How to Reduce Cheek Fat With Good Food And Facial Exercises


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The shaped out features change your face shape. We can’t say- a particular face shape is the best or original. The best for you is how you love yourself. If you want to change your facial features, then we would stress you to follow the natural and simple remedies. For example, cheek fat is your beauty concern. Then you don’t have to undergo surgery as you have other alternatives.

Cheek fat makes you appear bugged up. The food you are taking can bulge your cheeks out of your face.

If your cheeks have that over fat, then cut off with the right food and exercises. Facial exercise works tremendously to reduce the extra fat in the face. If you were looking for natural ways to get rid of that cheek fat, then you must check further.

Causes For Cheek Fat

The causes are not related to health conditions. It is more related to your habits, food, and lifestyle. If you can follow a few tips and take proper food, the causes for cheek fat can be controlled well.

  • Due to overweight
  • Lack of sleep
  • Excess consumption of processed food
  • Water retention
  • Genetics

Foods to Reduce Cheek Fat

Food plays a major role in your health and skin conditions. “You are what you eat”, is apt when we are talking about fluffy cheeks. The sugared and salted food is a direct cause for cheek fat.

Then what is better for your skin and healthy facial appearance. Here we have mentioned the foods that are good for tight and strengthened cheeks.

1. Drink Water More

The first thing that you must intake to reduce cheek fat is water. When your body is adequately hydrated, it prevents facial swelling and bloating. When you are dehydrated, water retention is the following condition. Water retention is a possible cause for weight gain (R) which deposits fat in your face as well.

2. Wholegrains

Whole Grains are the healthiest foods that you must add in your daily diet. It is a food that is more packed with vitamins and minerals but low in calories. It also satisfies your hunger, I would suggest you have whole grains bread or sugar-free cookies for your breakfast. This can control your cheeks from growing fat.

3. Vitamin C

You have more than enough fruits that contain vitamin C. You must keep consuming vitamin C to get rid of cheek fat. Vitamin C helps burn fat with its powerful acidic nature. Make sure you add vitamin C fruits to your diet.

Eat these fruits to gain the everyday dose of vitamin C- oranges, strawberries, grapes.

4. Cucumber

We already made it clear that water retention can be a reason for cheek puffiness. You need to hydrate your body with veggies that have water content. Cucumber comes first in the list of water content foods.

It hydrates your skin and prevents water retention. You will see a reduction of cheek fat eating cucumber along with other nutritional foods.

5. Broccoli

Coming to the veggies list, you have broccoli for beauty benefits. It keeps your skin texture smooth and soft. Also, it contains a higher amount of vitamin C.

6. Tomato

Tomato is the vegetable that you can’t skip in your diet. It gives you the hydration that your body needs. Consuming tomato juice with beet and carrot is a healthy idea for skin, beauty, and body. The water content in tomatoes prevents your face from water retention.

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Facial Exercises To Reduce Cheek Fat

Facial exercises are getting popular reducing face fat. It is also greatly helpful in preventing skin aging signs and facial fitness.

Soon after practicing the exercises, we look for the results. Herewith facial exercises to reduce the cheek fat, it depends on your skin elasticity, food, and lifestyle. Don’t forget consistency is the most important thing to keep in mind when practicing the exercises.

1. Water in Cheek


This is a very simple exercise that you can practice for every day and get rid of those fluffy cheeks. As you are giving your cheeks a good stretch by holding the water. And tapping with a finger on the cheeks activates the dull muscles.

Steps to do

  1. Take a big sip of water and hold on one side of the cheek.
  2. Now gently press upwards with your index finger.
  3. Do this 30 seconds and remove the water out of your mouth.
  4. Now repeat this on the other side.

How often?

  • Continues doing this until you see a difference.

2. Lay On A Chair


To practice this exercise it takes 2 minutes but it benefits you with the right face shape. This exercise is to stretch your cheek muscles in the right way. You are giving the movement that is required to reduce cheek fat by simply holding water.

Steps To Do

  1. Fill water in your mouth.
  2. Lay back on a comfortable chair and raise up your head towards the ceiling.
  3. Hold the water in your mouth for 30 seconds.

How often?

Do this daily for desired results.

3. Head Flaps

Head-flapsWhen your head flaps the water hits the cheek walls. This improves blood circulation and reduces the fat actively in your cheek area. The head movement is an effective exercise for your neck as well. You can practice this exercise every day taking 2 minutes.

Steps to do

  1. Fill water in your cheeks and hold it.
  2. Now shake your head from left to right and right to left.
  3. Let the water hit the walls of your cheeks.
  4. Do it for 10 seconds and stop.

Note: Do not do this for more than 10 seconds as your head will spin.

4. Kissy and smiley face position

You need to move your facial muscles for fat not to accumulate on the face. You don’t do it, particularly until it is an exercise. So, here is a perfect exercise that lets your cheek muscles get active and reduce the fat.

Steps to do

1. Make your lips into a kissy position and smile with slightly open lips.
2. Do this movement for 15 times to complete one set.

How often?

Do it continuously for a month or more.

5. Puffy Cheeks

Puffy cheeks strengthen your cheek muscles and tighten your skin. You will get rid of the facial fat with daily practice. This also increases the elasticity of your skin and prevents you from getting fluffy.

Steps to do

1. Make puffy cheeks.
2. pout your lips out and then relax. Do this movement without a gap.
3. You need to do it 15 times.

How often?

Do this exercise every day to reduce cheek fat.

Quick Tips to Reduce Cheek Fat

1. Sleep Well

When you get less sleep than required, your body undergoes a few changes. Mainly, the leptin hormone reduces which prevents fat accumulation in your body.

2. Do Not Eat Processed Food

You must avoid sweet juices and beverages. The sugar in the tea and juices contain fructose. Consuming fructose will increase your cravings for more food. This makes you eat more and go imbalanced with your weight which reflects in your facial features like cheeks and chin.

3. Lose Bodyweight

If you are able to lose bodyweight, then you will automatically reduce your cheek fat. The fat deposit takes place in various areas of your body. More or less, it affects your cheeks.

4. Chew Fennel Seeds

While chewing fennel seeds, you engage your cheeks in the active and continuous movement. This reduces the cheek fat. Take a tablespoon of fennel seeds and chew it after your meals. Do this daily, until the cheek fat is reduced.

When your diet is healthy with good quantities of nutrients, you stay fit in and out. Along with that, the exercises can help you better than skipping it. Exercises are too simple to strengthen your facial muscles. It sets your face shape as you desire and reduces the cheek fat. Follow all that is mentioned here to cut off those fluffy cheeks.

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