Great benefits of star fruit for women

Star Fruits

Star fruit is a star like shaped fruit that tastes half like pineapple and half like pear. It tastes great and has many health benefits in it. It is usually called star fruit in English, kamrakh in Hindi and carambola in some parts of the world. The fruit is both sour and sweet at the same time and has small seeds inside of them. It is basically found in the summer and the autumn season. The fruit is very rarely found in India, but has a load of health and beauty benefits attached to it for women. So, we are going to see the great health benefits of star fruit in women in this article.

The great thing about this fruit is that it has a lot of natural health benefits and has a lot of nutritional value added in it. You can eat it just as a fruit or you could make it into a smoothie or juice. It works good if you accommodate some space for the fruit in your fridge as it needs to be in a cool place. You should try to consume the fruit within 3-4 days of your purchase. So, let us see the health benefits of star fruit for women.

Top Benefits of Star Fruit in Women

1It gives you immunity power

It gives you immunity power

Being rich in Vitamin C, star fruit is a fruit that has water soluble vitamins in them that is one of the best anti-oxidants for human body. The fruit is great for immunity power and will allow your body to fight against certain normal diseases like cold, cough, flu and common infections. Vitamin C in this fruit will help you regain the vitamins by helping you to sweat and through excretions. The best thing about anti-oxidants is that, it helps removing the toxins from your body and improves the immune factor.

2It is a good anti cancer agent

It is a good anti cancer agent

Our lifestyle is such that, cancer is no more a far away disease. Anybody and everybody can get cancer and it won’t come as a surprise if you have it too. Cancer can be cured, but what can you do to avoid chances of cancer? You can eat the star fruit to avoid chances of cancer on the whole. Free radicals that are produced in the body is the main cause for production of cancer as well. Until your anti oxidants clean the free radicals, there are no problems. But, due to immunity power, if there is a lack of antioxidants in your body, then there is nothing that you can do to stop cancer from entering your body. One damaged cell divides into numerous cells and spread into healthy cells affecting more than one part of the body.

Star fruit helps you from cancer and from decreasing the antioxidants from your body. Since it contains rich content of fiber, it helps your body reject cancer cells and keeps your body safe. The good thing about fiber is that it helps your body flush all the bad toxins from your colon and keeps you healthy and safe.

3Helps with weight loss

Helps with weight loss

Exercising is very important for a woman. No matter how fat or thin she is, exercise goes a long way in keeping a healthy body active and alive. While exercising is important, even dieting is very important to keep a clean and neat body regime. A combination of both fiber and minerals is the reason why dieting works well. That is exactly what even star fruit helps with. It helps you include both fiber and minerals in your body and removes the extra fat in your body. The good thing about fiber is that it helps you feel full faster than expected and lets you cut the appetite in a natural way. Since star fruit also has minerals, it helps you in maintaining the electrolyte. This way your body is protected from extra fat.

4Hair Vitalizer

Hair Vitalizer

Since star fruit is rich in minerals and vitamins, it not only helps with immunization of your body, but also helps with having a straight thick and shiny hair. In fact, it is a great way to get bright and spotless skin also. Vitamin A in star fruit keeps your hair moisturized and acts as the serum. You don’t have to do anything else other than using the fruit on your hair and skin. When you apply raw fruit pulp on your skin, it will help you reduce acne spots and increase glow on your face.

The beauty of star fruit is that, it also lets you sleep happily when you eat or use the fruit in one way or the other. Since the fruit has magnesium content in it, it helps you sleep in tranquil way and individual sleep is better. It cures the sleep disorders and increases the metabolism of your body.

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There are so many more good benefits of star fruit. The best thing about this fruit is that, it isn’t just tasty but has a load of health benefits as well. As long as you want to taste and enjoy the flavor or fruit, it is best for yourself and your body.

-Pavithra Ravi

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