Top things your shoe speaks about you


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Footwear types

Do you know that your shoe speaks about you because apparently footwear can tell a thousand tales! Well, it could be hard to realize it yet, but the shoes you choose to wear can tell a lot. So, there are 5 things you never knew your shoes could say and we are going to present it to you. It is going to be more like your hand reading where you get to about thinking whether it’s a note about how long you will be alive based on the lines of your palm or a judgment on how warm or cold someone’s heart is based on the temperature and tightness of his or her handshake.

Your shoes can say a lot about your personality, and they are not for keeping quiet.

Things Your Shoe Speaks About You

1Five point something

Five point

If you are a person who wouldn’t mind revering of wearing something less than a Five-Inch Stiletto, then you are apparently the one who likes to draw attention – a lot of attention. You have a great sense of confidence, which is super enviable, but when it comes to choosing a dress or a shoe (mainly), you quite a lot of times forget the whole purpose of the event. You put yourself in front and would try to draw attention than to giving importance to the event by itself. You think of all the good reasons to be overdressed and never go out of style.

2The Boot girl

Boot girl

There are many people who are this kind. The boot girl, they call you! You also have the highest of sex appeal and that shows in your boots. But, there is this big fault that you have. You don’t enjoy the variety because you don’t really want to try anything else. You will probably run out of space in your closet for other kinds of shoes because you are hung-up on the boots.

3Taking your cue from the boys

cue from the boys

If you are a person who likes to take cues from the boys who wear Loafers and Oxfords, then well you are a lucky you! You might never know this but, for the past few fashion seasons that you have dressed like this, walking on with loafers has been the right trend. But, you don’t give a damn about the trendiness at all, it’s the feel and good factor that attracts you more than the fashion statement. You definitely have a great sense of versatility, timelessness and find ways to always look pulled together. There is a creative streak in you which is fiercely independent and you don’t mind doing things by yourself in both work and fashion choices. That is something that you are super awesome at.

4A ballet lover

ballet lover

If you are a person who wouldn’t let go of their ballet or if you’re highest pair of heels is a pair of ballet flats, then you are definitely one of the pragmatist females. You go for something that is more of a comfort than much of a style. You are a very creative and outspoken person and wouldn’t like to mince your words. But, when we speak about what is called the style game, it could definitely be stupid if people around you think you don’t fit into the style arena. If they underestimate you, you beat their thoughts on dead. You know the right kind of style for the right kind of occasion and you are quite opposite to that of the ones who over dress. You like to impress people with your charismatic shoe styling and put your occasion ahead of everything else. All said and done, you don’t go down in the style game.

5Flip-Flop fever, forever

Flip-Flop fever

If you are a girl who loves to wear Flip-flop, then you will be considered as ‘that’ girl. You will be the girl who will wear flip-flops with everything, the one who has a collection of both dressy and casual flip-flops. You are the girl who loves comfort, doesn’t care about style. You almost have all the kinds and you thank yourself for the comfort + trend sense you have in you.

But, the sad part is that most of us love wearing a good pair of flip flops around the house or for a trip to the beach. But wanting or desiring to wear them outside during all of the time, might look a little boring and mundane. Change your sense of style, may be?

There are a hell lot of things our shoes say about you that aren’t on this list, but these five styles are the ones that are the most popular styles worn by modern women across the globe. So, when you decide to impress or make an impression the next time, try to wait and take a moment while you are selecting your look. This will help you with what the shoe says about you aloud to the people around. After all, you want yourself to look good and want your shoes to be making a complementary statement, right? Let us know what your shoe speaks about you in the comment box below!

-Pavithra Ravi