Why are shoes a girl’s best friend?


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Shoes! When you hear the word shoes, what do you imagine immediately? If you are a guy reading this, you will immediately think of the shoe you are wearing right now or you favorite one that you have been eyeing after. But, when you say shoes for a girl, it is more than just shoes for her. A girl connects shoes with happiness, love, fancy, dream and whatnot! Shoes are definitely a girl’s emotion. Well, if you own a great pair of shoes, you wouldn’t want to not flaunt it, but also wouldn’t want to over use it. It is complex and definitely difficult to decide when it comes to shoes. But hey, we totally understand that, because I am a girl too and I love shoes.

If you give a room full of shoes that are about my size and different brands and color, that would be the best thing in my life. So, I totally get why shoes are a girl’s thing. But, there are some women who keep wondering why shoes are the only thing they can think of all the time. That is why, I am going to put down a list of things, why shoes have become a girl’s best friend over the years. Whether you are wearing a flat or a heel how does that matter? End of the day, the Carrie Bradshaw in us makes us greedy and allows us to buy more than necessary. Argh, I know! But, for the undying love for shoes and the different designs, here are the top reasons why shoes are girls best friend!

Reasons Why Women Love Shoes So Much

1Increases confidence

Increases confidence

When you get up in the morning to a bad pimple on your forehead, how would you feel? The entire day is going to be a bust because of the stupid pimple. But, the moment you get ready and slip on your heels, the confidence you get is just unexplainable. Once you wear your favorite shoes, you will just forget everything and walk straight, chin up and with a definite smile. You will start feeling pride, happiness and immense joy that no one else can give you. Trust me, even boyfriend or your partner cannot give you killer confidence that your shoes do.

2No disappointment

No disappointment

There is no disappointment when it comes to shoes because you have so many to choose from. That is why most girls like to choose in everything else. If you don’t want black, you have blue, yellow, orange, pink, peach and so many million colors of shoes that you can pick and go.

This is one amazing thing about shoes. It never makes you feel bad for what you have. They give you the option to choose from them and in fact there are different kinds of designs and kinds of heels that makes it even more interesting. You can end up choosing and selecting shoes one whole day and you wouldn’t know how time flies. So, yes there is definitely no disappointment when it comes to shoes!

3Make you look good

Make you look good

Although a lot of women concentrate more on clothes, accessories and makeup. According to me, shoes do make a lot of competition too (in fact shoes are girls best friend). Yes, if you are dressed perfectly and if you are wearing a trashy shoes, no one would give you a second look. If you want me to bet, I will!

Shoes definitely take efforts to make your feet look good, make your attire look decent even if they aren’t and take people’s eyes off your makeup if it is a bad makeup day. It draws all the attention and puts up a great fight when it comes to impressing someone.

4They never let go

They never let go

A good shoe comes with blisters and bites. It might be annoying at first, you may not even like it as much as you did when you bought it, but it never lets you go. Shoes will love you back like never before once the blisters are gone. When the hard part of shoe life is over, it makes you happy, contended and joyous. Of course you fight with the shoes for a broken heel or a rip and a cut, but once it becomes fine and re-stitched, it will love you back and you will love it too. There is no compromise from the shoe’s side when it comes to you.

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5It happily goes away

It happily goes away

When a pair of shoes is done with its life or when it wears out, it doesn’t beg to stay. It doesn’t ask you to make space for it in your closet or in your room. It doesn’t want you to re-use it by stitching it more than once and your shoes would understand it’s worth once it wears off. You would have rocked in those shoes and you would have gone crazy with it. But, it understands that it is now time for other shoes to make its way to your closet and it is its time to get out. Your shoes will be contended and happy to have served you for so long. So, love your shoes.

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Shoes are definitely a girl’s best friend, isn’t it? Even if you don’t have people around you, you can get happiness with just shoes. All you have  to do is to just  buy one of them and rock it whenever you think you want to. Since they are in abundant, in different sizes, colors and designs, you can choose and pick and love them as much as you want to.

Yeayy to all our amazing shoes!

-Pavithra Ravi

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