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Fashion Jewelry

There are many types of eco-friendly fashion jewelry available in the market now-a-days. One of the unique one is the bamboo jewelry. Oh yes! It is as unique as it sounds. It is made of pure bamboo, and it is not only helpful for the environment, but also can make you look beautiful. You can wear them with anything, like western wears, fancy dresses, traditional wears, anarkali, sarees, etc. So here, are some of the amazing bamboo fashion jewelries, that you can try.

Fashion Jewelry

1Bamboo jewelry set

Bamboo jewelry set

This amazing set is made of bamboo and colored in brown and cream. This set can look good more in sarees. The beautiful triangle cut on the pendants can make it look more amazing as well as beautiful. Wear a cotton saree with minimal makeup and you are ready to conquer the world.

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2Soft bamboo jewelry set

Soft bamboo jewelry set

This jewelry set gives more like a sea shell appearance and as the set it too can go well with saree. The sea-shell appearance can give you a more classic look. You can wear any of your favourite saree, but remember to contrast it with your makeup. If your saree is quite dark in color, then try to minimize on makeup, and if your saree is light in color then you can go for a little heavy makeup.

3Bamboo earrings

Bamboo earrings

This dangling bamboo earrings are the most amazing accessory you can wear with your ethnic attires. Be it a kurti with lots of thread work in it, near the neck area or even a same handi work on a salwar kameez. These earrings can never make you look out of fashion or style at any time. Look classic the way you are.

4Colorful bamboo jewelry set

Colorful bamboo jewelry set

This is another classic necklace to wear with your saree. This necklace is circular in shape and in the shape of flower motifs. Even the set have stud earrings, which you can try, whenever you want without the necklace with kurti or a salwaar kameez. Try to keep your makeup set in minimum tone, otherwise you can look tacky.

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5Elegant bamboo jewelry set

Elegant bamboo jewelry set

This elegant neck piece is not just for your saree, you can also wear them with your ethnic wears too, like kurti, aranarkali or salwar. Try to select an attire which is made of cotton or very simple in colors, with makeup similar to it.

6Bamboo grass tubes jewelry set

Bamboo grass tubes jewelry set

When talking about the fancy jewelries, then this neck piece jewelry set is an ultimate example. It is tied to the neck and some dangling grass tubes hang from between the set. It can look elegant with any of your fancy western dresses or gowns for the party. You can even try out heavy makeup of your choice in it also.

7Amazing bamboo necklace

Amazing bamboo necklace

Another fancy neck piece is this elegant as well as a beautiful bamboo necklace with pearl pendant. This necklace is shiny, gorgeous and mesmerizing, which you can wear with any of your western attire, like jeans, or dresses, or even a gown in your evening party.

8Bamboo bangles

Bamboo bangles

Another amazing bamboo jewelry is the bamboo bangles, these bangles are unique, amazing as well as mesmerizing. They are also available in many different shapes as well as sizes. You can wear them with any of your amazing ethnic wears.

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