15 Easy Indian Breakfast Ideas For Health And Fitness


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Breakfast is a morning meal that gives you the dose of energy you carry till the afternoon. The shortest meal of your day must be easy to prepare and healthy to eat. The first meal of the day is not that easy to get into your plate when you consider health and time at once. And not that difficult with some breakfast ideas.

Women skipping breakfast is a vicious cycle. It affects your whole day and the next day as well. When you realize the importance of breakfast, you must have ideas to prepare something then and there. Morning times are not to wait but only to run.

Instead of skipping breakfast to save some time, you better have breakfast ideas that are healthy for women. So, here you go energetic and active with breakfast ideas which are specially designed for women.

Looking For Healthy And Easy Breakfasts Ideas?

1. Spinach Idli and Sambar


Do you prefer light breakfasts? Having light food in the morning keeps you active but only when you are not missing the nutrients. The traditional idli is too light and not that nutritious for breakfast. So, adding spinach is a wonderful idea. It has all the essential vitamins that women need in their diet.

Health benefits with spinach are too many. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals that keep you full of energy and hunger until your next meal. You can also make it healthier using moong dhal as one of the ingredients.

All these ingredients- spinach, moong dal are very much handy for women at home. So, it is a quick breakfast that you can prepare to be fit and healthy. One breakfast idea in a week is sorted! And you are happy?

2. Veg Sandwich with Whole Grain Bread


Many look for the breakfast idea that matches their weight loss diet chart. Here is an awesome idea for you with whole grain bread. And you don’t have to compromise with the taste anyways.

Keep the tomatoes and cucumber freshly cut slices at one side. Apply a layer of homemade chutney to the bread and then place the tomato and cucumber slices over it. Your open veg sandwich is ready. You can make 2-3 slices that keep you filled and satisfy your morning hunger.

Whole grain bread is easy to digest and it stops your cravings as it is a hunger suppressant. You have the topping cucumber and tomato which are great for hydration. If you want to make it protein loaded, then you can roast the bread in unsalted butter.

3. Poha with Green Peas


Poha is the healthier breakfast and you know how easy it is to prepare. Add some taste to it with the amazing ingredients like green peas and dash of lime. Here is the recipe that you can try for your morning breakfast.

When you want a healthy breakfast, all the ingredients that you add must be nutritious. Green peas are great for digestion. It is food that has low calories and fat. The additional ingredients like onion, green chilies, and coriander are not just for taste but healthy. Take the recipe from here.

4. Veg Roll with Mint Chutney


Veg roll for breakfast is a combination of health and taste. You feel filled with a one full roll. Chapatis are never boring when you roll it. But add the beneficial ingredients to make it a good breakfast.

Make chapatis and spread the homemade mint chutney that you kept ready. Steam some broccoli and salt fry the capsicum. The green veggies are a must for your first meal of the day. You can add steamed carrot and baby corn. If you are ready with the ingredients, then you will be ready with your breakfast within minutes.

You can also pack it up and have it at your office desk is a working woman. Just secure it with a toothpick to avoid unfolding and the mess.

5. Bowl of Oats with Dried Berries


Get a packet of dried berries and a cup of pomegranate. You can quickly cook a bowl of oats and add the fruits to it. This is a lovely breakfast that is filled with vitamins. Oats are of less calories and more nutrients. As it is a low fat food, you can include it in your diet char without a second thought.

Blend the oats with skimmed milk that gives you a dose of protein and energy. Anyways it has low fat. You will be charged and feel full until lunchtime as you have the fruits as well. It hardly takes 5-10 minutes to prepare a bowl of oats with fruit toppings.

6. Scrambled Egg and Veg Smoothie


Do two items make your breakfast heavy? No! It makes your meal healthy. Make a green smoothie with a simple recipe. Prepare scrambled eggs with less oil. Then add the spices and flavors that tingle your taste buds. You are done with an energetic breakfast.

An egg is the source of a full protein and low in calories. If you want to make it a low fat breakfast, then you can exclude yolk. One egg white weighs 16 calories and 4 grams of protein with zero fat. The whole egg contains 71 calories, 6 grams of protein, 5 grams fat. Which is better for you?

The spices stimulate your morning mood. Green smoothie which has veggies like broccoli and green leaf curries is super good. Choose the veggies that are loaded with vitamins and minerals like zinc and iron.

Your tummy will be happy with this healthy breakfast.

7. Besan Chilla


Besan is the always available item to make a variety of tasty foods. Besan chilla is a great weight loss and fitness for women. You can add the veggies and green leaves in your chilla. Make it sure, you chop the vegetables finely. Spinach, coriander and curry leaves and carrot are great to add to the cheela.

You can have tomato pickles that are homemade. I suggest you add the spices like onion and carom seeds to it. It is the desi Indian food for weight loss. You can intake the proteins that you need as per the day. As it contains less calories, you can shed the extra fat.

An easy made and healthy recipe for women who are working and busy with household chores, management.

8. Masala Roti


Roti is dry for breakfast! You end up eating one roti and crave more food later in the day. So, make it fulfilling for your tummy with masala roti. It is simple by adding the species like carom seeds, pepper, and chilli powder to the atta while mixing for roti.

The masala roti goes well with homemade pickles and chutneys. Having green tea in the morning energizes your body. Green tea is a must to drink beverages to reduce period cramps.

9. Uttapam


Uttapam is a great option for breakfast. It is easy to make with flavourful ingredients. The mixture of rice and lentils along with the veggies is tasty. It is the most preferred food for women who are aiming for weight loss.

It holds your cravings and keeps your energetic. You can have plain uttapam but it is not as nutritious as when veggies are added. Adding coriander leaves and curry leaves give it an amazing taste. Green chillies chopped finely, onions and carrots are a must to make your morning meal a healthy one. Two rava uttapam of mini size is more than enough for breakfast.

10. Sabudana Khichdi


The women who are prioritizing health and fitness in their diet must add sabudana khichdi to their diet. It is simple with a few ingredients. Sabudana is of less calories but it is rich in the vitamins B6 and B9.

To get the taste for your morning diet, just sprinkle the roasted groundnuts, boiled potato. The spices- cumin powder, chillies are a must to add. As you need the protein intake, add a bit of ghee. Ghee with the right amount is good for breakfast. This is a healthy breakfast with multi ingredients but you can make it in a few minutes. Check out the easy recipe of sabudana khichdi.

11. Veg Salad


A mixture of all veggies that are stocked in your refrigerator can make a yummy breakfast. The vegetables like tomatoes, spring onions, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, and cucumbers are a must in a veg salad. Adding some grated paneer or nuts like almonds, walnuts make it a protein loaded salad.

The vitamins and minerals that you need for the whole day are stuffed in your veg salad. It feels light and keeps your stomach filled. You can have it once or twice in your weekly diet. It is both for health and fitness.

12. Chicken Salad


If you are a nonveg lover, then the chicken salad is a must-try. The veggies with chick combo is packed with proteins. It is an exotic breakfast that you can relish in the morning!

Keep the spices like bell pepper and black pepper added to the salad to make it delicious. To make it a protein oriented dish, you can grate some low fat cheese. Add the dried berries or organic honey to your chicken salad.

It is an immunity increasing salad with all super good ingredients. Get this recipe and try it out!

13. Whole Grain Bread with Peanut Butter and Fruit Juice


Whole grain bread and peanut butter is a saviour of time but not nutrients. The bread has dietary fiber- 1.9 grams and proteins around 3.5 grams. It is a low calorie food that suits the morning food plate. Simply spread a layer of peanut butter and enjoy it.

You need a little more to start your day well. So, make a fruit juice which makes it a right combo with whole grain bread. Juice with only fruits is not a good option for fitness freaks. Additionally, enhance the goodness of your breakfast placing the fresh banana slices over the bread. What not it is- tasty, instantly made, and healthy breakfast!

14. Spinach Omelette


We have plenty of recipes with egg as the main ingredient. But we want something healthy, stomach filling and tasty for breakfast. So, we are giving away an easy recipe that can be p[art of your weight loss diet chart too. Egg omelette with veggies and spices is super good. Crack two eggs and sprinkle chopped spinach, tomatoes, and onions finely chopped. Add your salt and Mirchi powder to taste and cook it

Your breakfast is ready within 10 minutes. You don’t have to skip it or go for any unhealthy option as you have something great to eat on your plate.

15. Banana Pancake


Pancakes are too good! The recipe is not so tough that you have to plan and then make. The quick recipe and your passion start the day with a healthy recipe.

A banana has the minerals in bananas that are a need for every day. You have potassium that makes your day energetic. You can balance the diet when you are having banana pancakes for breakfast. It consists of 105 calories and 1.3 grams proteins.

The ingredients to make the yummiest banana pancakes are the most available in your kitchen. Check out this recipe by Kunal Kapoor.

All breakfast ideas are simple to do. You don’t feel making breakfast as a task. Prep everything the night before to make a quick breakfast. We have included the dishes which have great nutritional facts. The ideas are good for your weight loss goals. So, you can try them today without any lateness!

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