Fashion Tips Wearing Sari That Can Make You Beautiful


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Saree Trends

Sari which is also spell as saree is the traditional wear in India and every Indian women at some point in her life might have own a sari or have worn a sari. A sari is basically an attire that can make you look sexy and gorgeous in a most traditional and ethnic manner. Also at the same time, it can give a chance to flaunt the curves like no-other outfit can provide.

However, there are also many things that you must take care of in order to look best in this amazing as well as beautiful Indian clothing. If you do not wear it properly, then the whole essence of dressing up a sari can get spoiled. A little here or a little there can really turn this elegant drape into a huge disaster. So here, are some fashion tips wearing sari that you must know before you wear a sari.

Fashion Tips Wearing Sari

1Wearing wrong shoes

Wearing wrong shoes

Never try to wear a casual platform heel or even wedges when wearing a sari. Flats as well as slippers must be avoided as they can spoil the overall look. However, other shoes like the high heels and the stilettos go pretty well with this amazing Indian attire, and they can also make you look slimmer as well as taller. An amazing shoe fashion tips wearing sari.

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2Heavy jewelry

Heavy jewelry

You must not go overboard on bling when you are wearing your favourite saree on a particular occasion. Bling can get you a pretty good amount of attention, but certainly not in the right way. Fashion tips wearing sari is try to go for some delicate jewelries like subtle earrings, or thin bracelet, and even long, sleek chains with small pendants, etc. This can accentuate the looks and also make you look much younger of your age.

3Mismatch with the occasion

Mismatch with the occasion

This is another type of fashion mistake that you must avoid in making, to prevent from being a laughing stock. You might have your favourite sari among the collection you have. But, that does not justify that you must wear them irrespective of the concerned occasion. Fashion tips wearing saree, is wear a light-weight or subtle colored saree which is basically not suggested for any formal function like the wedding. Similarly, that shimmery fine fabric that can enhance the beauty of the wardrobe is a ‘strict no’ for wearing it in office party.

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4Adding too many aides

Adding too many aides

Although it is always a good idea to use lots of pins, to make the sari more manageable, but remember that at the same time, you also need to manage the pins as well. Be sure that you have also managed to hide the pins behind the fabric, and they also do not show up from anywhere. Avoid using too many pins on a delicate sari, so that it does not tear apart.

5Flared petticoat

Flared petticoat

Fashion tips wearing saree, is that flared petticoat must always be avoided, as they can make you look more fatter as well as shapeless. They also make the task of managing your sari quite difficult. It is, always better to go for plain and fitted petticoat.

6Misfit blouses

Misfit blouses

Try to avoid getting tempted on wearing a sexy as well as extremely tight blouse, if they are not going well with the body. Make sure that the blouse you are wearing, can bring your body into a best shape following with a fitness regime. Similarly, even the loosely fitted blouse can spoil your overall look.

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