10 Super Indian Foods To Eat Before Bed For Weight Loss


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Your every meal of the day can be called as a treat. Not the taste but the health benefits of the food you include makes it a treat. So, before making and taking the food, see how healthy it is. If you remember, you are asked to eat certain food before or at bedtime. The food you take before your bedtime can effect on your weight.

What do you know about food before bedtime? I am not wrong you know the basic fact that food before bedtime must be not heavy or in large quantities.

When you are starving before bed, you pick anything from the fridge or kitchen to fill your stomach. But that is not the right way you treat your hunger. Going to bed with an empty stomach is a bad idea which makes you gain more weight. So, you must keep it balanced with some good food options at night.

What Food To Take Before Bed For Weight Loss?

1. Yogurt

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Yogurt is filled with proteins and healthy fats. You must also note that it is important to take some protein before sleep. A study proved that yogurt before bed can stimulate overnight protein synthesis which repairs and helps muscle growth. Lean protein can help you in fat burning and then weight loss. Another reason that you prefer yogurt before bed is low sugar.

You can add to your meal or take in the form of snack which is a perfect treat anyways. We suggest you take yogurt have in the form of raita, buttermilk with yogurt which super effective for weight loss.

2. Almonds

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The food you eat before bed need to repair your muscles overnight and almond do the best at of it. The fiber in almonds also keeps you satisfied which is a healthy snack. You can take a cup of almonds every day six months before bedtime to reduce your weight. It is an active option for fat burning.

Vitamin deficiency may also make you suffer from poor sleep. Then, you must eat a handful of almonds to treat your vitamin deficiency. The vitamin B in almonds help you manage stress and anxiety as well.

3. Turkey/Chicken

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The other best option that must be added in the protein oriented food. As mentioned before, protein before bed helps in repairing your muscles. It also gives you a tight sleep. Protein intake before bed can also stabilize the blood sugar. It doesn’t add too many calories to your meals. Hence, it is amazing food to take before bed when you start your weight loss plans.

You can add some in your salads, or a make a turkey wrap for yourself which is a healthy snack.

4. Cherries

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Cherries are not only the healthiest fruit but help you in having solid sleep. The source of melatonin in cherries helps in better sleep. Cherries are also great with antioxidants. The vitamins in cherries can help you stay up with metabolism when you are snoozing deep.

You can have a cup of cherries or a glass of cherry juice before bed.

5. Peanut Butter and Whole Grain Bread

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Peanut butter is the most preferred food for weight loss especially for before bed. It helps in boosting your metabolism at night when you sleep. Tryptophan, an amino acid in peanut butter also can help you sleep better. If you are focusing on reducing belly fat, then you can add peanut butter to your night diet. It also promotes the muscles building. It is a super combination when you have peanut butter and whole grain bread. Whole grain bread also helps in burning belly fat. Whole grains provide you vitamins, minerals and fiber than in other kind of bread.

6. Cottage Cheese

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Cottage cheese before the bedtime can help in shedding the pounds as it low in calories. You can take it as the most protein oriented food option. For weight loss, you need to choose low calories food which can boost metabolism. It is good for overall health and for a balanced diet. It also helps in the functioning of the immune system.

You must know the fact about eating cottage cheese before bed- it releases amino acids into blood and muscles during the night time and it may reduce muscle breakdown. This is the very reason why bodybuilders love to eat cottage cheese before bed.

7. Banana

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Banana contains high fiber and minerals like potassium and magnesium. The potassium content in bananas can reduce water retention which helps in weight loss. It contains natural sweetness which satisfies your craving for sugary food after dinner. As it contains rich fiber and carbohydrates, it makes you feel full.

We suggest you have half a piece of banana before bed. As you are aiming for weight loss, the consumption must be limited.

8. Leafy greens

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Leafy greens are loaded with plenty of proteins and it is a healthy option for weight loss. You can have a healthy meal with leafy greens, as it is low in calories but high carbohydrates and fiber. You can increase your food volume even with low calories when leafy greens are part of your diet.

The greens like spinach, coriander leaves, fenugreek leaves and many others are easy to add into your daily diet.

9. Sweet Potato

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Sweet potatoes are for muscle relaxing if you take before bed. It consists the carbohydrates which are easy to digest. The natural sweetness and flavour make it the tastiest food for bedtime. You can snack up adding some nut butter and banana slices along with sweet potato. It can easily make you feel fuller as it is packed with minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium.

10. Oatmeal

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If you were preferring oatmeal for breakfast, shift for night time. As oatmeal is less in calories and light food, it is good to consume before bed. As oats are packed with fibers, it also satisfies your hunger. The fiber content in oatmeal can help in digestion. Oatmeal is a healthy choice for weight loss as it is low in fat and calories.

You have many recipes that can make oatmeal into a tasty snack.

While you are chasing your weight loss goals, you must not neglect your health. Whatever you are consuming is contributing to weight gain and loss. So, you must be conscious of the foods that you are adding in your diet. All the above-mentioned food items are tasty and healthy which let you achieve your weight loss goals.

Now start searching and stocking these foods to eat before bed for weight loss.

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