7 Super Easy Long Hairstyles For Women Over 40


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Long Hairstyles For Women Over 40
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Women always love long hair, don’t they? Since childhood all every girl wants is to have long luscious hair. But after growing old, when you near your mid forties, slowly your hair start getting grey, you suddenly become conscious about it growing out. You do not know if you want to keep them long at all, and if yes then how to style them? Well, we know how. We have made for you a list of some of the best Long Hairstyles For Women Over 40. Something for everyone. A hairstyle that will suit the “long hair over 40” style and we can’t wait to share it. Have a look,

Long Hairstyles For Women Over 40

1. Long wavy curls

Long wavy curlsWe think that this is definitely one of the best Long hair 40 year old women style, that will go absolutely great with every occasion and outfit. FOr women who think that Hairstyles For Women Over 40 is restricted to just plain blunt or bob, this can prove to be a great refresher. If you are among them, who are scared to try out the Long Hairstyles For Women over 40, this can be great. Since the waves will make your hair look slightly shorter and also more put together. Use a simple curling tong or one of our heatless curling methods to achieve the dreamy waves that look absolutely glamourous.

2. Straight long Locks

Straight long LocksIf you looking for trendy hairstyles for 40 year old woman 2017/ 2018, this is a must for all those style conscious ladies. There is something about sleek long straight hair that screams class. It is sheer sophistication one of the perfect hairstyles for over 40 women. Especially for a well tailored formal crisp look. Just iron out hair and shed about 10 years off. These are simple to do hairstyles for 40 year old women who love low maintenance and do not have the patience to sit through a curling session. Just wash your hair, apply some heat protectant and iron them out. Your perfect long hairstyles for women over 40 is ready to be rocked.

3. Bangs with straight hair

Bangs with straight hairIf you have really great long hair over 40 years of age, you probably always have had the same length throughout your life. Well, at least majorly. So aren’t you tired of the long simple hair? Do you love long hair too much to let it go?  Do you still want perfect Long Hairstyles women over 40 can also rock? Well, this is it. Look absolutely chic with these pretty bangs and straight hairstyle. Wear Indian clothes, office wear or simply whatever you want and manage to look absolutely chic in every outfit ever. This hairstyle is the pinnacle of versatility.

4. Tight curls

Tight curlsThis is one of the more dramatic long Hairstyles For Women over 40. A curly hairstyles For Women at any age is just simple stunning. It accentuates the person’s best features and keeps the drama going. This was definitely on of the best hairstyles for 40 year old woman 2017-2018. And we know it will simply continue to be so. This hairstyle can be great to pair with your traditional Indian outfits the coming wedding season. Make sure you apply a nice heat protectant and your hair are ready to take that heat.

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5. Layered curly hair

Layered curly hairIf you have long hair over 40, and you are not afraid to flaunt your gorgeous hair, make sure that you choose this extremely dramatic and sexy haircut. It is one of those Long Hairstyles women are not that sure about carrying off. It is the drama of curly hair combined with the sass of the layers. It is absolutely perfect for a really important function or a date night. It will make everyone notice your beautiful long hair and keep you in the “great styled hair” books of everyone. Choose to pair this with your indo western dresses, it will absolutely look charming and apt.

6. Long hair with layers

Long hair with layersLayered curly hair, is a simple yet super complicated looking Long Hairstyles over 40. Especially since, it can go with every face shape. If you really love long hair, This can be a great hairstyle for long hair over 40 women. Layering will make this hairstyle look smart and chic. It is a perfect hairstyle for women who have straight or wavy hair. If you blow dry your long layered hair, make sure you curl it outwards, this will make the layers more prominent and sexy. Don’t be afraid to wear it with Indian wear too.

7. Feather styled

Feather styledWho doesn’t like the feather cut hairstyles, It is a perfect hairstyle for elegance and class. What more it can make you look absolutely smart and younger. This simple and latest long hairstyles for women over 40, is one of the most loved hairstyles that elder women opt for. Feather cut is great for women of all ages and face types. If you choose to keep your hair long, then this hairstyle deserves a chance. We suggest you pair it with bold smoky eyes and a beige nude lip colour. It will absolutely stunning.

Follow this guide to the most stylish and simple hairstyles that will keep your long hair looking apt and yet stylish. Use these easy and simple hairstyle and look like the true diva that you are. Do not forget to pair it up with your smile and it just cannot get any better. Hope that this style guide has some inspiration of hairstyles for over 40 women readers.

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