How to be motivated during workouts


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Workout Tips

When you work out, it can get boring, tiring and you may not feel like continuing it after a few days. It in fact becomes a very conscious thing and you can’t help but end up skipping your workout. But you know what will keep you motivated during workouts? Well, the thought that you are not tired and you are not going to quit is something that will keep you motivated during workouts. Do you know that when you say things aloud that too when you say it in the meanest way you tend to feel ashamed and listen to yourself? Yes, when you tell yourself that you are fat and you look bad, you tend to feel extremely bad and not end up quitting it. Insult yourself aloud and feel jealous of the way others look.

These things are small ways to keep you motivated. Are you a person who believes that spending money on gym is a total waste and sometimes it just takes off all the money and doesn’t give you anything in return? Well, that is sometimes true. So, why waste money when all you can do is work out and be fit by all yourself without wasting your money? Here are some things that you might want to know about staying motivated during workouts

Top Ways to Stay Motivated During Workouts

1Do what suits you

Do what suits you

Do you know that some workouts are actually too hard and you will not be able to do it how much ever you try to? Well, yes, it is true that sometimes these workouts can get crazy. So, just stick to what you think is possible for you to do. Just describe the way you look online and find workouts that are right for you. That way you won’t be doing everything unnecessary. Sometimes your stomach needs more focus than your legs and hands. That is the time you have to shift the focus to your stomach and loosen up on the whole body workout. This can be found out only through online sources. Make sure you don’t do crash courses and all because that can be very bad for you. If you are new to working out, do what fits you right and keep going without being de-motivated about the workout.

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2Make friends when you workout

friends when you workout

When you have two or even one more people to work out with you, you will be extremely motivated to work. Yes, this is just like any other thing. You might not want to play games without another person right? Or would you like to go for a long ride alone or with a bunch of people? When all the other things are like that, even workout is the same. You just have to find the right kind of people and start your workout with them. If you have friends who are planning to lose weight as well like you, just catch hold of them and start working out. When you do that, you will motivate the other person and he will motivate you when you are in your low phase. When you get motivated, you will feel happy and start working out even if one day your friend doesn’t turn up.

3Make it a game

Make it a game

Just play it out instead of thinking of it as a workout. Yes, you can very much play a game or just run behind each other. Make sure you play a game that gets you sweating. Even if it’s a running and catching game or a game where you have to hide and seek. As long as you can exercise using these simple game tricks, you will be motivated to work out even better. Go out and play badminton or swim or move your hands and legs. When you make it a game, it gets easier for you to do whatever you want. That gives you the freedom too.

4Update your playlist

Update your playlist

Well, it is said that most of the people who work out can listen to music and that is one way where you tend to do more workout than you actually think. Yes, when you listen to music, you workout according to the beat of the music. So, always prefer something fast and exciting when it comes to working out. When you listen to more songs, you concentration shifts from workout to music and so you will not feel pressurized to work out at all. You will in fact be faster and more furious if you have good music backing you up.

5Outdoor workouts

Outdoor workouts

Many times, working out inside the house doesn’t make you do the best for you. When you run or workout outside, the best thing that happens is that you get motivated looking at others. It doesn’t make you depressing and it energizes you even more than you think. When you get to see other people working out, you will have the happiness that you are not the only person trying to lose weight. That way, you will be able to work out everyday and you may even make friends outside of your circle. Who knows, a lot can happen during a workout session!

6Give yourself rewards

Give yourself rewards

It isn’t wrong to give yourself some kind of reward when you achieve a goal. Yes, you can treat yourself or you can stop working out for a day or two and just loath around. That could be one of the best rewards you can give yourself. If you feel like eating something, you can definitely do that, but make sure that you do that after achieving something. Just because you worked out continuously for 10 days, you can’t give yourself a reward. A reward has to be typically something that you give yourself after achieving something. That will keep you motivated and give you energy to work out more and more.

-Pavithra Ravi

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