5 Easy Ways To Care For Your Cat


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Cats are the most lovely creature in the world. Some of us love to have a cat as a pet. But we should remember some points before we pet a cat. Cats need a little bit more care and nurture than dogs as a pet. They are the most independent pets. If you put a little bit more effort then they can become a good feline citizen in your home and can be loyal like dogs. The more you put effort in your cat, the more he/she will appreciate and feel the love. Here are five easy cat care tips for your healthy cat.

Tips To Care Your Cat

1Annual Check-Ups

Annual Check-Ups

By this you can save your cat from any medical problem before it becomes a severe condition. You can even consult the vet about your cat’s health. If you find anything different in his/her walking, acting, meowing or eating mention it to the vet. By examining, your cat’s internal parasites will be treated with vaccine for any condition.

Your vet may recommend to test more for other parasites, kidney function, diabetes or for heart function. Older cats must be treated twice a year because they are more prone to diseases.

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2Groom Your Cat

Groom Your Cat

Try to groom your cat often. Like bathing, or combing. If he/she has long fur, use pin brush, a flat brush is good for short fur. Can use triangular or small brush in areas like face and ear. Try small or gentle brush for kittens. Check for bumps, lumps and fleas on the skin.

Grooming is a very important part for your cat because it prevents hair falling, stimulate blood flow, strips out dead hair and provides a great bonding time for you with your cat.

3Nurturing Space For Your Cat

Nurturing Space For Your Cat

Just like humans, even cats like space of their own. He/she must have a soft and comfortable space that offers privacy. This way he/she will have a relaxing place to sleep or can retreat her overwhelmed feeling. Keep soft pillows or blankets for your cat to snuggle. Do not forget to wash the pillow or blanket regularly.

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4Litter Box


As we do not know, may times cats prefer a neat and clean bathroom. So make sure to clean the litter box every day. If you do not then that will drive him/her somewhere else. You should have more number of litter box, if you have more than one cat. Be sure to place them in different areas of the house to prevent turf.

Do not place the litter boxes around any busy or noisy area or appliances. It may scare them.

5Learn what your cat needs to eat.

Learn what your cat needs to eat

You should also look after what your cat eats and what more he needs. Consult your veterinarian for a quality cat food, specific for your cat. Follow the feeding instruction. Basically, cats are fed with the weight, activity level and age. They like to eat meals in small amount throughout the day. Do not feed human food, unless your vet suggested. Some foods can be toxic and make them sick.

Cats need animal foods because they are carnivores. They get amino acids and proteins from these foods. If they do not get them, it will develop severe consequences for them.

These simple caring tips will make your cat feel more love for you and appreciate your effort.

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