Life lessons that you can learn from pets


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Life Lessons

Pets are always the favorite thing that comes a long way in everyone’s lives. Do you know that pets live their lives in an exemplary and positive way. Actually, you can learn a lot from your pets and they can teach you a lot too. You just have to make sure to watch them regularly to know how they are, how they make every minute worth living for themselves. Although pets are the most loving things in the world, humans turn out to be the most intelligent creatures on the planet. The mere possibility of god making humans think and reason made us stand out among our other living counterparts. Pet parents will definitely agree to the fact that pets do a lot of things that humans don’t and it can be easily understood that humans have to learn a lot from pets. They have a healthy and a very simple living that humans don’t understand.

So, here are some life lessons that you can learn from your pets.

Life Lessons to Learn From Pets

1Living a life of loyalty

Living a life

This is applicable mainly to pets like dogs. Dogs are generally and known to be the most loyal animal to the family who takes care of them. You can definitely attest to the point that your dogs are loyal if you have a pet of your own. Dogs are amazingly loyal because they know how to respect their master’s wishes and they owe it to the master. The thinking of a dog is very, very beautiful. Once they come into a family, they think that they owe the entire life of the master who has been feeding the dog since day 1. So, that is the loyalty that the dogs show every time they wag their tail or try to cuddle or lick you. That is one thing that we as humans can learn from these pets. They are so loyal to their masters and make sure that the masters are not hurt in any manner. This is one small thing that humans have to definitely learn from the pets.

2Big or small, they appreciate it


No matter what kind of treatment you give your dogs, they don’t make a cringe about it. They don’t complain. They appreciate the smallest of things, whether it is big or small. The dogs/pets care more about what they get than how they get. The pets are more concerned about the effort you put. The size doesn’t matter at all.

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3Not holding grudges

holding grudges

Dogs don’t even remember their owners’ shortcomings like how people do. Thought they wait for us all day when we are away, dogs are always happy to see us when we return home. The pet’s enthusiasm is the best and despite our absence, they make sure to love us again and again without holding any kind of grudge like how we people do. No matter what or who, grudges definitely weigh us down and make our walk in life more stressful. If you are not able to let go of something or some mistake someone did, then this the time to stop carrying those grudges. This way you will also understand how the dogs can be grudgeless and you would yearn to be the same like them. Something to learn from the cute thing, Isn’t it?

4Work and play hard

play hard

Dogs are very clever and they work when they are required to. They make sure to be awake all night and guard our homes when we sleep or when we are away. But, when the time is not about guarding and more about playing, dogs are full of energy and play like they are not tired at all. They play and play and play till they know they are hungry. Well, most of the humans try to balance their work and family, but fail at it. We think that we are productive when we work more. A lot of us forget that our brains need some space and time out and that we are just human and our bodies suffer a lot of wear and tear. We definitely aren’t one of those machines that work continuously. Humans should definitely take breaks and when we say breaks, it means like playing games or go out on weekends etc. That is when all the energy will get renewed.

5Attach your heart on your sleeve

Attach your heart

Pets are very straight and don’t have anything to hide because what we see is what we get from our pets. They make sure not to hide their emotions and they show us exactly how they feel. There is no guessing game here at all. Whereas, we aren’t like that! We hide, lie and make sure people don’t understand or know what we think. That is something, which isn’t even what you should be doing because if you don’t say it out loud, you will never understand what the other person feels about you. Life is pretty short and we need to learn from our pets that these are some of the basic things that we are missing majorly.

We need to show the people we love how much we value them and how important they are to us. So, these life lessons from our pets do show something valuable and something concrete for every person to learn. These life lessons can surprisingly change the way we look at life. So, say thanks to your pets and move on.

-Pavithra Ravi