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Bridal Hairstyle

With time and tradition, it surely is also true that Indian brides have changed the way they want to look for their wedding. The style and aura of Indian brides is now perky, beautiful and they are definitely sure on what they want to look like. There are a ‘n’ number of ideas for bridal hairstyles now-a-days and hair stylists, make it easier by customizing it for the brides. Even the Bollywood hairstyles have become a fad in a normal wedding where the bride wants it just like ‘Deepika Padukon’s’ or ‘Aishwarya Rai’. So, here we are giving you the latest and best Indian bridal hairstyles for you to look your best.

Top Bridal Hairstyles

1Open curly long Indian bridal hairstyle

Open curly long

You just need nothing but a comb, a set of sprays and a working condition curler to attain this beautiful look. The hairstyle can be easily worn for your reception where you curls can do the magic for you. You can achieve the look by taking a central partition where a beautiful Maangtika can be placed studded with bright stones so there is enough attention to your hair. Make sure you use enough spray so your hair stays curly and beautiful until the end of the reception or wedding function. For those who have a straight hair, a curly hair can be a total bridal make-over!

2Long braided Indian bridal hairstyle

Long braided

This one tops the hairstyle options for brides because most of the South Indian brides prefer a long braided hairstyle for their long hair. This works wonders if you have thick and long hair. But, if you don’t have long hair, not to worry, you can still have a long hair by attaching false hair to your real hair. Braid your hair, pin it up and decorate it with beautiful flowers of specially made beaded strands. You can also grab hold of a pearl strand and roll it on your hair to give it a better look. The selections of colorful flowers whether it is real or fake can aff beauty to your hairstyle.

3Messy Front braided hairstyle

Messy Front braided

Sometimes, messy looks good too. With everything being perfect for your bridal wear, your jewelry and everything, you can definitely have a messy braided hair and still rock your wedding day. Confused how? Here’s how! Curl your side bangs, bring your hair to the front, and braid it. Make sure you start braiding it after bringing your long hair in the front. You don’t have to plait your hair perfectly. Here and there, loose ends are fine. Use a big hair accessory to go with your messy hairstyle. You can look amazingly pretty and this is the most preferred hairstyle for a Pakistani or Muslim wedding.

4Beehive back open hair

Beehive back open hair

This could be one of the easiest hairstyles for your wedding reception. This particular hairstyle will look very nice in a saree or even a Lehenga. It sure is advisable to take the help of a professional stylist’s help to get the perfect look. However, if you don’t have a hairstyle, follow these steps. Take two sections of your hair from the top area. Let the bangs be the same on your sides. Back comb your hair on the crown area so that your hair shows volume. Now use the curling iron and curl the tresses that you just back combed. Use a bold hair spray for your hair to stay intact. Now comb the sides and the bottom area of your hair. Tada! There you go for a perfect beehive back open hair.

5Vintage bun Indian hairstyle

Vintage bun hairstyles

It doesn’t matter if you are the bride or the guest going to a wedding. This particular hairstyle is the best for a casual yet beautiful look. Sport a bun and make it really interesting and fun. Celebrities now-a-days are wearing this hairstyle everywhere and rocking it big time. Braid your hair and convert it into a bun or just put a messy bun. Make sure you comb the front area of your hair to give a vintage look to it.

Whatever be it, make sure you look different and satisfied. Your hair constitutes most of your look when you are on the stage smiling and greeting people, so take care to lock the best look.

-Pavithra Ravi

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