep ourselves protected from direct sunlight.
  • Strenuous workout or heavy exercise. A strength based and rigorous workout can also cause immense body heat and sweat
  • Infection and illness resulting in fever
  • Tight and thick clothes in warm weather can also cause heat stress
  • Increased activity of thyroid gland raises metabolic activity in our body and causes immense heat
  • Taking certain medicines also triggers body heat. Body temperature elevates when these medicines are taken
  • Dehydration: Loss of fluids from body causes immediate heat stress and also leads to some severe conditions. Dehydration is caused when we do not consume adequate water and body cant sweat to balance and regulate the temperature. Thus causing heat pangs
  • Abnormalities in body functioning can also result in body heat
  • Neurological issues also trigger high temperatures and body heat even if you don’t work or stay at rest all day.
  • Obese and over weight people are more prone to body heat and heat stress
  • Not getting enough sleep and continued stress also causes body heat
  • Lack of fresh fruits and vegetables daily in addition to low or no water intake causes heat stress.

Symptoms of Body heat:

There are ample symptoms to look out for when you have body heat. These symptoms must not be ignored and attended to at first sight. These heat stress symptoms on our body include:

Symptoms of Body heat1- Heat rashes on the skin:

Minute red bumps on skin and specially the sensitive areas are called heat rashes. They look like tiny pimples and we feel itchy and burning sensations

2- Heat syncope:

When a person faints and blacks out for a few seconds due to excess body heat

3- Excessive sweating than normal. When our body is hot it sweats more to regulate the body temperature.

4- Cramps:

Cramps are a result of body dehydration and excess heat. Thats the reason we have headaches when we are down with fever

5- Lethargy and weakness:

When you have high body temperature you feel weak and are lethargic.

6- Heat swelling:

There are swelling in hand and feet when your body temperature rises.

7- Heat stroke:

Abnormal body heat gives heat stroke which is a sudden rise in temperature of our body.

8- Nose bleeding:

bleeding from nose is a frequent in tropical areas and must be taken seriously as a sign of body heat

9- Dark colored urine:

When urine changes to dark colored, means our body is immensely hot and needs some cooling to be done

10- Seizures, frequent fits and fainting tendencies

reduce body heatHome Remedies to Reduce Body Heat:

There are ample ways you can reduce and prevent body heat. Though consulting a doctor is always recommended as strength of impact can cause severe repercussions. Some home remedies to reduce body heat include:

1- Water:

Drinking a lot of water can help in balancing body heat quickly. Water helps in flushing out excess heat and toxins from our body keeping it cool and calm. Also immersing yourself in a bath tub helps in shedding off excess body heat. It also maintain the balance of body fluids and regulate the temperature within our body

2- Coconut Water:

Coconut water is an appetizer, thirst quencher and bladder purifier. It calms and cools down our body quickly. The electrolyte composition of coconut water is extremely beneficial in regulating body temperature. It also cures all other impacts of body heat too, by providing instant energy

3- Lemon Water or Lemonade:

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and it a cleansing agent. Its citric acid contents help in regulating body temperature effectively. This also helps in building body immunity towards heat stress and effect of hot weather

4- Peppermint:

Peppermint has cooling and calming sensations in our body. It freshens our body and mind too. Drinking peppermint tea or applying peppermint oil on our body and hair give soothing and cooling effects. Also peppermint bath gives adequate benefits in cooling down heat stress

5- Coriander leaves (fresh)

Fresh coriander leaves are extremely cooling for our body. As they are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin K. They also provide relief from inflammations, regulate body heat and also provide detoxification benefits too. Drinking coriander juice with any fruit or adding fresh coriander to food can lower body heat quickly

6- Watermelon:

Watermelon is the most watery fruit which immediately cools our body down. Around 92% of watermelon is water, and is rich in lycopene and antioxidants. It is one of the most purifying forms of water. It is rich in carotenoid lycopene and phenolic antioxidants. They must be taken solid or as juice for quick body cooling

7- Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera juice is exceptionally wonderful for maintaining body heat. Ut has rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which help in body heat regulation and prevention of any further infection. Drinking one glass of aloe vera juice can cure heat stress quickly.

8- Amla or Indian Gooseberry:

Amla is rich in Vitamin C and has rich antioxidant properties. Amla juice or eating raw amla can cool down our body quickly. It is a powerhouse of vitamin C and thus can be beneficial at any point. You cal also make fresh amla juice and add water in addition to salt/ lemon juice; for sherbet like delicious taste and health too

9- Butter Milk:

Butter milk or chach in India is a therapeutic drink which is given during hot flashes and high metabolic activities to pacify and calm our body. It helps in adding required vitamins and minerals in our body which are lost due to excessive sweating. Drinking 4-5 glasses of butter milk not only helps in recovering from heat stress but also adding strength and energy to our body.

metabolic activities10- Pomegranate juice:

Pomegranate is rich in vitamins and minerals needed to cool down our body heat. Its antioxidant anti viral and anti tumor properties make it a rich healthy delight too. Just drink two to three glasses of it pomegranate juice for amazing benefits during heat stress

11- Poppy seeds:

Poppy seeds have immense cooling effects for our body. Just add in regular food or make its powder and drink with water to reduce body heat

12- Fenugreek seeds:

Soak fenugreek seeds in water and drink next morning for its amazing cooling effects in our body.

13- Honey and milk:

Honey is a natural humectant and milk helps in regulating body heat. Mix them two for immediate cooling effects in our body.

14- Vitamin C fruits:

Oranges, berry fruits, kiwi and other citrus fruits are rich antioxidants and juicy so they help in reducing body heat quickly and increasing body immunity to fight the infection

15- Sandalwood and water:

Taking a bath in sandalwood water gives relaxing and cooling quickly.

16- Cardamom:

Eat cardamom with milk or mix cardamom powder in warm milk for cooling effects in regulating body heat quickly

17- Peaches:

Peaches are juicy and citrus fruits which help in regulating body heat. Just drink peach shake or smoothie or eat generous portions of peach for added benefits in reducing body heat

18- Apricot:

Apricot can be taken as such or as a smoothie for immediate relief and benefit when high body heat.

19- Cucumber:

Cucumber is full of water and antioxidant properties. It cools down our system and takes out all the infections and toxins causing trouble. Just drink cucumber juice, apply cucumber on face and body and also eat cucumber when suffering from body heat

20- Raddish:

Raddish is great to regulate body heat. Just eat raddish and see cooling effects on body

21- Fennel seeds:

Fennel seeds are rich in cooling effects for body. Soak fennel seeds in water over night and drink that water the following morning. Eat fennel seeds too in addition for immediate effects

22- Cold milk and water mixed:

Cold milk and water mixed are a traditional therapy for cooling down body heat quickly. Just drink this 3-5 times a day

23- Sugarcane juice:

Sugarcane is great in reducing body heat, just drink sugar cane juice 4-5 times a day for reducing body heat.

24- Banana:

A banana smoothie is cooling and relaxing for our body. Also add honey for the smoothie to add up to the nutrition

25- Honey dew melon:

Honey dew melons have great body cooling effects, just drink honey dew melon juice or eat honey dew melon for amazing body cooling benefit

Prevention of excess body heat:

Excess body heat can be prevented with some food and lifestyle changes. Avoid spicy, fried and fatty foods as they increase body heat and speed up metabolism too. Caffeine increase body heat immensely so this must also be reduced. Contain sodium intake and reduce red meat in your diet. Avoid nuts and oily foods. Do no proceed with strength training exercises if your you feel the body heat.


The above compilation on How to reduce body heat with these 25 home remedies, is to help your prevent and cure heat stress with some wonderful natural remedies. Check your doctor immediately as heat stroke can be severe.

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