Reduce Your Acne With Healthy Nutrition


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Foods To Reduce Acne

Sometimes acne’s are not caused because of pizza or chocolate. It can be because of heredity and hormones. We all want to decrease that level of acne producing inflammation in our body to get a clear skin. But dieting sometimes can be hard too. With a healthy diet, you can have a healthy and glowing skin that balances and fights inflammation.

Here are a few foods to reduce acne from your skin and also help in preventing pimples to grow. Sometimes all it takes is the positive attitude and healthy food for your glowing and beautiful skin

Tips On Reducing Acne Breakout

Foods You Should Eat:



Most of the times our diet consists of Omega-6 fatty acids, which may cause inflammation by triggering cells in blocking pores. Eating more of Omega-3 fatty acids like fish, flax seed, walnut, etc., can help in reducing inflammation and acne breakouts. Eating more of salmon, mackerel and sardines in fish can help in fighting blemishes.

2Green tea

Green tea

Some research has shown that green tea can reduce or fight in reducing acne breakouts. Green tea contains a powerful antioxidants (EGCG) which helps in reducing the glands with acne. It can improve acne in 8 weeks by drinking more green tea throughout the day or by applying green tea bags that are cooled for 10 to 15 minutes. It also contains polyphenols which increases oxygen and blood-flow to the skin, and improves the overall look, health and feel.

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Oysters have mineral zinc present, which may help in reducing the effect of acne. Along with oysters, toasted wheat germ, roasted beef, squash seeds, roasted pumpkins and veal liver also consists of the mineral zinc. Although sometimes consuming more than 100 mg per day can cause other side effects.

4Fruits or vegetable Juice

Fruits or vegetable Juice

Fruits and vegetables are one of the best way to clear acne breakouts. They have beta-carotenes, that can help in reducing skin oils, and most of the time is anti-inflammatory. Leafy and dark greens also helps in clearing toxins from the body and dark-coloured berries are good for skin because of the Phytonutrients present in them.

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As we have read in previous article about how probiotics helps in improving our digestive system, it is also beneficial for reducing acne breakouts. Some studies have shown that intestinal microflora can effect inflammation in the body which helps in acne breakout. Toxins in the digestive system are features of acne skin condition. Hence, probiotics can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, which helps in acne breakouts. Try to add more probiotics in your diet with yogurt, dark chocolate, kefir, microalgae, pickles, kombucha tea, etc.



Some people have shown traits of acne because of deficiencies in minerals. You can find minerals like zinc, vitamin E, magnesium, copper, calcium, potassium, iron, manganese, selenium, etc., in most of the nuts to fulfill the deficiency and achieve healthy skin.



Garlic contains naturally occurring chemicals called allicin, which helps in killing harmful bacteria and viruses in the body. Which also helps in fighting inflammation. It is one of the superfood which not only helps for fabulous skin but also achieving healthy body.



Broccoli helps in building healthy properties in the body like vitamin A, B, C, E, K and complex. It’s antioxidants fights radical damage which helps in assisting luminosity in the skin and making it a perfect skin clearing food.

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9Alfalfa Sprouts

Alfalfa Sprouts

These sprouts which looks like a grass is packed with valuable skin-clearing nutrients. It contains enzymes which help in fighting inflammation.

10Drink more water

Drink more water

Drinking more water or hydrating yourself is one of the most nutrition fact in reducing acne breakout. Our body being 60 percent water we need water for physical process. Drinking water is key in consuming the correct amount of daily calories. Water is the basic foundation of healthy and clear skin. So, make sure you consume enough water everyday to fulfill your body water needs.

11Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate

Of course chocolate have carbs! But dark chocolate is one of the healthiest type of chocolate to try. It has low sugar content and depending on the kind it has very little or no dairy. It also have zinc, which is one of the acne fighting nutrient.

What not to eat

12Cow’s milk

Cow’s milk

There are several theories, that are not yet proven, states that cow’s milk can spike up the blood sugar, which can increase insulin levels and might encourage in production of oil in the skin. Most of commercial milk, which we buy sometimes comes mainly from pregnant cows, which can contain other hormones that can trigger the production of oil in the skin. Milk has many growth hormones that might encourage the overgrowth of skin cells sometimes blocking the pores.



You might know that sugar, sometimes helps in acne breakouts. Some studies suggest that there can be a link. An acne breakout related to sugar can be counted by how much sugar you are eating in a day. If you have a soda or a candy and see a breakout an hour later try to cut back on sugar or sugary drinks. Sometimes sugar can trigger not only acne but also lot of other health problems.

14Junk food

Junk food

If you are trying hard to clear up your skin, then remember to cut your junk food intake. Junk food can have hormonal fluctuation in your body with rising blood sugar levels. More less number of junk food you consume more clearer your body might become and not only in skin level but also in all other healthy levels.

15Fast food

Fast food

Just like the above condition, there is not much a difference between junk food and fast food. Fast food can create a lot of inflammation in the body. Some studies have also linked the fast food to conditions like childhood asthma, because of the increasing inflammation in the body. As we have read earlier inflammation is also linked with acne breakouts or pimples by blocking pores. So, if you are thinking or in a fast food restaurant try to choose the salad or yogurt.

16Stop popping

Stop popping

Popping pimples is another major consequences which leads to permanent acne marks. It is sometimes the most irritating habit most of us have.

So here are a few tips on acne or pimple free skin you can have. By just avoiding inflammation rising food and eating some recommended healthy food.

Enjoy acne freedom!

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