How To Apply Cat Eye Makeup


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Cat Eye Makeup

No matter, whatever the festival or occasion be, woman loves to decorate their eye. Making the eye look beautiful as well as dramatic becomes the only goal. Making a cat eye is basically a dramatic, as well as classic look that can take some practice to master. The flick, and the wing, are mostly considered the toughest, but it is one of the most important part on creating a perfect cat eye. In this article I,will teach you many techniques and tricks on getting that perfect flick just right and, also with a little practice, you can rock this look in no time. So here, are some tips on how to apply cat eye makeup, using a tape perfectly.

How To Apply Cat Eye Makeup

1Putting on eyeshadow

Putting on eyeshadow

First, start with your lash line and then go all over the way up to the eye crease. The powder can help to smooth out the eye lid and also help the eyeliner to go on smoother. It is just because cat eyes are dramatic, try using a color that can match your skin tone instead of any darker color, which can make it look overdone.

Try to avoid using any type of cream-based eye shadow. The eyeliner won’t be able to stick to cream eye shadow very well, and there is chances of sliding right off.

Avoid putting an under-eye concealer before. The tape can take it off. Also, the tape can even remove the eye shadow in the area.

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2Cat eye using tape

Cat eye using tape

First, take a short piece of clear tape, and then tap it on the back of your hand. This can make the tape less tacky as well as gentler on the delicate skin around the eyes.

3Positioning the tape

Positioning the tape

Try to position the tape along the outer corner of the eyes. Then place the tape beneath the lower lashes, and angle towards the top of the temple. To get a more dramatic look, try to angle the tape towards the end of the eyebrow instead. This can result in a more thicker line.

Also make sure that you press the tape against the skin. This can ensure that the eyeliner (especially if liquid) will not bleed through. If the shape of your eyelids is hooded, then you can position the tape at the less of an upward angle and closer to the straight line.

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4Try to thicken the liner

Try to thicken the liner

When you apply the eyeliner, try to make the line thick as it go towards the outer corner of the eye.

Do not draw past the corner or on the tape yet. If you are facing troubles, try to apply the eyeliner smoothly, do not tug the outer corner of the eye. Instead, you can try one of the following:

  • Try bracing the pinkie finger against the cheekbone and holding the eyeliner in the middle.
  • Then tilt the head back lightly, lowering the gaze. This can allow you to see the lash line.

5More drama

More drama

Try to extend the line past the corner of the eyes, using the tape as a basic guideline.

Do not worry, if you are getting some of the eyeliner on the tape. Just be sure that the line can get thin towards the end. You can always make the “flick” as long or even as short as you wish. The thing is, the more longer it is, the more dramatic your cat eye will look.

6Peeling the tape

Peeling the tape

Always be careful while peeling the tape off and make any touchups, if required.

When you are pulling the tape off, you might see a crisp line. If you see that the tape has removed any eye shadow, then carefully try to patch it up with more eye shadow. If you want to apply any type of under eye concealer, then you can do so now.

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7Finish off with mascara or false lashes

Finish off with mascara or false lashes

Remember to apply a few coats on the upper lashes and single coat on the bottom lashes, for a more glamour. Curl your lashes or pop on a pair of false lashes to add more finishing touch to it.