Smokey Eye Makeup Tips


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Eye Makeup Tips

Eye makeup can be tricky. Plus, it gets more puzzled when you want something special for a occasion. Smokey eye makeup can be a little difficult, as it looks easy but it can be messy if not done in the right way. So here, are some smokey eye makeup tips that you can consider or do at home without too much of effort.

Eye Makeup Tips

1Apply the highlighter

Apply the highlighter

The highlighter is one of the lightest of shades for your three eyeshadow. By using a eyeshadow brush, first dab it on the side corner of the eyelid or on both of your upper as well as lower lids. Then sweep the highlighter directly under the eyebrows as well as, from the beginning to the end of the brows.

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2Put on the medium shade

Put on the medium shade

Take a middle eyeshadow shade and then just sweep it over the entire eyelid. Remember to blend it inside the corners with the highlighter, so that it does not look like a divide in between the two colors. Then apply the colors upwards to the natural crease on the eye lid, and not all the way to the highlighter underneath the brows.

3Adding the darkest color

Adding the darkest color

First start with the outside corner of the eyes, and sweep a ‘C’ shape from the halfway inwards on the lash line, back up and around to halfway inwards on the crease of the eyelid.

The darkest part must always be at the point of the upper edge of the lash line. Whenever you apply more of the dark shadow, always start at this point and try to work inwards or even upwards.

Try not to apply the shadow too far inside. You might want the inside to be ⅓-½ of the eyelid to not have any of the dark shadow. This can help the eyes to look open as well as bright.

To add a more dramatic look to the classic smoky eye, you can try sweeping the dark eyeshadow to a point, more in a “<” shape than a “C” shape, towards the end of the eyebrow. Be sure that the darkest point can still remain at the outside corner of the lash line.

Then sweep a little of the dark shadow under the eye on the lower lid. Again, you can start from the outside corner and bring it about halfway in. This can help to balance the darkness on the top of the eyes.

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4Blend the shadows

Blend the shadows

First clean the eyeshadow brush with a makeup brush cleaner or even with face soap / shampoo as well as water. Then dry off the brush on a clean towel or a rag by sweeping it back and forth across the fabric. Then, you can use a brush to blend the colors properly.

Now start by simply blending the lightest of the colors. Be sure that the medium (lid) color does not have harsh divide with the dark color. Now gently move the brush into a “C” shape at the meeting of the two colors to help them form a smooth ombre effect.

Now blend the dark crease shadow from outside towards the brow bone. It must fade softly into the skin, and must not significantly overlap the highlighter that has also been placed under the eyebrows.

5Add the eyeliner

Add the eyeliner

If you are looking for a smooth cat-eye, then bring the liner from the inside corner of the lash line towards the end of the eyebrow. Now end it into a tapered line slightly just before the edge of the eyeshadow, where the darkest part meets the un-shadowed skin. For a more smudgy look, then draw a thick line across the top of the lash line, and use your fingertip or even a small eyeshadow brush to smudge as well as blur off the line.

To add more of drama to the smoky eye, tight line the eyes. It is when you use the eyeliner, just draw the line on the inner-rim of the eyes, which is located directly under the upper lashes and above the lower lashes. This can be a little bit difficult sometimes, as it mostly involves using eyeliner close to the eyeball.

Now tight line the inner rim of the lash line near the tear duct by the nose with a white eyeliner pencil. This can help the eyes to pop, keeping them looking more bright even with the dark smudging.

6Add the mascara

Add the mascara

Remember to carefully apply the mascara, just wiggle the brush between the lashes to help it define the eyes. Do not add more than just two coats to avoid the clumps and any unnatural appearance. Then apply a single coat to the bottom lashes to define it without giving yourself any raccoon-eyes.

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7Brush away the excess color

Brush away the excess color

If you see that any eyeshadow or even mascara fell on the cheeks below the eyes, then use a large makeup brush to brush it off quickly, with broad strokes. If any of the mascara is smeared along the eyelid or the cheeks, then use a q-tip that is dipped into the makeup remover and take it off.