13 Life lessons, the age 25 will teach you


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Turning 25

25! This is your mark that you would ponder on from your teen years. It is obvious that every girl has a target that she would love to achieve by the time she is turning 25. Before you grow up, 25 would have been your slab, for attaining the perfect job, an amazing and dreamy guy by your side and obviously a life filled with happiness. Life is not always as glamorous as you think it will be. It has a lot of glitches and you end up blaming yourself for all the mishaps. You would have your heart broken long before you realized, your bank balance looks nil for a long time and you would be binge watching your favourite series in your sweats pants.

All said and done, your 25 will not look like the ones in Chick Flicks. But, it also isn’t all that bad. We know how you feel and we have a list of things that will make you feel a little better. 25 will not be your danger age once you read these. Hopefully, you wouldn’t make the mistakes you have made in the past 24 years. So, here’s to the next 25 years and all the amazing things that you can appreciate, adopt and remember!

Top Things You Will Learn When You Turn 25

1Pick and choose

Pick and choose

Getting bogged down for some aunt’s annoying comment or cringing about the man’s chauvinism can be given a miss. Look at what you can choose from people you talk to. If it doesn’t appeal to you, just walk away, because you will know that if it is not worth now, it will not be worth at all.

2Bigger pictures matter

Big picture matters

Are you not getting recognized in your team meetings as much as you should be? Are you not getting your appraisals as you expect? It is fine! Yes, you heard that right! It is fine, because this is not going to be your life forever. The picture is yet to be discovered. Think! 5 years from now, you are sipping your wine with your CEO, giving him your opinions and he praises you for your suggestions! That is what will keep you going in your career. None of these small temporary situations should bother you at all.

3Everyone will be able to move on

move on

Whether or not you accept to this, every person gets to move on however long or not she has been in a relationship. Heartbreaks are the most depressing thing that can happen to you and trust us, it will happen more than once. But, that is when you should make up your mind, shrug off and move forward because you are going to get over this. Just hang in there because something better is waiting!

4Do it, don’t expect back

Do it

If you want to do some help or something that will make you happy, just do it. Remember not to expect that back from someone whom you did it for. If you are planning your sister’s wedding, go ahead and plan because you want to help her out and not because you want her to return some favor sometime to you. This will only depress you if it doesn’t happen. Selfless love? Heard something like that? Be that. Do what makes you happy.

5Friends are your support

Friends are your support

Remember, having a person to fall back is very important and sustaining the friendship with that one person comes in handy in a lot of situations. Your best friend is going to be by your side whatever you do and she is going to guide you through your good and bad. She/He will help you get over your failures and so love them as much as you can. Because hey! If not for your friend, who is going to be your confidante?

6Take risks

Take risks

Take the right kind of risks at this age. This obviously doesn’t mean you can get drunk, party and stay aloof. That would be inappropriate. The risk here is, maybe doing something that you were hesitant of doing for a long time. Meet the guy your friends have been saying is your perfect match, talk to your boss about your promotion and get his suggestions or just go ahead and take the solo trip that you always wanted to. There is nothing that you can’t handle at this age. Remember- survival of the fittest!

7Money is important, but not the most important

Money is important

Yes, sharing is important! But, you can let go of the small expenses you made for your mum, sister or your friend. Never let money be a problem in between a good relationship. If you are paying something for your boyfriend, let it go! You don’t have to keep a tab on every expense of yours for him. Money is temporary, relationships aren’t.

8It’s time to save!

time to save

It is finally time to save. Saving comes when responsibility increases? Says who! Saving comes when age increases, we say. You are 25 now and you got to think of your savings account having at least a minimum balance. You have shopped and shopped and shopped! So, now it’s time to stop, sit back and start thinking of your future. Bring this into action, it is time now.

9Staying home is fun sometimes

Staying home

Staying back at home, alone, sipping on your coffee and eating the hot Chinese noodles is way better than going out and drinking with your ‘Gal-pals’. Sometimes you need to give yourself a break from everything. People, crowd, socializing and obviously even your relationship. It will give you a great pleasure to be just sit back, watch good-old movies and spend time with yourself.

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10Work on your relationships

Work on your relationships

If you have been moving from one relationship to another meaninglessly, try and take a break. Think of a reason why you shouldn’t be dating for a while. Or, if you have been aloof for a long time now, go ahead and try to date. This will be a good change in both the situations. If you are confused about your situation, you might as well do what you are good at – Loving yourself!

11Body is not a priority always

Body is not a priority always

Have you been always worried about your body and whether you will ever able to reduce or put on weight? Please, for the love of god, stop worrying about all this. This should be one of the last things you should even bother about. Life is much more than that. Who cares if you are way too fat or thin? You are what you are and you will wear what you want to. Those you want to accept you would do so for the fact that you are you and not for your appearance. If they don’t accept, so to hell with them!

12It is fine to wear pink amongst a group of black

Your life

It is okay to actually be what you are right now and not think about what you wanted to do. So what if your romantic boyfriend ditched you or you have not been able to shop for the brands you envied? Life will go on and you can’t have a fix on that. You are 25 and you would probably have the maturity and amazing memories, the other 18 year olds would never have at their age. Stand out from the crowd, paint the town red! Ah, no – May be try pink this time!

13Love yourself

Love yourself

Because, this is what everyone lives for. Loving yourself and considering yourself as the queen could be the best gift you can give yourself. Goof ups are a part of life. No matter how many you end up doing, how many times you failed getting your dream job or straightening your relationship with your lover, the only person you can never hate is you. Chill out girl! You are only 25 and you have the entire gamut of amazing memories to collect and treasure.

Here’s to the gorgeous, bold and crazy woman in you ! Happy 25!

-Pavithra Ravi