9 Things To Prove Why Your Brother Is The Best Man


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The Best Man

Brothers are always best friends for their sisters. How much ever you fight, by the end of the day, you guys love each other. He may fight with you but if the third person enters into the fight or conversation against you, then he’ll bash the person forever. He will never allow you to be sad and does everything to keep you happy. He is the one who takes care and be sweet to you regardless of any situation he is in, and that is what a sibling love is.

Reasons why brother is the most important man in your life

1He knows when someone is not good enough for you

He knows when someone

Whenever you go through a terrible breakup, your brother will be the first to put it all in view by reminding you that the guy was ‘too dumb’ for you. Strangely enough, when the tears dry up and your vision clears, you’ll realize that he was actually right.

2He loves you unconditionally, even knowing all your fau...

He loves you unconditionally

You may be the daddy’s little girl, but trust me, daddy doesn’t know half of what you have really been up to. Whereas, your brother is the one who will hold the window open for you while you sneak out. He saw you at your worst and loves you regardless.

3He is the only other person who speaks your language

He is the only other person

Have you ever tried to be tactful with a friend or colleague and they just don’t catch on? With your brother, you never have that problem. You can communicate with a look and know what the other is thinking. You’ll have the same slang and the inside joke will only be for you two guys as you speak in your own language.

4He makes you laugh

He makes you laugh

In addition to the language, you also have the same sense of humor. You guys grew up together with the same jokes and watched the same comedian shows together. You always feel free to laugh and share things with your brother. Others may not find it funny and probably judge you for your jokes and laughs, but because of the same conditions he finds them funny too.

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5He keeps your secrets

He keeps your secrets

Your brother knows all those shameful moments, and will tease you heartlessly for them. But, he’ll never expose you or your secrets. You are always safe with him, even at your lowest points.

6He values your advice

He values your advice

Your brother looks up to you. In spite of seeing you in a complete manic state, he still thinks you’re excellent. He will ask you for dating advice, fashion advice and even career advice when he is ready as he values your opinion the most.

7You can pick up anytime, even if you haven’t talked in ...

You can pick up anytime

Unlike friendships, you need not work on keeping a relationship alive with your brother. He will be there for you always. Even if you have talked two days ago or months ago, he will be still there for you. Life gets busy and we do not get a chance always to keep with our loved ones, especially if they live far away. You can connect with your brother anytime from right where you left off.

8He’s your biggest supporter

He’s your biggest supporter

Your mom must be proud of you, but your brother must be wondering about you for being that little kid in the house. He screams the loudest at all your graduations and shows you off to all his friends. He’s your biggest supporter and always proud of being your brother.

9He goes out of his way for you

He goes out of his way for you

Your brother will stop at cream stone and get your favorite Ferrero Rocher ice cream, even if it requires him to drive 30 minutes away from his way to do so, and that is sibling love.

Sounds like your brother? If so, just shoot him a text right now and thank him for everything. Brothers all over should start receiving some of the credits they deserve.

-Nikisha Uddagiri

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