Amazing Benefits of Fenugreek


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Benefits of Fenugreek

Commonly known as Methi throughout India, fenugreek is a renowned medicinal herb, which is prescribed by health professionals for a wide variety of reasons.

It acts as an anti-eruptive, which cures both internal as well as external inflammations. It benefits your carnal functions, and also acts as an advanced nourishment for babies, among other things.

Read on about these amazing benefits of fenugreek, as a little knowledge never harmed no man, woman or child.

Heath Gains of Fenugreek

1Digestive Functions and cholesterol levels

Digestive Functions

Fenugreek is a renowned remedy for a number of digestive disorders like an upset stomach, constipation, and internal inflammations. It consists of soluble fibers which guarantee the regular flushing of your bowels.

It is also known to be an essential remedy for a number of cardiovascular ailments. It prevents the hardening of the artery walls and naturally lowers the percentage of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream.

2Internal Inflammations

Internal Inflammations

An obnoxious number of internal inflammations such as mouth ulcers, boils, bronchitis, tuberculosis, kidney disorders, and to some extent certain types of cancer, find their remedies in fenugreek.

The medicinal values of fenugreek has been known to mankind since the Vedic age. Since then it has been a regular ingredient in Ayurvedic concoctions, to cure high levels of blood sugar and other metabolic and nutritive disorders. The herb functions by slowing down the absorption of sugars and thus stimulating the production of insulin.

3Increases Libido

Increases Libido

Fenugreek is also used in treating hernia, erectile dysfunction disorder, and male problems of the kind. It may even treat loss of hair, as it catalyzes the secretion of testosterone in the system.

It may however be best to consult a specialist in prolonged cases, yet supplements made from fenugreek has been known to work wonders in case of impotency.

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4Assists in Brest Feeding

Assists in Brest Feeding

Women who are breast feeding are at times known to experience lower supplies of milk. Fenugreek acts a galactagogue, thus increasing a woman’s milk supply. The stimulation of milk ducts may show the results as early as within the first day of consumption.

You may, however consult a physician to prevent occurrence of any allergies to the child.

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5Cures External Inflammations

Cures External Inflammations

Fenugreek is an essential cure for external eruptions, just as it is for internal ones. It acts as a cure for muscle swelling, gout, wounds, blisters, ulcers, dandruff and eczema.

6Adds Flavour

Adds Flavour

Fenugreek is a common spice in cuisines across India. The seeds are used as a spice, while the leaves act as a herb. What better when all the goodness of the plant may be received in a delectable recipe.

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