Handmade Earring Ideas For Every Occasion


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Handmade Earring Ideas

Have you ever made earrings or bracelet with flower when you were young? If you did, then you know how much fun it is to create something amazing DIY projects. I on the other hand, always loved making flower rings, earrings or bracelet and wear them around. Just like the childhood, even now too we can make handmade or DIY jewelries available in our home. Making it the most suitable part with us for every occasion. So here are some handmade earring ideas, that you can try wearing them.

Handmade Earring Ideas

1Peruvian style silk thread earrings

Peruvian style silk thread earrings

This amazing Peruvian silk earring is one of the most beautiful collection you can ever have. You can wear this earring with any ethnic wears, like the salwar, saree or even kurti. It can give you a mesmerizing desi look. Try not to wear anything heavy on the neck as it can ruin the look. Just a simple pendant is enough to simplify the look.

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2Paper quilling star earrings

Paper quilling star earrings

Yes, papers can be made into earrings, and only thing that you need is paper and gum to make this amazing paper quilling star earrings. With different types of colors present in the earring you can wear them with any type of western or traditional dresses. You can also wear a neck piece, but remember to keep the neck piece low. These earrings can also be made in one color if you want.

3Paper quilling flower earrings

Paper quilling flower earrings

These earrings are made with two types of colored paper, attached with gum. They can go with western as well as ethnic dresses and can make you look beautiful in any attire. All you need is to wear proper accessories with them.

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4Paper quilling double wheel earrings

Paper quilling double wheel earrings

Yeah! This earring is amazingly carved in double wheel. They can go mostly with traditional dresses; like saree, kurti, or even a salwar. Worried about its bright colors, you can even make them in any colors you want. Remember to accessorize properly with them. A little bit of accessory mistake can ruin your entire look.

5Paper quilling fringe stud earrings

Paper quilling fringe stud earrings

Are you a fan of studs? Well then there is also a way to make stud earrings with paper quillings. They look fantastic, with little flowers on the ears. You can also wear them with anything you want, be it western or traditional and with earrings like this, you don’t even need to wear any neck piece.

6Paper rose earrings

Paper rose earrings

Roses are always great and this blue rose earring is what every woman needs in her life. It is amazing it can be worn with anything and at any occasion. Just like the above stud, make it low on the accessories side. There you do, ready to rock the world with this amazing DIY earring.

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